Primalogik optimizes performance management, employee feedback, and development processes. Its flexible reviews, customizable goals, and 360-degree feedback foster employee growth, while analytics provide insights for strategic decisions. Though initial setup requires configuration, Primalogik keeps users engaged and promotes continuous performance appraisals.

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What Is Primalogik?


Primalogik is a leading cloud-based performance management solution that helps organizations easily implement effective employee performance and feedback processes. The software provides a centralized hub for various HR functions across industries. It streamlines performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, goal tracking, and other complex tasks that are generally challenging to manage manually.

What Is Primalogik Best For?

Primalogik is best known for its powerful yet sensitive approach to giving and receiving constructive feedback that can help businesses truly develop their talent and maximize employee growth. With 360-degree feedback functionality, businesses can collect input privately and anonymously from the employee's peers, direct reports, managers, and others who work closely with them. This helps provide insights into an individual's strengths as well as areas for improvement from multiple perspectives. The aggregated feedback is then carefully analyzed to identify any potential biases and pinpoint meaningful development goals.

Primalogik Pricing

Primalogik provides flexible pricing plans tailored to accommodate organizations of varying sizes. Primalogik pricing starts at $499 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months and caters to up to 100 users. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Primalogik Integrations

Here are some integrations offered by the software:

How Does Primalogik Work?

Here are the steps to start using Primalogik after setup and logging in:

  • Create user accounts for all employees who will use the system
  • Send login credentials to users via email so they can log in and set up their profiles
  • Set organizational goals and objectives that need to be achieved
  • Set review templates and timings by customizing questions and rating scales as needed for self, manager and 360-degree reviews
  • Assign and schedule annual/mid-year performance reviews for their direct reports
  • Users receive review invites and can fill out self-assessment
  • Analyze results by viewing review analytics and comparison reports to identify top/low performers
  • Based on review feedback, managers create development plans for users to improve on weaknesses
  • The system enables ongoing coaching and feedback to track goal completion and growth over time
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Who Is Primalogik For?

Organizations of all sizes across multiple industries and sectors can leverage Primalogik, including:

  • Finance
  • Non-profits
  • Computer software
  • Food and beverages

Is Primalogik Right For You?

Are you looking for a solution that makes performance reviews hassle-free with excellent reporting features? Primalogik can help you with employee performance management. Companies focus on their employees' professional growth while empowering HR teams to streamline performance management, foster meaningful conversations, and embed continuous feedback. Primalogik adheres to industry-standard data encryption and privacy protocols, keeping all employee information and feedback private and secure. As a business grows from small to enterprise-level, the software can scale effortlessly to support unlimited users through integrated SSO.

In addition, add-ons like customized reports, surveys, coaching and calibration modules provide versatility for unique organizational needs. Enterprises like Lincoln Financial Group, the Salvation Army, and Luminar have deployed the award-winning Primalogik platform globally to improve engagement across regions.

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Primalogik Features

Primalogik allows employees to receive feedback from managers, peers, subordinates, and even clients or customers. It provides a more well-rounded view of an employee's performance and promotes personal growth.

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The employee performance management software streamlines the review process by providing a centralized location for managers to set goals, track progress, and provide feedback to employees. It allows the creation of self-assessment and manager reviews to evaluate individual performance against goals set during a review period. Employees can reflect on achievements, and managers provide feedback.

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Businesses can set goals using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology. OKRs are a popular goal-setting framework that can help companies align their employee goals with the organizational culture and strategy.

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The performance management system offers several engagement surveys that can help businesses measure employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. The surveys allow companies to anonymously gather opinions on workplace culture, leadership, job satisfaction, and other factors to help identify improvement opportunities.

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Primalogik provides businesses with a variety of reports that can help them track employee performance and identify trends. These reports can be used to make data-driven decisions about performance management.

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Pros and Cons of Primalogik


  • Exceptional 360-review capability fosters honest review
  • Reduced errors from manual data entry
  • Integrated CRM, project management and automation tools
  • Intuitive user interface for easy navigation


  • Initial setup may require time, according to Primalogik reviews
  • Hands-on training over a few times may be needed for advanced features

Primalogik Pricing

Customized Plan


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What's Included

  • For 100 users

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Opinion surveys

  • 360° feedback

  • Manager journal

  • Single Sign-On

  • Customizable questionnaires

  • Performance reviews

  • Goals and objectives

  • Email, phone and live chat support

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