TheraNest Mental Health Software

What Is TheraNest? 


TheraNest is a specialized cloud-based software designed to optimize the workflow of mental health practitioners. Its primary aim is to simplify the handling of client data and appointments. It aids in enhancing the quality of care, increasing client satisfaction and minimizing expenses.   

TheraNest’s can be used from any location with an internet connection. It allows mental health practitioners to concentrate on providing optimal treatment to their patients while the software handles all other tasks. 

What Is TheraNest Best For? 

TheraNest is recognized for its extensive practice management capabilities, including scheduling, billing, and client notes. Additionally, the software is highly regarded for its telehealth services, which allow mental health practitioners to provide virtual therapy sessions to their clients.   

TheraNest Pricing 

TheraNest provides various pricing options based on the number of active clients. The available TheraNest pricing plans are:  

  • $39/month for 30 active clients 
  • $50/month for 40 active clients 
  • $60/month for 50 active clients 
  • $91/month for 80 active clients 

Click on the Get Pricing button to get a personalized quote for 100 active clients. 

TheraNest Integrations 

TheraNest integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Waystar (Zirmed)  
  • Apex  
  • Wiley Practice Planners  
  • Availity   

How Does TheraNest Work? 

Here’s how you can get started with TheraNest EMR software after installation: 

  • Create an account and log in 
  • Set up your clinic or practice by adding basic information such as name, address, phone number, and email 
  • Customize your practice settings, such as appointment types, schedules, and fee schedules 
  • Add your patients' data, including demographics, medical history, and insurance information 
  • Schedule appointments and send appointment reminders to your patients 
  • Create progress notes and treatment plans for your patients 
  • Generate and submit insurance claims and track their status 
  • Use the billing feature to manage payments and invoices 
  • Generate reports on your practice's performance, such as revenue, patient visits, and insurance claims 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues by adding them to your account and sharing patient information securely 

It is also recommended to explore the user guide and attend training sessions or webinars offered by TheraNest to maximize the benefits of the software. You can also click the Watch Demo option to learn more about its functionalities. 

Who Is TheraNest For? 

TheraNest is an EMR system for mental health providers and it is widely adopted by: 

  • Non-profit organizations  
  • Educational organizations  
  • Solo practices  
  • Medium practices  
  • Group practices 
  • Therapists 
  • Psychologists 
  • Counselors   

TheraNest Features 

  • Medical Billing Tools 
    TheraNest offers comprehensive billing tools that enable users to create, print, and email invoices and superbills seamlessly. The software supports batch invoicing and statement generation, simplifying the process of printing, emailing, or adding multiple invoices to the Claims Awaiting Submission page.
    The software provides a secure method for processing and applying payments to open invoices through batch statements. It allows for the simultaneous charging of multiple credit cards. Moreover, the application’s credit card processing service eliminates the need for a complex application process or the imposition of gateway and merchant account fees. 
  • Counseling Progress Notes 
    The software offers progress note templates for individuals and groups compatible with the DSM-5 diagnostic codes. It allows users to easily pre-select templates for progress notes, initial assessments, treatment plans, and discharge summaries.   
    Additionally, healthcare providers can monitor and update treatment plans by setting goals and objectives. They can create custom forms that are tailored to their specific needs. TheraNest aims to simplify the counseling process by providing accessible and customizable tools to help mental health professionals manage their clients’ progress effectively.   
  • Client Portal 
    TheraNest offers a client portal that lets clients conveniently complete intake forms online, sign them digitally, and submit them securely. Mental health professionals can tailor the intake forms to their specific requirements by utilizing pre-built templates or creating customized ones.   
    Furthermore, the client portal invitation emails can also be personalized to the therapist’s preferences. The application automatically syncs client records and intake forms with TheraNest’s system. It ensures accuracy and ease of access. 
  • E-Prescribing 
    This feature allows healthcare professionals to manage medications, write prescriptions, and manage refills within the software. The application offers streamlined multi-factor authentication for writing controlled-substance prescriptions, simplifying the prescribing process.   
    Furthermore, TheraNest EHR system provides automatic point-of-care tools that assist clinical decision-making by checking drug-drug interactions, allergies, dosing, and contraindications. It aims to support mental health professionals in delivering high-quality care. 
  • Scheduling 
    TheraNest provides several scheduling options to the users. These include creating appointments for individuals, groups, telehealth sessions, and multiple staff members.  
    Additionally, the calendar can be filtered according to service type, staff member, and location to facilitate ease of use. Recurring appointments can also be set up within the calendar, while allocating specific rooms for appointments helps prevent double bookings.   
  • Telehealth  
    TheraNest telehealth feature allows easy and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for both providers and clients. The software gives providers complete control over the audio and video during their sessions, ensuring a smooth experience. Group Telehealth is also available, allowing up to six participants to engage in online video sessions.   
    This feature is particularly useful for conducting group and couples therapy from any location. Furthermore, therapists can share resources by sharing their screens or having clients share theirs, making reviewing worksheets and homework easier during the sessions. 

Is TheraNest Right For You? 

If you are a mental health professional looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your practice, TheraNest might be a good fit for you. It is designed for therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors to streamline their practice administration.  

Additionally, TheraNest meets all HIPAA requirements, ensuring your data remains secure and confidential. It also has ONC certification, meaning your data is handled per federal regulations. 

Call our customer support if you are still unsure about the software, and they will help you decide whether it will be the right fit for your healthcare practice. 

