Hubworks could be your solution if your business struggles with navigating the complexities of workforce management. The software offers a streamlined, intuitive platform for managing tasks and schedules, enhancing small business or enterprise productivity.

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What Is Hubworks?


Hubworks Suite, now known as Zip Clock, is a cloud-based software designed to streamline project management and improve team collaboration. It offers an efficient online employee shift scheduling tool that allows businesses to create and distribute work schedules seamlessly. Key features include scheduling, time off management, schedule templates, self-maintained employee availability, and employee sharing across multiple locations, all managed from a single account.

What Is HubWorks Best For?

With the Hubworks Suite Zip schedules, you can streamline the scheduling processes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The feature allows seamless coordination and communication among team members. Managers can easily assign shifts, track employee availability, and make necessary real-time adjustments.

Hubworks Pricing

Hubworks cost depends on your organization's needs and requirements. The Custom Hubworks pricing plan is available for your flexible requirements after the free trial.

The software provides the following three plans:

  • $29/location/month (1 to 20 employees)
  • $49/location/month (21 to 50 employees)
  • Custom Edition (Over 50 employees)

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Hubworks Integrations

Hubworks Suite can integrate with the following:

  • AnyConnector
  • Brink POS

HubWorks also offers an API and a marketplace for further integration options.

How Does Hubworks Work?

Here are a few steps that can guide users in getting started with Hubworks project management software after successful installation:

  • Log in to the web application using your credentials provided during implementation
  • On the Home screen, you will see real-time time punches from employees as they clock in and out. You can also view employees' Zip schedules
  • Click the Employee Performance Reports menu option to view reports on employee hours and schedule adherence
  • Go to the Open Punches screen to approve or edit any open/pending time punches. Here, you can correct missed clocks ins or outs before approving and finalizing payroll
  • The Shift Management screen allows you to view available employees who can fill in last-minute shift replacements if needed
  • Use the mobile app to get real-time notifications about employees due for breaks or at risk of going into overtime. You can also use it to fill shift replacements on the go
  • Refer to the Labor Laws section for help understanding compliance rules like maximum work hours and break requirements for your location
Watch a free Hubworks demo to learn more about Hubworks Suite and its features.

Who Is Hubworks For?

Hubworks Suite is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. It caters to various industries, sectors, and niches, including:

  • Convenience stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Nonprofit
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Warehouses

Whether you're a project manager, department head, or team member, Hubworks provides the tools to manage projects and employees (including a non-permanent workforce) effectively, collaborate with colleagues, and track progress toward goals.

Is Hubworks Right for You?

Hubworks Suite might be suitable for businesses seeking a comprehensive workforce management solution. The customizable features and add-ons provide flexibility, allowing organizations to tailor the software to their specific requirements.

With a strong focus on security, data remains protected against unauthorized access. Moreover, the software offers scalability, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Read Hubworks reviews for more insight into the platform's key benefits or contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for further assistance.

Hubworks Suite Features

Businesses can efficiently assign, track, and prioritize tasks. With a centralized system, teams can easily collaborate, ensuring everyone is aligned on project goals and responsibilities. This streamlines workflow and improves productivity by providing clarity and accountability.

The time tracking feature of Hubworks enables accurate and automated tracking of employee work hours. By capturing real-time data, businesses can easily monitor attendance, manage overtime, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. This feature promotes transparency, reduces manual effort, and enhances payroll accuracy.

The feature allows businesses to gain valuable insights into individual and team performance. Visual reports and analytics enable data-driven decision-making, identifying areas for improvement and recognizing top performers. It empowers managers to optimize resource allocation, enhance productivity, and drive overall performance.

Instant messaging and collaboration tools foster real-time communication, enabling quick decision-making and seamless information sharing. This feature enhances team coordination, boosts efficiency, and promotes effective collaboration, particularly for remote or dispersed teams.

Pros and Cons of Hubworks Suite


  • Efficient workforce management is provided
  • Accurate and automated tracking of employee work hours
  • Real-time data and analytics available for managers
  • Free mobile apps for Android and iPhone are available


  • The interface can be improved and made more user-friendly, as per one Hubworks review
  • Phone support can be improved

Hubworks Suite Pricing

Plan 1


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What's Included

  • 1-20 Employees

  • Clock In/Clock Out

  • Rest Breaks

  • Free Mobile App

  • Shift Reminders

  • Time Punch Management

  • Payroll Reports

  • Employee Performance Reports

  • Labor Rule Alerts

  • Time Clock for Tablets

Plan 2


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What's Included

  • Everything in Plan 1 and

  • 21-50 Employees

Plan 3


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What's Included

  • Everything in Plan 2 and

  • 51+ Employees

Hubworks Suite Reviews

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Mar 06, 2023

Entirely paperless but requires patience.



Ease of use


Value for money


Customer Support





I have been a long-time user and have seen Hubworks grow and improve everything in its system. Initially, it felt as if I was paying more for much fewer features than the competition. But my investment turned out to be great since I got an ultimately cheaper tracking software while they got genuine customer feedback to base their roadmap on. Hubworks has helped us eliminate paper completely and move on to digital scheduling software. Im glad to be a part of their journey and Im planning on staying a lot longer after this.


It still has a lot to improve and we routinely face problems with Hubworks. We required real-time labor tracking on a phone app, an event calendar linked and printed with a timetable, and customer service that was available and eager to transmit our comments to their development team in order to improve their product. The customer service is eager, however, the real-time tracking and event calendar is still a dream waiting to be fulfilled.

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It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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