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Relatient is a web-based tool created to assist medical facilities in scheduling appointments and streamlining phone, text, and email communication with patients. Online registration, data collecting, customizable branding, survey data collection, and targeted promotions are some of the key features. Your staff members can schedule appointments, notify patients of missed appointments, and note the acknowledgment or cancellation of patients using the HIPAA-compliant application. 

Relatient Software Key Features 

Appointment Reminder 

Relatient’s Appointment Reminder system decreases the no-show rate by integrating tools for best practices. Your practice management system receives appointment confirmations straight from the system through bidirectional integration. Moreover, it sends automated messages based on the recipient's location, their doctor, the kind of appointment, or the number of appointments they have. The system also automatically contacts patients to schedule the next appointment in case they have forgotten to book. Moreover, even no-shows can be rescheduled on time with the automated system.  

Rules Based Scheduling  

In order to streamline contact center assistance, centralized scheduling, and rules-based patient self-scheduling, Relatient software helps you keep up with complicated scheduling rules. DASH's integrated capability to quickly locate all qualified providers and locations in a single view, obviating the need for numerous screens, which will save time for your schedulers. You can create a consistent online experience for patients visiting your website to book their own appointments.  You can customize your brand logo and colors so you can white-label your self-scheduling interface. 

Relatient Messenger 

With two-way conversation, Messenger continues where world-class automation ends. You will receive a notification when a patient replies to a machine-generated message requesting a dialogue. In response to an appointment reminder, a patient can ask for directions or report that they are running late. You can also reach out to patients for 1-on-1 conversations. When a patient responds, the staff is notified through the patient chat window and email. If you are unable to respond due to any reason, your staff can take over. 

Relatient Pricing  

The Relatient pricing is not provided by the vendor. In order to see what it will cost you contact customer service.  

Software Demo  

The Relatient demo is available on the website. It can be scheduled by filling in the form that requests basic details about your firm's size. 


The Relatient reviews show that it is a proactive platform that can be used to manage a client-centered organization. Moreover, it is also rated high among users because it automates the scheduling process and lets practitioners focus on treatment.  

Our Thoughts

To conclude, the Relatient healthcare system lets you keep up with your patients, make appointments, and ensure that your schedule is streamlined. It is able to resolve administrative tasks by automating communication. In fact, it also gives your patients the option to schedule and reschedule through the application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Relatient do?

Relatient software provides the following features: data capture, online registration, survey collection, customizable branding, and targeted campaigns.

What is Relatient?

Relatient is a web-based solution designed to help healthcare centers and hospitals. It assists in streamlining communication with patients via emails, text, and voice messages, and scheduling appointments.

What languages does Relatient offer?

Relatient offers the following languages: English.

What other apps does Relatient integrate with?

Relatient integrates with the following apps: athenaOne, MedEvolve, EpicCare EMR, DrChrono, Dentrix Ascend, AdvancedMD for Mental Health, ModMed, and Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR.

What types of pricing plans does Relatient offer?

Relatient Software provides the following pricing plans: free plan, free trial, and subscription.

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