A product by Freshdeck, Freshsales is a cloud-based sales and CRM solution being used by over 15,000 businesses in more than 80 countries worldwide, including famous brands such as Dyson, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Purdue University, and WallyPark . With its highly intuitive user interface and innovative feature set which comprises visual deal pipeline, built-in phone, email, activity capture, intelligent workflow automation, and AI-based lead scoring, Freshsales helps businesses across different industry verticals to manage their sales and interactions with existing and potential customers, in a hassle-free package.

Freshsales offers world-class CRM with full visibility on all stages of the sales process. As businesses grow, Freshsales makes it easier for users to sort and filter close dates, single out bestsellers, and make prompt changes for all actions. The drag-and-drop navigation enables users to customize follow-ups, analyze victories and failures, spot trends, or identify bottlenecks that bring performance down.

The solution offers full integration with Freshdesk, Google Calendar, and Segment event tracking.

Pricing: Freshsales offers a free edition and four paid editions. Growing businesses can transit from free to paid easily. The cheapest one is The Blossom Plan, costing $12/month, followed by the Garden Plan at $25/month, the Estate Plan at $49/month, and, the Forest Plan, designed specifically for enterprises at $79/month.

USP: Freshsales allows calls to be directly transferred to it without requiring any hardware or software installations for it. It enables users to auto-dial, create personalized welcoming messages, ID their callers, route calls, as well as track the performance of the reps on the receiving end of the calls.

Support: Support is offered via phone and online forums.

Product Advantages: The solution offers a 360 customer view with full details regarding prospect and existing customers, comprising conversations, touchpoints, appointments, and tasks.

Product Limitations: heavy database files take a long time in loading. No option for private labeling the lower levels.


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