TheraNest Pricing Plans 

  • Subscription
  • Ideal for
  • What’s included*
39 / month
30 Active Clients
  • Unlimited staff members
  • World-class customer support, including live phone support
50 / month
40 Active Clients
  • Full-featured calendar that keeps you organized
  • Automatic email, phone, and text appointment reminders*
60 / month
50 Active Clients
  • Client Portal with client self-scheduling
  • Customizable Intake Forms
91 / month
80 Active Clients
  • Integrated credit card processing that allows you to store and charge cards
  • Batch Payments feature for easy payment collection
100 Active Clients
  • Robust reporting features with over 25 reports available
  • Eligibility Checks for TheraNest Pro and TheraNest Enterprise (Apex Customers Only)

*features included with every plan

TheraNest Mental Health Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • All-in-one solution for mental health practices
  • User-friendly interface for scheduling and billing
  • Customizable forms and notes for patient records


  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors, as per TheraNest reviews
  • May not be suitable for larger mental health practices with complex needs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does TheraNest cost?

TheraNest cost depends on the number of active clients. You can click on the Get Pricing option to get a personalized pricing quote.

Is TheraNest Software cloud-based?

Yes, TheraNest is a cloud-based software.

What are the main features of TheraNest Mental Health Software?

The main features of TheraNest mental health software are e-prescribing, scheduling, client portal, counseling progress notes, and medical billing tools.

What level of support does TheraNest Software have?

The software offers several support options: email, help desks, FAQs, forums, knowledge base, phone, and chat support.

Who are the main users of TheraNest Software?

The main users of TheraNest software include non-profit organizations; educational organizations; and solo, medium, and group practices.

TheraNest Mental Health Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TheraNest Mental Health Software reviews

Overall Rating

23 Reviews


I love it!

November 2022



The telemedicine portal has made it easier for me to make appointments online, which is ideal for this pandemic lockdown situation. The insurance claims no longer take me hours to file. Impressive, very nice!
They should add options for recurring appointments for regular patients. That would be greatly appreciated.

Makes electronic billing a piece of cake!

October 2022


Meredith Private Clinic

We have had no issues with TheraNest Mental Health Software processing insurance claims and everything has been going smoothly. All the payments made so far have been in the correct amount and sent to the right account.
Their customer service should be reachable over the phone because trying to figure out how to resolve an issue from their online response can be tricky and hinder our productivity.

One solution for all your problems

October 2022


Christian Teen Therapy Online

All your problems are taken care of by our amazing customer support team. I rarely had a problem that wasnt solved immediately by one of their representatives. Kudos to their commitment and responsiveness.
There are some issues with their TeleHealth feature but other than that everything seems good and responsive.

Wonderful experience.

May 2022


Your Life Matters Mental Health Facility

This software is simple to use and has a variety of features. The Wiley Treatment Plan function is fantastic. So far, Ive had a fantastic experience. Im excited about the telehealth function theyre putting in place.
Theres nothing bad about it. Its easy to use, and getting started was a breeze.


April 2022


Adam Cohen, LMFT

This is a winner for me as it has everything that I need as a private practice psychotherapist. It is super easy and simple to use. It provides me with complete functionality for my work and enhances productivity.
Based on my experience so far, I have not found a negative aspect of this system. I hope it stays this way.

Exceptionally user friendly and great customer support.

March 2022

Miriam Frances

HEAL Psychotherapy Services

Data entry has never been easier. I do not consider myself a technology expert but learning to use this software was not difficult at all. It is very user-friendly and there are a variety of different methods through which navigation on the site can be learned easily. Their customer support is incredible. I have tried another software as well, but I immediately shift back to TheraNest because of its ease of use. Very impressive work.
Up until now, I have not encountered any problems with this software. Yesterday when I did face a small issue regarding a rejected claim and reported it, it was resolved within a few hours and hence I can say without a doubt that they have a great support system. Kudos To you!

Not A Fan!

April 2021


Rabbit Hole Farm South, LLC

Its easy to schedule appointments and update records with this system.
The customer services are not up to the mark. It takes a long time to connect and an even longer time for them to fix the issue.

Needs Improvement

April 2021

Micheal Frances

Revolution Psychotherapy

Its a relatively simple software as compared to others. It takes care of your daily processing needs and helps you customise according to each patient.
Im highly disappointed in their customer support,they are least responsive and do not offer live chat as promised. In conclusion, its a lot of money spent on a software that does not offer the features advertised.

Intuitive Software.

April 2021


My Story Counseling

Through thumbnail links and a pleasing color palette, the user interface is interactive and enjoyable.
The user interface was inefficient, requiring multiple steps to complete an item, ensure that the new item was saved, and then a closing process to revert back to the previous screen and progress through this area.

Low functionality.

April 2021


Stone Ridge Billing LLC

This app is extremely user-friendly and simple to comprehend. Its colorful, and you can easily undo something youve done incorrectly.
I appreciate how easy this software is to use. However, because the programme is so basic and small, it is difficult to do a full and comprehensive job of payment posting.

A big investment for your small practice!

April 2021


Renewal, LLC

The services provided are quite adequate and they have a bunch of tutorials and guidelines to make the software more user friendly.
It was pretty affordable before but Now they have raised the prices of some of the features and the quality is pretty much the same also the software glitches from time to time which can be really frustrating at times.

There are some problems

March 2021


Direct Mental Health

The calendar layout is very intuitive and the online forms are easy to create.
It takes 3-5 days for customer service to get back. Our appointment gets deleted without anyone even talking to us.

Depends on the size of your clinic

March 2021


Vera Mental Health

Uploading documents to the patient charts was really easy. Their customer service is great as well.
Setting up accounts for each doctor, nurse and staff was not too easy.

Its the best!

March 2021


Newburry Department of Health

It gave me the confidence to manage the administrative activities of the practice. The tech support staff is also great.
The forms are not relevant to our industry and we wish it came with customized charts.

A satisfying experience

March 2021


Safeway Mental Health

I can not manage my mental health practice myself and take care of the appointment scheduling as well as the billing.
The price is too high for a one-person practice.

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Call us at

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