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Kantime software is a cloud-based agency management system providing services for hospice, home care, home health, palliative, and pediatrics. It has revolutionized the way agency authorization tasks function. KanTime home health is a cloud-based platform that captures accurate details about patients and integrates actionable notifications to stay on top of healthcare. Interdisciplinary integrations such as IDT (integrated DNA technologies) also facilitate the documentation so you can focus on providing care to patients.   

KanTime Key Features 

Referral Management  

KanTime healthcare software has a centralized referral management system for the task of streamlining your incoming patient intakes. As a result, you can avoid the frustrating paperwork and any related errors with the help of the fully automated intakes and referrals process. It further lowers the cost of specialty care as physicians can choose the specialists based on their overall performance before assigning them to patients.  

In fact, the software integrates a variety of apps so all the documents can be processed through one platform. All the input can seamlessly merge with the current workflows as well.  


Usually, insurance authorization can prove challenging and delay care procedures for patients. On the other hand, KanTime EMR provides access to administrators, so they are able to acquire the right information quicker. Furthermore, the medicare EHR reduces administrative tasks so that relevant information is sent to insurance companies and reduces the authorization and pre-approval system that has caused delays in the past. Your manual management tasks will decrease as there will not be a need to maintain forms or faxes. Moreover, you can check the authorization dates and make any necessary changes before the arrival of the expiry date.  

Clinical POC 

The point-of-care tools in software make documentation easier, optimize workflows, and decrease wait times. Clinicians can access accurate information about new patients on unified software. The system's dashboard also makes it possible to click on a history link to check the development and progress of a patient’s care.  

An important tool integrated into that process is the OASIS Outcome, where users can compare M questions and make assessments about their health.  

KanTime Pricing  

KanTime healthcare pricing is not provided on their website, but users can request a quote through the website.  

Software Demo 

If you are interested in learning more about KanTime health, they provide a custom demo once you have shared your details through the form.  


On average, the software is considered to be an efficient system by its users as it has been able to close the gap between hospice care and insurance agencies.  

Our Thoughts 

Kantime healthcare medicare provides an efficient solution to manage documents and check financial and operational data required to ensure that patients get care on time. It is equally helpful to field staff that wants to document their overall care work at the patients’ homes and maintain a documented history.  

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