Kareo EHR Software

What is Kareo Software?


Kareo is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) software for small medical practices. It offers a range of features for practice management, patient record management, appointment scheduling, bill patients and payers, and other administrative tasks.

The platform is designed to help healthcare providers at small medical practices streamline their operations and improve the quality of care they provide to patients.

What is Kareo EMR Software Best For?

Kareo EMR is well-known for being an easy-to-use cloud-based EMR software specifically designed for smaller medical organizations and teams. It was rated best EMR/PM for practices with 1-10 providers.

Because it is cloud-based, there’s no software to download and no hardware to install. Users can simply sign up, log in, provide basic information, and start using the software.

Kareo is also  configurable to your practice and connects seamlessly with billing. You’ll be able to access and update patient records electronically, including demographics, medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and medications. This helps practices save time and reduce the risk of errors by eliminating the need to manually manage paper records.

Another unique feature of Kareo is its Integrated Prescription Discounts system which allows you to search and compare prices at the point of prescribing. This can increase the likelihood of patients filling their prescriptions due to a lower cost.

Kareo EMR Software Cost

Kareo EMR offers users three pricing tiers, Kareo Clinical (EHR), Kareo Billing, and Kareo Pro + Plus. Both the Clinical and Billing plans have a starting price of $125/month respectively, with Pro + Plus costing users $199/month. However, the exact cost will depend on the number of users, the number of patients the practice sees, and the specific features and modules that the practice needs. The software does not currently offer a free trial.

How does Kareo EMR Work?

To use Kareo EMR, healthcare providers must first sign up for an account and set up their practice profiles. Once they have an account, they can log in to the Kareo EMR platform from any device with an internet connection.

Once logged in, providers can use the various features of Kareo EMR to manage their practice, including creating and accessing patient records, scheduling appointments, and managing billing and insurance claims.

Kareo EMR includes a range of clinical documentation templates and tools, as well as analytics and reporting capabilities, to help providers track their practice performance and improve patient care.

Who is Kareo EMR Software For?

Kareo EMR is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized medical practices, including solo practitioners, group practices, and multi-specialty clinics. To cater to user needs, the platform also has a mobile app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch devices, allowing practitioners to run a full-featured EHR on the go.

From mental health to podiatry, Kareo makes it easy to give your patients better care and grow your practice. Please see this website for a complete list of specialties it serves.

Kareo EMR Software Features

Here are some of the key features of Kareo EMR you and your team can benefit from:

  1. Integrated Patient Portal

On Kareo EMR, patients can share their current medical records, view medical billing information, lab results, medical history, charting, and medications. Physicians and doctors can communicate with patients through instant messaging or video chatting.

  1. Patient Engagement

Kareo allows providers to create, update, and access comprehensive patient records, including medical history, allergies, medications, patient charts, and test results. It also includes tools for scheduling appointments, managing patient flow, and sending appointment reminders. 

  1. Clinical Documentation

Kareo includes customizable templates for common medical forms and documents, such as progress notes, physical exams, and referrals. It also allows providers to create custom templates for their specific needs. In addition, the software includes a comprehensive dashboard providing practitioners with analytics and reporting tools to help practices track their performance and identify areas for improvement.   

  1. E-prescribing 

Once a refill has been requested, Kareo EMR automatically delivers information to pharmacies. This allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to save time, check for potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions, and reduce phone calls related to prescriptions. 

  1. Billing Services and Revenue Cycle Management

Kareo EMR includes features for managing patient billing and insurance eligibility claims. It can generate patient statements, track payments, and identify billing errors, as well as use analytical tools to help practices track their financial performance. 

  1. Secure Messaging Features

Clinicians on Kareo EMR can exchange information with patients or communicate with other health professionals quickly and securely, as well as conveniently message their organization’s billing team to maintain data security.

How is Kareo EMR different from other software?

Here are some things that Kareo does better than others:

  • Ease of use: Kareo EMR is designed to be easy to use and navigate, with a user-friendly interface that aims to minimize the learning curve for new users. This can be particularly useful for small practices with limited IT resources or for solo practitioners who need to manage the software on their own.
  • Customer Success Coach: It can be frustrating to set up and configure a new piece of software for everyone in the organization, which is why Kareo assigns a Dedicated Success Coach for smooth onboarding. This feature is rarely seen in other EMR software providers.
  • Specialty focus: The medical software supports a wide range of specialities, and includes features and functionality that are tailored to the needs of these types of practices.

