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Struggling with the only challenge of attracting top talent? AcquireTM is the solution for managing applicant data, streamlining recruitment, and eliminating manual tasks. Simplify your hiring process, automate tedious tasks and hire experience with AcquireTM.

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Employee Information Management

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Attendance and Time Tracking

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What Is AcquireTM?


AcquireTM is a cloud-based software that simplifies the talent acquisition process for businesses. It transforms the relatively manual process of hiring and onboarding into an efficient, automated system. With AcquireTM, companies can improve recruitment strategies, attract top talent, increase productivity, and reduce time spent hiring. The user-friendly interface and robust functionality of AcquireTM have made it a trusted solution in the industry, enabling businesses to achieve their hiring goals effectively.

What Is AcquireTM Best For?

AcquireTM is a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) that transforms the recruiting and hiring process. It offers users a comprehensive candidate management system, covering everything from job posting and candidate sourcing to applicant screening and interview scheduling. Featuring customizable workflows, automated notifications, and sophisticated reporting capabilities, the software enables businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions efficiently.

AcquireTM Pricing

Acquire talent management system offers three-tier pricing plans:

  • Express: $99 per month
  • Professional: $189 per month
  • Enterprise: $429 per month
You can get a customized AcquireTM pricing quote tailored to your organization's needs.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

AcquireTM Integrations

The software integrates with several third-party applications, including:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • JobTarget
  • ADP

How Does AcquireTM Work?

Here's how you can navigate the Acquire TM software after successful installation and log in:

  • Go to the 'Candidate Portal' to view and track applicant profiles, resumes, and application details
  • Click on 'Job Requisition Management' to create job requisitions, define job descriptions, set screening criteria, and assign hiring managers or teams
  • Click on the 'Candidate Management' features, such as resume parsing and applicant screening tools, to efficiently review and evaluate applicant profiles
  • Go to use the 'Interview Scheduling' and navigate to 'Reporting And Analytics' to generate reports on various metrics, such as time-to-hire, source of applicants, and diversity statistics
To learn more about its features, schedule a free AcquireTM demo.

Who Is AcquireTM For?

AcquireTM software caters to a diverse range of businesses across various industries and sectors. A few of them include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and beverages
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare

Is AcquireTM Right For You?

AcquireTM empowers businesses to efficiently manage the entire recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing and screening candidates to scheduling interviews and onboarding new hires. The software incorporates industry-standard security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and secure storage of candidate information. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and meets regulatory requirements. Moreover, AcquireTM offers scalability, allowing businesses to easily adapt and grow their talent acquisition processes as their needs evolve.

Are you still unsure if AcquireTM is an ideal web-based solution for your company? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and our customer support team will help you make a well-informed decision.

AcquireTM Features

AcquireTM enables users to oversee the complete recruitment lifecycle, ensuring a positive applicant experience. It encompasses essential features like job posting, candidate sourcing, resume parsing, applicant screening, interview scheduling, and seamless candidate communication.

This software allows users to create, manage, and track job requisitions efficiently. It includes functionalities such as defining job descriptions, setting screening criteria, assigning hiring managers, and tracking the progress of job openings.

The first candidate management system facilitates businesses' organizing and tracking candidate profiles, resumes, and application details. You can also add notes, comments, and ratings and move candidates through various stages of the hiring process.

The software streamlines the onboarding process for new hires. It may include document management, task assignments, and automated workflows to ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

This candidate management system is equipped with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Businesses can generate reports on key recruitment metrics, such as time-to-fill, source of applicants, cost per hire, and diversity statistics. These insights facilitate data-driven decisions and optimization of recruitment strategies from a technical standpoint.

Pros and Cons of AcquireTM


  • Simplifies hiring process
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Robust applicant tracking system
  • Efficient job requisition management


  • Limited customization option
  • Customer support response times vary, according to some AcquireTM reviews

AcquireTM Pricing



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What's Included

  • Integrated background screening

  • Mobile optimized

  • Branded career center

  • Unlimited job posting and applicants

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Complete applicant tracking



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What's Included

  • All Express features plus:

  • Social media integrations

  • Multi-level user (role) settings and security

  • Talent pool and advance search

  • Job posting syndication and job integration

  • EEOC and OFCCP compliance reporting

  • Referral management and tracking

  • Position specific screening questions and applicant ranking

  • Customizable hiring steps and workflows

  • Job requisition and approval routing



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What's Included

  • All Professional features plus:

  • Internal hiring and employee transfers

  • Customizable forms

  • Employee onboarding

  • Advanced workflow and business process automation

  • API and integrations

  • E-Signature for online documentation

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Yes, API is available for AcquireTM.

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