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Tired of manually streamlining HR processes and employee learning? Explore PeopleStrategy. The software offers integrated payroll benefits, administration services, and advanced talent management solutions. Simplify your hiring tasks, from recruitment to onboarding and equip your organization with the necessary performance management tools to enhance efficiency and retain talent.

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What Is PeopleStrategy?


PeopleStrategy is a cloud-based human resource (HR) software that aims to streamline and simplify the recruitment processes for businesses of all sizes. The platform includes benefits administration, employee training, workforce management, payroll services, recruiting and onboarding, compensation planning, and time management features. These functionalities are designed to address the diverse needs of organizations.

What Is PeopleStrategy Best For?

PeopleStrategy provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to human resources management. One standout feature is its robust applicant tracking system (ATS). The software enhances the recruitment process by enabling hiring managers to efficiently post job vacancies, monitor applicant progress, and oversee the recruitment cycle. The ATS incorporates functionalities like resume parsing, automatic postings to job boards, and communication tools for candidates, which collectively elevate operational efficiency.

PeopleStrategy Pricing

The software offers various pricing plans based on the organization's needs. Get a customized PeopleStrategy pricing quote today.

PeopleStrategy Integrations

The software integrates with Fyle to enhance its benefit solutions and HR management.

How Does PeopleStrategy Work?

Here's how you can navigate the PeopleStrategy dashboard after logging in:

  • Modify the dashboard's layout by incorporating or excluding widgets according to your preferences
  • Go to the 'Payroll Services' section to access payroll benefits
  • To access the ATS, navigate to the 'Recruitment' or 'Applicant Tracking' section
  • Click on the 'Post New Job' button and fill in the job title, description, and requirements
  • Set up the job visibility and application options to publish the job posting to various boards
  • View a list of job applicants, review resumes and move them through the hiring stages (screening, interview, offer)
  • Navigate to the 'Performance Management' section to create performance goals for employees
  • Go to the 'Benefits Administration' section to configure benefits and set up employee benefit plans (e.g., healthcare, retirement)
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Who Is PeopleStrategy For?

The platform caters to different domains, such as:

  • Insurance
  • Consulting
  • HR
  • Food
  • Transport And Logistics

Is PeopleStrategy Right For You?

If you are seeking a comprehensive employee management solution integrated with HR software, PeopleStrategy could be the ideal choice.

Our software offers scalability and robust security features to accommodate the growth and evolving needs of organizations. As businesses expand and their workforce increases, PeopleStrategy enables them to swiftly adapt and scale to meet changing demands. In terms of security, the software incorporates encryption protocols, access controls, background checks, and reliable data backup processes.

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PeopleStrategy Pricing Plans

The software offers various pricing plans based on your company's size and needs.

peoplestrategy Features

PeopleStrategy's ATS elevates the recruitment and onboarding process, enabling the HR to track and manage talent acquisition processes. Users can source, follow, and screen candidates on a single platform. It streamlines post-job openings, reviews resume, schedules interviews, and communicates with candidates with automatic notifications and approvals.

PeopleStrategy offers simplified payroll services that cover employee hour logging, earnings tracking, and paycheck generation. Our self-service tools enable employees to manage their monthly deductions and update direct deposit information. The software helps businesses comply with tax regulations by automatically calculating and deducting the appropriate taxes from employee paychecks. It also generates tax forms and reports, streamlining the tax filing process.

Manage your employee benefits programs and streamline open enrollment processes efficiently with PeopleStrategy. Set up eligibility rules and empower employees to take control of their benefits. Through a user-friendly self-service portal, users can access information on their benefits, review plan details, make changes, and view important documents, all through a single database.

Efficiently manage employee work hours, streamline scheduling, and handle time-off requests with PeopleStrategy. Our comprehensive software empowers employees to effortlessly request time off, swap shifts with colleagues, and manage their time-related information. Users can enter and track time conveniently using timesheets and physical time clocks. By automating time-related processes and reducing manual paperwork, the software helps businesses save time and reduce administrative costs significantly.

Design, create, define, and manage training courses for new hires with PeopleStrategy's LMS. The software facilitates setting objectives, outlining curriculum, and creating structured programs tailored to specific job roles and departments. Employees can view available courses, access course materials, and track their progress. The software allows for the development and delivery of training content in different formats, such as videos, presentations, interactive modules, and quizzes. This flexibility enables employees to conveniently access training materials and enhances engagement in the learning process.

Pros and Cons of peoplestrategy


  • Efficient reporting functionalities
  • Seamless transitions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust time tracking feature


  • Integration dependencies
  • Files exporting features need improvement, as per some PeopleStrategy reviews

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No, it does not offer API access.

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