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Looking for HR software to help you track applicants and parse CVs? Look no further than myStaffingPro. It is meticulously crafted to streamline every facet of the recruitment process. With its intuitive user interface, the platform empowers businesses to effortlessly improve their applicant tracking and recruit top-tier talent.

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What is myStaffingPro?


myStaffingPro is an advanced web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that revolutionizes and optimizes the hiring process. With its robust features, such as recruiting, onboarding, and reporting functionalities, the software empowers organizations to streamline candidate management, automate recruitment tasks, and ensure adherence to HR regulations.

By enhancing productivity and alleviating administrative burdens, myStaffingPro equips businesses to identify and attract the most exceptional talent, ultimately fostering organizational growth and achieving unparalleled success.

What Is myStaffingPro Best For?

The software stands out with customizable questionnaires and automated email capabilities, empowering HR professionals to engage with candidates effectively. Its applicant tracking feature streamlines the qualifying process and onboarding of top talent. With essential features and the flexibility to add new modules, myStaffingPro helps organizations tackle future recruiting challenges efficiently.

myStaffingPro Pricing

The software offers flexible pricing plans; get a personalized myStaffingPro pricing plan to fit your organization's needs.

myStaffingPro Integrations

The software integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • Ascentis
  • bambooHR
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Here's how you can navigate myStaffingPro dashboard after logging in:

  • View and analyze recent recruitment activities and key metrics on the dashboard
  • Locate the main menu bar to access the features
  • Click on the desired menu option to access its sub-menu or related features
  • Explore each menu option to find the specific functionality you need
  • Fill out the necessary information in the provided fields and use the available options to perform different actions
  • Create job postings, manage applications, schedule interviews, and review candidate details
  • Use the "Submit," "Save," "Edit," "Delete," "Export," and "Print" buttons in the dashboard to perform specific actions
  • Access the reporting and analytics features to gain insights into the recruitment process.
Schedule a free myStaffingPro demo and learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is myStaffingPro For?

The software serves in different domains, including:

  • Consulting
  • Training

Is myStaffingPro Right For You?

Are you seeking applicant tracking software to streamline recruitment and onboarding while ensuring data security? Discover myStaffingPro's scalable interface, seamlessly accommodating business growth without sacrificing performance. It offers a configurable solution to meet your organization's specific needs.

With myStaffingPro, you can confidently monitor candidate status while maintaining complete data security. Tailored to adapt to the evolving needs of companies, it empowers your HR team to perform efficient candidate recruiting and maintain smooth applicant workflow.

Still not sure if myStaffingPro is the right choice? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and our expert customer representative will help you make an informed decision.

myStaffingPro Pricing Plans

The software offers personalized pricing plans based on your organization's size and requirements.

myStaffingPro Features

myStaffingPro reduces time-to-fill by providing tools for customized job postings, application management, and collaboration with hiring teams. It offers applicant tracking functionality, enabling efficient candidate tracking and management.

The software features a SaaS ATS that offers a centralized database for storing and managing candidate profiles, resumes, and application materials. Through a single interface, it provides recruiters convenient access to candidate information, communication history, and application status.

myStaffingPro allows users to design their hiring robot by setting up automated screening and shortlisting criteria. This time-saving feature automatically filters out unqualified candidates, allowing recruiters to focus on the most suitable applicants.

myStaffingPro streamlines are paperless and secure onboarding processes. It enables HR professionals to efficiently manage new hire paperwork, automate onboarding tasks, and ensure a seamless transition for new employees. Employees can easily access the software's portal to complete essential documents like W-4s and Form I-9 and direct deposit authorizations according to organizational requirements.

Utilize myStaffingPro's dynamic recruiting analytics system to gain valuable insights through a customizable dashboard. Access at-a-glance summaries and detailed breakdowns, identify bottlenecks and optimize recruitment strategies precisely. Users can analyze cost and source data to evaluate the effectiveness of their hiring efforts and make data-driven decisions.

The platform offers robust tools for efficiently handling and organizing candidate and employee data. HR professionals can securely store and manage all pertinent information, such as resumes, applications, interview notes, and onboarding documents. The software ensures data integrity, accuracy, and compliance with privacy regulations, enabling users to quickly search, retrieve, and update data as required.

Pros and Cons of myStaffingPro


  • Great customer service
  • Easy system set-up
  • Convenient resume parsing
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Efficient tracking of applicants


  • Resource intensive
  • Few requests per page, as per some myStaffingPro reviews

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Yes, myStaffingPro offers an API.

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