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Explore Axxess Home Health: Innovative cloud-based solution for streamlined home healthcare operations. Simplify scheduling, manage staffing, and enhance patient care with intuitive tools. Use mobile documentation and collaboration features to promote efficient care delivery. Discover how Axxess supports your agency in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

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What Is Axxess Home Health?


Axxess Home Health is a secure, cloud-based electronic medical records solution tailored for home healthcare agencies. It is designed to help users streamline operations and workflows through integrated scheduling, staffing management, and revenue cycle management tools. The software further aims to improve patient care by offering mobile documentation, collaboration features and patient engagement options.

Additionally, it supports remote work and connectivity to help agencies stay well-connected within the constantly evolving healthcare industry.

What Is Axxess Home Health Best For?

Axxess Home Health is popularly known for its simple and intuitive user interface. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for home healthcare professionals to navigate and utilize its various functionalities.

Axxess Home Health Pricing

Axxess Home Health offers flexible and customizable pricing options. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Axxess Home Health Integrations

Axxess software seamlessly integrates with various third-party software. Some popular integrations include:

  • Swift
  • Optum
  • Surescripts
  • Forcura
  • CarePort

How Does Axxess Home Health Work?

Here's how you can make use of the software’s features:

  • Log in using your credentials and access the centralized dashboard
  • Set up your agency's profile and configure system settings
  • Create user accounts for staff members and assign roles and permissions
  • Import patient data, including demographic information and medical history
  • Schedule visits and assign caregivers using the scheduling module
  • Document care using the mobile app at the point of care
  • Perform quality assurance checks and analyze outcomes
  • Generate and customize financial reports in real-time
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Who Is Axxess Home Health For?

Axxess Home Health Care is ideal for home health agencies of all sizes, from small businesses to large organizations. It caters to the needs of various healthcare specialties, such as:

  • Hospice
  • Home care
  • Palliative care
  • Pediatric
  • Therapy

Is Axxess Home Health Right for You?

With over 8,000 organizations relying on it, Axxess Home Health is a scalable electronic medical records software that addresses human resources, administrative, clinical, operational, scheduling, and billing needs. This all-in-one solution offers seamless integration, facilitating electronic referral acceptance, physician order tracking, and more. If you're seeking a leading technology innovator in the home healthcare industry, Axxess AgencyCore offers a complete suite of cutting-edge solutions.

What sets Axxess apart? It adapts to all home healthcare agency sizes. Small or large, Axxess Home Health scales seamlessly. Its robust features and user-friendly interface optimize efficiency and productivity, tailored to your agency's needs. Moreover, physicians can ensure secure access to data with this HIPAA-compliant system that can be securely accessed on any device, including iOS and Android.

Still have questions about Axxess Home Health? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will be happy to answer all your software-related queries.

Axxess Home Health Pricing Plans

Pricing varies depending on your organization's size and requirements.

Axxess Home Health Features

The software optimizes healthcare organizations' performance by providing actionable insights. It streamlines billing processes and improves cash flow. Axxess home health software offers multiple dashboards with key performance indicators and detailed reports, enabling informed decisions based on real-time data.

Axxess Home Health Care software provides a scheduling center for viewing and reassigning tasks. The drag-and-drop functionality allows on-the-spot adjustments, making it easy to reschedule visits or reassign caregivers. Bulk scheduling options efficiently cover entire care periods within a home health agency.

Axxess Home Health's patient engagement feature helps users engage clients actively in their own care and improve overall communication. From secure messaging to educational resources, this feature empowers patients to participate in their treatment plans, leading to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare practitioners can conduct surveys in compliance with CMS guidelines. Surveys can be administered in all CMS-approved languages, allowing agencies to gather feedback in the patient's preferred language.

This functionality generates detailed reports on survey results and performance metrics. It provides a deeper understanding of patient feedback and survey outcomes, facilitating data-driven decision-making and quality improvement initiatives.

Pros and Cons of Axxess Home Health


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Offers robust scheduling tools
  • Comprehensive suite of reporting and analytics features
  • Provides secure data storage
  • Offers electronic visit verification
  • Single sign on solution
  • Includes a mobile app


  • Customer support can be improved
  • Unable to customize properly, according to some Axxess Home Health software reviews

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Yes, the software has an app.

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