WRS Health EMR Software

What is WRS Health EMR Software?


WRS Health EMR is a cloud-based electronic health record, practice management, and revenue cycle management system for medical practices of all stripes. This fully integrated clinical work automation solution includes customizable templates and functionality for 35 specialties, specific CPT and ICD codes, and is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 3.  

With a commitment to helping physicians find balance in their roles and prioritizing actual patient care, WRS Health provides a complete, affordable solution for medical professionals to manage their patient records and billing needs - making these centers conducive to any considerations of scale.

What is WRS Health EMR Software best for? 

WRS Health EMR and Practice Management software is best suited for medical practices/healthcare providers looking to grow their centers – both of general and specialty medicine bents – with a wealth of narrow, customization options at their disposal.

The official WRS Health System claim of equipping practices with ‘organic’ growth and ‘hitting the ground running with 95% of default workflow templates included’ speak well to this platform design orientation. 

The system’s many advantages for implementing clinicians can be lumped into two broad categories:

Regular Work Customization/Automation for Medical Professionals

WRS Health EMR comes with powerful, user-friendly, and superbly customizable patient portal, charting, scheduling, and overall data management functions – among others covered in detail below – suited to more than 32 medical specialties. The overwhelming result of these provisions translates into more care time allotments for patients and less data work. 

Clinical and Business Functions Streamlining

Integrated with a robust billing feature (complete with such provisions as ‘super bills’ and options for patients to pay bills online) as well as tools for digital promotion, WRS Health EHR Software allows physicians to focus more thoroughly – and on the side – on the business development/growth concerns of their medical practice settings. The latter facility, offered at an additional charge, provides practicing physicians with options for setting up a responsive website, instant search engine optimization (SEO), and reputation management.

WRS Health EMR Cost/Pricing

WRS Health EMR pricing is based on individual practice requirements, so the vendor does not publicize a single quote or broad ballpark figures for its various plans on its website. According to most verified user reviews collected on this platform and elsewhere, the general cost of subscribing accrued by clinicians is considered affordable.

A free plan offer is not available.

To attain the latest plan pricing figures vetted by our experts and customized to your practice, please click the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

WRS Health EMR Demo & Trial Offer

WRS Health EHR software does not generally offer dedicated trial plan versions with its various subscription tiers. Interested parties can, however, gain a solid understanding of how the practice management system would operate in their clinical settings via the vendor’s free demo option.

To start screening, please click the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

What’s included

  • Cloud-based EHR/Web-based EMR
  • General + Specialty Practice Use
  • Unlimited Customization/Customizable Content & Charting Tools
  • Single-Platform Bi-Directional Interface
  • Patient Care Portal/Personal Health Records
  • Dedicated Customer Support (backed by substantial ‘customer support functionality pros’ accounts)
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Ambulatory Services/Diagnostic Equipment Integrations
  • Patient Scheduling/Billing/Documentation/Medical Files Management Suite (schedule appointments with ease/sort accurate claims)
  • Secure Messaging for Entire practice (including prescription routing messaging)
  • E-Prescription (with prescription refills), Order Tracking, Patient Treatment Planning
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • FHIR API Certified Electronic Medical Record (EHR) & Practice Management System (PM)
  • Surescripts® Certified for E-Prescribing

*This list is not exhaustive

How does WRS Health EMR work?

WRS Health EHR software is built on a robust programming framework that enables it to handle complex workflows with ease. The platform uses customizable templates and functionality for each specialty along with specific CPT and ICD codes. This enables the cloud-based EHR to handle all aspects of patient care, from diagnosis to treatment; along with automating every covered clinical and business process to help health facilities achieve their growth objectives.

Who is WRS Health EMR for? 

WRS Health EMR is ideal for clinics and established medical institutions looking to simplify both their health and administrative workflows, with a view to making their practice grow. Its typical slate of users are:   

  • Primary Care Practices 
  • Multi-specialty practices 
  • Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) 
  • Other Healthcare Providers in Rural/Urban/In-Patient/Ambulatory Settings

Some of the over 32 medical specialties supported by WRS Health software include: 

  • Family Medicine   
  • Pediatrics 
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology  
  • Internal Medicine 
  • Pain Management
  • Holistic Disease Management
  • Cardiology 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Neurology 
  • Oncology 
  • Dermatology 
  • Endocrinology 
  • Gastroenterology 
  • Pulmonology 
  • Bariatric Surgery

WRS EMR Software Features 

Some of the great features included in the WRS EMR software package are listed (and explained) as follows:

  • Custom EHR Templates 
    Pre-designed templates for patient histories can improve accuracy, thoroughness, and uniformity in record-keeping. As such, WRS EMR templates have been designed and evaluated by specialists and can be utilized immediately, with the option for (further) personalized modifications. 
  • Robust Patient Scheduling/Practice Management System
    Clinicians can tailor the patient scheduling system according to their preferences and needs, such as by location, provider, or services provided. WRS EHR, further, offers customizable schedule templates, appointment types, user-defined schedule views, automated appointment reminders and confirmations, a turnkey welcome email for new patients, and a practice-branded patient portal website design that caters to virtually every specialty (culminating in a complete practice management software experience). 
  • Patient Portal/Connectivity
    The patient portal comes with a Personal Health Record (PHR) system, allowing secure information exchange between patients and their medical consultants. This web-based interface, additionally, ensures HIPAA compliance for secure data storage. Further, the platform’s helpful connectivity features, including 24/7 remote/cloud access, bi-directional lab/facility connections, and eclectic diagnostic device integrations make it a force to be reckoned with in the EHR space.
  • Revenue Cycle Management/Secure Billing
    No solid practice management software application comes without quick and secure billing functions, and WRS EMR does not disappoint in this stead. The platform’s fast payment processing coupled with automated inventory checks and claim scrubbing makes it an invaluable addition for private practices looking to efficiently regulate their financial functions. Other popular Revenue Cycle Management include Kareo, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts. For a full list of Revenue Cycle Management, please Contact Us.
  • Industry-Leading Technical Support
    WRS EMR’s industry-leading support staff continues to garner increasing user commendation/customer support functionality rating in the space; with more reviews published every day that serve to further cement this position. With each subscription, the vendor assigns a dedicated practice manager to each using facility; charged with helping expedite any software troubleshooting support faced by the busy clinician. This level of personalized support is another crowning feature of the platform – lending it a distinctive position in the EHR business.

Here’s a quick listing of notable WRS Health features in table form:

How is WRS Health different from other EMRs/EHRs?

WRS Health EMR stands in a medical software league of its own on account of its unparalleled customization offering – across all software templates and general/specialized clinical workflows – as well as its acclaimed customer support service (different from what other software vendors operating in the niche tend to provision).

Is WRS Health EMR right for you?

WRS Health may be a good fit for your practice if you want an EMR solution provider that offers:

  • Great Customization
  • Near-Perfect Customer Support
  • Specialty Suitability

Ultimately, however, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how WRS Health EMR could work for your facility.
To further ease your decision, we’ve added a brief subscription pros and cons table below for your consideration. 

WRS Health EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do WRS Health have a telehealth solution?

Yes, WRS Health has a completely integrated telehealth solution, allowing users to have a single platform to manage virtual visits.

Does WRS Health have a mobile application?

Yes, WRSConnect is WRS Health’s mobile application which can be found on Play store and App store.

Is WRS Health certified?

Yes, it is 2015 CEHRT.

Is WRS Health certified?

WRS Health is 2015 CEHRT Certified (in addition to being regulated against a range of meaningful-use certifications).

Is WRS Health suitable for small to medium practices?

Yes, WRS Health is suitable for small, medium, and large-sized practices.

Is WRS Health suitable for small to medium practices?

Yes, WRS Health is ideal for EHR and practice management use in small and mid-sized practices.

What kind of support options does WRS Health offer?

WRS Health offers these support options: in-person, phone, and email/helpdesk user outreach/troubleshooting/query resolution.

What kinds of users and organization types does WRS Health work with?

The WRS software is a clinician-centered software that is used in medical institutions, clinics, and healthcare practices of all specialties (see the page ‘Who is WRS Health EMR for?’ section).

What languages does WRS Health support in their product?

The WHS Health EMR software supports one language at present: English.

What type of training does WRS Health provide?

WRS offers free educational webinars to its users as well as self-training video tutorials. These help users understand what the software is about/how to operate it in their clinical settings.

Who owns WRS Health?

Out of necessity, Lawrence Gordon M.D., an ENT surgeon in practice, conceived WRS Health to help him juggle both the medical and business aspects of running his own practice. By combining modern technology with personal experience and expertise, he was able to design a comprehensive system that made managing his clinic easier than ever.

WRS Health EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

WRS Health EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

25 Reviews


Working for our Small-Town Orthodontics Clinic

February 2023

Robert O. Meirey

Sparkle Teeths, IL

After reading all of the customer support functionality pros listed on this page, we decided to go ahead with WRS Health for our dental clinic. I would say that in terms of affordability and customizability, this is an amazing software. Would I consider it the best software for orthodontics? Probably not. But overall, I feel that a high EMR software rating is justified in this case. I especially appreciate our long periods of patient waiting times are over.
Although all the features are great and all, I will say that we have faced similar issues like those recounted by other reviewers here. Things like problems with customization and filling automatic prescriptions.