Is Kareo EMR Software Right for You?

Overall, Kareo EMR is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation and support resources available to help healthcare providers get the most out of the software.

Many users agree that the platform’s ease of use and simple navigation make every feature straightforward to understand. In addition, people have also noted Kareo EMR’s ability to integrate with multiple EMR products as beneficial to their medical practice.

However, since Kareo EMR is a subscription-based software, some users may find the cost to be prohibitive for small practices or solo providers. Other users also ran into issues with the platform’s mobile app, noting that the program sometimes closes without a stable internet connection.

Kareo EMR Software Pricing

  • Kareo Clinical (EHR)
  • Kareo Billing
  • Kareo Pro + Plus
125 / mo. / provider
125 / mo. / provider
199 / mo. / provider
What’s included
What’s included
What’s included
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Simple Charting
  • Easy e-Prescribing
  • Electronic Superbills
  • Secure Messaging
  • Integrated Patient Portal
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Integrated Prescription Discounts
  • Agenda Overview
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Complete Patient Management
  • Powerful Scheduler and Patient Reminders
  • Insurance Billing and Reporting
  • Robust Patient Billing and Collections
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Secure Messaging System
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Complete Patient Management
  • Simple Charting
  • Easy e-Prescribing
  • Insurance Billing & Reporting
  • Robust Patient Billing & Collections
  • Patient Communications
  • Online Scheduling
  • Telehealth


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  • Customizable templates: Kareo EMR allows users to create and customize templates for common documentation, such as patient notes and referrals. This can help providers save time and ensure that all necessary information is consistently recorded.
  • Integration: Kareo can integrate with other healthcare systems, such as EHRs and lab systems, allowing providers to access and share patient information more easily.
  • Billing and coding support: Kareo includes tools to help providers track and manage patient billing and coding, which can help reduce errors and improve reimbursement rates.
  • User-friendly interface: Kareo is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for providers to access and enter patient information, reducing the time and effort required to manage patient records.
  • Mobile access: Kareo can be accessed from a web browser or mobile app, allowing providers to access patient information and manage their practice from anywhere.
  • Customer support: Kareo assigns a dedicated Success Coach once you sign up. It also offers a range of customer support options, including phone and email support, training resources, and online support materials, to help users get the most out of the software.


  • Complexity: Kareo EMR has a wide range of features and tools, which can be overwhelming for some users. It may take time and effort to learn how to use all of the features effectively.
  • Complexity: PrognoCIS EMR is a complex system that requires a significant amount of training and support to use effectively. This can be especially challenging for smaller organizations that may not have the resources to devote to training and support.
  • Limited interoperability: While Kareo EHR can integrate with a few other healthcare systems, it may not be compatible with all. This can limit the ability to exchange patient information with other providers or systems.
  • User experience: Some users may find the interface or navigation of Kareo EMR to be confusing or difficult to use, making it difficult to make the most of the platform’s features.
  • Limited vendor support: Some users have reported that vendor support for Kareo EMR can be slow or unresponsive, which can be frustrating when attempting to resolve technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kareo charge a setup fee?

No, Kareo does not have any setup fees.

Does kareo have a contract?

Kareo offers medical providers the option to month bill to bill rather than engaging in long term contracts. To learn what option is available to you request pricing on this page.

Does Kareo have its own telehealth module?

Kareo has a number of telehealth partners on its panel.

Does Kareo offer medical billing services?

While previously Kareo did have its in-house billing team, the company has chosen to dissolve that part of its operations to focus solely on the product offerings. However, Kareo EMR does offer full integration with a large number of medical billing companies.

How do I choose the right plan for my practice?

Our EHR consultants can help narrow down software options for you based on your price range and needs. Call us at (661) 384-7070.

How many labs does Kareo support?

Currently, Kareo supports electronic interchange with over 40 different labs. If there is a lab that is not listed, they can contact Kareo’s enrolments team. Kareo will work with the lab to get them integrated.

Is Kareo EHR free?

No. Kareo EHR is not completely free, but the solution comes at an affordable price.

Is Kareo HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Kareo clinical is HIPAA compliant.

Latest Kareo Feature List?

  • - EMR
  • - PM
  • - Mobile app
  • - Patient Portal 
  • - Reputation Management 
  • - 3rd Party Medical Billing Partners
  • - Telemedicine Software Partners
  • - Performance Reporting 

Kareo EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Kareo EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

59 Reviews


Affordable and amazing!

