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Experity is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR), medical billing, and practice management software designed to cater to the needs of on-demand care providers of all types and specialties. The Experity EMR offers pediatrics, primary care, and occupational medicine solutions. In addition, Experity EMR supports integrations for patient queuing and online scheduling, e-prescribing, payment processing, coding automation, lab integration, and SMS messaging. The vendor is both desktop and mobile compatible. It additionally offers charting and clinical workflows from the process of patient registration till discharge.  

The platform comes with a same-time documentation feature that enables more than one user to access patient charts. Experity EMR & PM is also well-known for its features, including real-time insurance verification, auto-populating documentation templates, one-click discharge plans, and built-in payer guidelines. Their EMR interface uses a logical approach to take users through documentation and integrate seamlessly with practice management (PM) solutions. In addition, it offers ease of documenting urgent care workflows, allowing users to record an encounter in any order they prefer.  

Experity's EMR and PM systems are mobile and desktop-compatible. The software offers complete charting and clinical workflow solutions from patient registration through discharge. In 2019, Practice Velocity and DocuTAP merged to form this platform. It additionally provides flexible EMR/PM software, teleradiology, RCM services, and business intelligence solutions to cater to urgent care clinics.  

Experity EMR Features

Like all popular EMR solutions, Experity EMR comes loaded with an array of features. Including the ones that will not only streamline your day-to-day operations but will also help your practice grow. Here we have grouped the features into potential combinations. This will help you look into salient features associated with key areas. This is a relatively better and more precise way of learning about EMR functionalities. We have divided the features into three combinations. Let’s see what those are. 

EHR and Practice Management: In theory, practitioners rely on EMR and practice management systems to reduce their workload. They do so to spend meaningful time with patients. That’s precisely what EMR promises to its customers. These are not mere words but facts.  Dozens of testimonials claim that this vendor simplifies clinical operations. Moreover, its flashy services aren’t worth anything if they are not reliable.  

Enabling you to focus on the processes that matter, the vendor boosts practice efficiency. And this is what makes Experity a powerful healthcare solution. Its plethora of features streamline the overall workflow and increases the accuracy of end results. The system achieves all this through database automation. As a result, all clinical procedures, from patient check-ins to payment clearance, are carried out effortlessly. This combination includes services such as: 

  • Flexible charting and built-in templates 
  • Adaptable and customizable workflow  
  • Automated appointment scheduling 
  • Check-lists for task management 
  • Medication and document scanning 
  • Automated updates for patient portal
  • Drug-controlled e-prescription capability 

Revenue Cycle Management: Having an EHR solution with medical billing and RCM facility can be a changing point for clinical practices. It can either turn out to be the best thing, or it could be the worst. If there’s a potential probability of getting everything under one platform on the one hand. On the other hand,  there is a significant risk of losing data confidentiality. There are chances; that the RCM capabilities won’t meet your expectations which hinders growth.  

Experity is the best bet to say no to all these intricacies. Experity EMR believes that physicians need peace of mind to deliver optimum care services. To expand the continuum of care, it is imperative to maintain first-rate financial health. This EMR solution helps solo practitioners and small practices with thorough billing management. Also, it integrates with the EHR suite to reduce errors and boost clinical productivity.  

Experity EMR’s RCM suite includes

  • Updated medical coding function for specialty-based practices.  
  • HIPAA-compliant billing tools and services.  
  • A/R management to process claims 
  • Third-party integrations for running a smooth billing cycle 
  • Insurance eligibility verification to mitigate denials.  
  • Performance reports for practical insight into practice health 

Patient Engagement: Patient engagement is a non-negligible aspect of running an effective practice. Engaging patients is the key to retaining patients. To grow consistently, practitioners go to extreme lengths to retain potential clients.  It eventually helps in enhancing the customer base. Experity EMR stepped forth to make this tricky task hassle-free for medical professionals.  

For always having a full patient room, this software offers intact services. It handles both pre-visit and post-visit processes with full competency. In addition, the system provides a single log-in Experity patient portal for all patients. This portal alone is a complete suite of engaging functionalities. Reviews of this EMR show that users experienced a boost in patient satisfaction rate because of this impressive patient portal.  

The remarkable engage patients by offering 

  • Texting and online registrations to reduce waiting time.  
  • Online appointment scheduling and reminders 
  • Voice recognition to enter notes instead of manual typing 
  • Meaning patient encounters with advanced tools 

Experity Pricing

The software offers subscription-based pricing plans. Users can obtain the current pricing details by contacting the vendor.  

Free Trial



Online support is extended during business hours.  


The software does not require users to pay per provider fee.  

Reviews of Experity EMR

Most users only have good things to say about this fully-customizable solution. However, some of the objective opinions by customers hint at the limitations of this platform too. Below are the pros and cons of using this EMR with an intuitive layout.  


  • The software is easy to use and offers online training for clinical staff. It provides straightforward services.  
  • The self-service portal is of great value. It flawlessly adds meaning to clinical operations.  
  • Its intuitive nature and business analytics tools are highly beneficial; combined, these two work wonders. 
  • Their support staff is easy to contact if users face any issues. Also, the customer help desk stays open 24/7.  


  • Experity can treat payments from different entities such as insurance, patient, etc. in entirely different manners, which can be confusing for the users. 
  • The software doesn’t slow down during upgrades and requires plenty of time. This affects clinical procedures.

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Experity EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews


The product support is incredible!

May 2022


AFC Urgent Care

The team is constantly working to improve their software and is really supportive when it comes to solving your issues. They take ownership of what is said. Really like its pricing too. Absolutely worth it!
Some areas need improvements but they are already upgrading everything.

Very solid and basic EMR!

April 2022


Urgent Doc

We have been using this product for quite long now. I personally really enjoy charting documentation and because it has a very basic, simple, and clean interface which makes it operation-friendly with an easy learning curve.
There are no major Functional flaws in the software. it is too easy to work on but the team can improve their customer service.

Adds to your productivity!

March 2022


First Med Urgent Care

CME is the best feature of this product which allows you to develop codes beforehand to suit your practice. This helps to negate human errors during the daily workflow and it adds to productivity. Their customer support is also very responsive! Very impressive.
No cons.

Quite easy for daily job

March 2021


Owl Now Urgent Care

The layout is designed very well and it doesnt complicate daily operations. it is very easy to navigate through documents and charts. It makes my job quite easy.
It does crash a few times but customer support really resolves the issue.

User friendly software with great value!

March 2021

Brad B.

Hospital & Health Care

This software is very basic and easy to use. Saves a lot of time required for learning/training. Patient tracking and e-billing services are great, all this for a reasonable price!
Works great for a small practice system but there are few limitations in reporting functionality for a larger practice system.

Favourite Software!

September 2020



Nothing but great. Experity EHR is a flexible and very smart software that helped us do all our tasks more accurately and faster. I really like it.
Very rarely it gets slow with bigger files but I am happy with this software overall.

Good but requires an update

September 2020


Urgent Doc

Its pretty decent software that is not complicated to use but for some tasks, its way too simple. Some features are nice too but they could use some improvements.
The customer service is not too great, a lot of your issues are not taken care of. The web check-in feature hardly ever works. There are many flaws in the reporting area too.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070