Working for our Small-Town Orthodontics Clinic

February 2023

Robert O. Meirey

Sparkle Teeths, IL

After reading all of the customer support functionality pros listed on this page, we decided to go ahead with WRS Health for our dental clinic. I would say that in terms of affordability and customizability, this is an amazing software. Would I consider it the best software for orthodontics? Probably not. But overall, I feel that a high EMR software rating is justified in this case. I especially appreciate our long periods of patient waiting times are over.
Although all the features are great and all, I will say that we have faced similar issues like those recounted by other reviewers here. Things like problems with customization and filling automatic prescriptions.

Customer service is the best!

January 2023


Brain and Spine Surgery Associates

It is a very user-friendly EHR system that you can learn within a few hours. Customer service handles all complaints with professionalism and there is no delay.
I am very happy with the software. No cons!

Best software on the market

December 2022


Connecticut Private Practice

I tried many other programs but this is the only one for billing that I have liked. It is customizable and the support is always available 24/7.
The learning curve is a bit high and it takes some time to get used to but overall, a good experience.

Good health software

November 2022


Premier Surgical Institute

Once it is set up, the process is a breeze. There are no issues and we can personalize records as we please. There are nice schedules and billing options too on this software.
It is a pain to learn and takes some time to adapt to it.

Too expensive

October 2022


True Care Internal Medicine

It is easy to log in. The system is web-based so you can access from any device. Reporting and eprescription is a blessing.
It costs more than the other options and they do not provide good customer care either.

Great for a solo practice

August 2022


National Health Center

Everything is very generic and can be found in other EHR too. This software is great for a solo practice.
You cannot create your own templates and see diagnosis codes. It is not good for a specialty practice.

Not for us

August 2022


We Care for Kids

I like how it combines practice management and patient charts in one solution.
The messaging system is difficult to access. It is not suitable for a pediatric clinic.

The best that I have used

July 2022

Christopher Jaw

Medical Practice

There is a learning bend but it is exceptionally customizable. Support is mind-blowing and fast. I have attempted a few programs over the year. Billing support is additionally amazing, training was excellent
It was a bit of a learning bend for me but the training individuals were exceptionally patient. I dont have negative comments

Finest Software

May 2022

Nancy James

Private Practice

Although it does take time to learn a new skill even then WRS is great. It has an amazing support system. Billing support is also fantastic.
It just took me some time to learn using the software and the training team was also very patient.

Not designed for pedriatics

May 2022


Medical Practice

It is cost-effective and functions really well.
Not very user-friendly for pediatrics. I have to register each childs name repeatedly. This is the most inefficient way and increases task for me and my staff.

If you work in pediatrics, do NOT get this software!

March 2022


WeeCare For Kids

WRS Health EHR Software was a nightmare for us to use! The only positive thing I can think of is that it has EMR and management both rolled into one so we went from two software to using just one.
It is not a good fit for pediatric practice. If you want to make a family account and register all the children together, guess what? You cant! You have to painstakingly register each child separately which is a total nightmare, It is not user friendly either. I would ask you not to buy this and save your sanity and money.

I have loved it.

February 2022

Nany Jhav

Private Practice

It is very customizable.
There is a learning curve involved.

Not good.

December 2021

Poul Alen

TruCare Internal Medicine

The somewhat good things about this system are that it is a web-based system record so it is easy to login from anywhere, the next thing is that it is not that difficult to understand the EMR, it is pretty much easy, the third thing is that they do provide with a bunch of templates which helps you in choosing whatever one you want, and the last thing I would mention is that the e-prescription is easy to do with this system.
Here comes some of the things that I didn’t like at all and were not tolerable by me. The technical support is horrible, you would have to do support tickets and that’s something that makes you wait until someone gets to you on it. I also started using their billing feature and got to know that they teach within 4 hours with the help of an overseas person, that you’re unable to understand and miss a lot of the things that they might be teaching you. Like it’s not a game, have a more professional behavior people.


December 2021

nacy lowas

private practice

I am really very happy and pleased with the system. The system can be customized according to what you need or want. The support team is so quick in responding and helping out that you’d love them. The billing is also integrated with the system which is amazing. The billing module is quite great, and the billing support is phenomenal. The training was great. I like the system a lot.
The system has a learning curve to it, but the team that was assigned to help and train us were very patient. They helped us throughout whenever we needed their help. There isn’t anything else that is worth mentioning, because as a whole it’s a pretty good system.

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Call us at

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