January 2023


Chebny Sports Medicine

A highly dependable software application, it is extraordinary, simple to comprehend and use, and cost-effective, particularly for those running smaller businesses. It is user-friendly. Customer support is significant. The team seems to be very knowledgeable and helps you whenever you need them. They are the most amiable group of individuals. Kareo is indeed an amazing product.
I've been using this product for a while now and it's been fantastic, but there's one thing missing. It would be perfect if they could add the billing side accessible to MAC.

I don't have any complaints

December 2022


Health Diagnostics of NWI, LLC

I can't say enough good things about this software! The tutorials are very helpful and the ease of use is unparalleled.
Honestly, I have zero complaints about the software.

Loyal Customer for over Five Years

October 2022


ClaimPro Medical Billing

Kareo is a great software. It is simple, easy to understand, and intuitive to use. Everything from the product to its support staff is great. Navigating between screens is really easy and fun. Each option is very detailed. The support staff is always there to help you resolve all your issues related to the product. I really like this software and would recommend it.
The sales representative needs to know all the product's nitty gritty and then some. There has been a major communication error in the past, but it was dealt with, without any critical hindrance to the workflow.

If the price could be a little less

August 2022


Barbara White, CRNP

Training tutorials are amazing and simple to understand, making it easier to learn the product. It is simple and easy. The product is quite detailed. Navigating between screens is easy. It is user-friendly as well. Their customer service is quite good. My experience with them has always been positive. It’s an all-in-one package.
There is nothing bad about this software, although a few minor glitches pop up here and there.

highly recommended.

May 2022


Mental Health Care

Kareo provides an excellent platform at a reasonable price. It comes highly recommended.   I also like that I can choose what information to send and that I can do it quickly using the Care Coordination tool in each letter.
None so far

Kareo review

May 2022


Mental Health Care

Kareo offers fantastic customer service, and amazing templates, forms, and the SALT Feature that saves time and makes documentation a breeze.
Glitches and crashes are quite common now

Professional software

May 2022


Medical Practice

I like that with this software EHR notes are formatted and presented in a professional manner.
I would like to be able to attach documents to the internal email system when communicating with patients.

User-friendly software

April 2022


Medical Practice

Kareo is user-friendly for those with little software knowledge, ready to begin with minimal training, and with outstanding implementation help.
Customer support is a bit slow at responding.

Kareo Review

September 2021


Aust Medical dba Aust Interventional Pain

Kareo makes everything simple, fast, and effective. The vendor helped us optimize our practice through the robust features. We also loved accessing multiple features at an affordable rate. The integration capabilities of Kareo enabled us to streamline our tasks from a single location. All in all, we recommend the software for its ease of use, customizable features, and efficient customer support.

User-Friendly and Efficient!

August 2021


Cynthia McQuade LCSW LLC

Kareo has been a highly user-friendly health IT platform that gives full access to all features and tools. Using Kareo has been a fantastic experience. The vendor provides a one-stop solution for everything we need in our medical practice. It excels at almost everything we ask for; features, demo, customer support. Everything is on point!

Loving it so far.

July 2021


New Foundation Inner Health

I have worked with various electronic medical record software throughout my career, but Kareo stands above the rest. It has a user-friendly interface and powerful features to tailor to my preferences. My practice relies on Kareo now, and I can’t imagine working without it.
We have no complaints so far!

Good System.

June 2021



Kareo is an expert in EHR and practice management software for medical practices. Moving between Kareo features is simple, and most tools are accessible from anywhere in the program with just one or two clicks. As a result, we got access to robust features at a cost-effective price. Plus, if there’s any query, we can count on the support team to be always available for immediate help.
The system sometimes glitches but it's nothing major.

We Love Kareo!

June 2021


Veritas Clinic

Using Kareo has been an enjoyable experience. We can access everything from a single location. Although the features are pretty straightforward, the demo also helped us overcome the learning curve, if there were any. The software is customizable, and we are satisfied with it.
The system takes some time to get used too but it's all good once you get the hang of it.

Greatest EHR software for all time

November 2020

Teegan F


The layout of the Kareo is excellent. The functions are very professional and useful. The dashboard is outstanding and the interaction checker is also very nice.
I personally really like it and I don't think it needs any major improvements in any particular area.

Love it so far

November 2020


Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition

It was an easy transition.
wish it had more customizations.

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Call us at

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