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Jane App Software is a cloud-based, all-in-one practice management solution that offers online booking, charting, scheduling, secure video, and invoicing on one secure, beautifully designed system. Jane's App team of real humans helps you manage and grow your business, and because is a cloud-based solution, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're in the office or on the go, Jane App has you covered. 

Jane clinic software streamlines paperwork and significantly reduces the time spent on documentation and billing. Administrators can set up permissions, restricting users from viewing, editing, or deleting information. The software is available on monthly subscriptions, and support is extended via phone, documentation, email, and other online measures. Jane chiropractic software's intuitive design ensures a smooth learning curve for new users, and its clean interface enhances productivity.  

Jane App Software Key Features 

Easy Booking & Reminders 

Jane App EHR Software features easy booking and helpful reminders. Clients can book one or multiple visits with their favorite practitioner in a few clicks. The software also sends automatic reminders for upcoming appointments, so patients never forget their appointment again. It's an easy-to-use clinic software that helps keep your business running smoothly! 

Online Documentation & Billing 

Jane App is a clinic-based software that includes online documentation and billing features. Documentation and billing are all done electronically so that you can say goodbye to paper charts! With online documentation, you can easily chart patient visits and bill insurance companies, send invoices, accept credit cards, and issue receipts.  

Easy and Effective Wait List Management 

The software is designed to help clinics manage their schedules and client information. With this App, you can easily add clients to a waitlist, and the software will notify you when a spot that matches the client's preferences opens. You can also use that features to send automated notifications to clients on the waitlist, letting them know when a spot that meets their preference has opened.  

Jane App Software Pricing 

Jane App Software does not offer any free trial or free version. However, the software comes in 3 pricing plans; Janeapp pricing starts at $74/month. 

  1. Base Plan: $74/month 
  2. Insurance Plan: $99/month 
  3. Corporate Plan: $369/month 

Software Demo 

You can schedule a free demo of Jane App Software to see how the software can work for your business.  


There are many positive reviews about software online, with users stating that the Jane App is an excellent solution for small to medium-sized clinics that want to improve their efficiency. You can read more Jane App reviews in our Review section. 

Our Thoughts 

With its easy-to-use interface and helpful features, Jane App is an essential tool for any busy clinic. Jane EHR Software's online documentation and billing features make charting patient visits and billing insurance companies a breeze, while the software's waitlist management features help keep your schedule running smoothly. Overall, Jane App is a popular clinic software that is well-reviewed by users and experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use the Jane app on an iPad?

Please note that this is not a traditional app. It can be used only when iOS users need to gain access to their secure Telehealth calls.

How do I see all patients on Jane?

Jane's patient reports list all the basic details about all your clinic's patients.

How many users does the Jane app have?

Today, the Jane app is used by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Is the Jane app encrypted?

Jane's data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. when sent between your device and its servers.

What is the Jane app used for?

The Jane app is a practice management solution. It helps health and wellness clinics streamline operations related to appointment booking, billing, charting, and more. It allows patients to view and choose services, treatments, and practitioners as per specific requirements.

Jane App Software Pricing

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Jane App Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


The best EMR software in the market

November 2022

Samantha R.

Private practice

We adore how the Jane app makes learning new software features so simple and natural. This has completely changed how we conduct our medical business. The simplicity of use and the opportunity to claim availability verification on our terms and at our convenience are two of the numerous benefits of online booking. No more playing phone tag and waiting for a callback. Also, it is an incredibly excellent billing feature for receiving payments. Things are easier to keep track of now that they have been streamlined and simplified. The customer-care support staff quickly fixed all of our problems or points.
The software is really valuable for our medical practice. Our team is really happy with the outcomes. But there are some minor issues that need to be sorted out. Like the intake forms, chart notes, and other documents, there should be more options to convert them into PDF files so they can be printed out more quickly. Whenever we required hard copies of our intake forms, the only method was to manually make templates in the Jane app software; we had to recreate them in a word processing document or PDF so we could print them out to match the others.

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