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What Is EduPLANWeb?


EduPLANWeb is a cloud-based training management solution that covers various training needs, including finance, occupational safety training, generic courses, internships, and apprenticeships. It offers subscription management, reports, schedules, and customizable layouts for printing certificates.

EduPLANWeb Pricing

The vendor offers customizable and flexible EduPLANWeb pricing plans based on the requirements of an organization. Get a custom EduPLANWeb cost based on your company’s size and user needs.

EduPLANWeb Integrations

EduPLANWeb software integrates with various third-party applications, including:

Who Is EduPLANWeb For?

EduPLANWeb LMS is used by the following professionals:

  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Coordinators and planners
  • Consultants

Is EduPLANWeb Right For You?

If you are looking for an e-learning solution to support training courses and activities offered by educational institutions, EduPLANWeb software might be a suitable choice. It is a secure and scalable solution that ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data. 

Still unsure if EduPLANWEB is right for you? Schedule a free EduPLANWeb demo or contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, and they will assist you in making an informed decision.

EduPLANWeb Features

The platform lets you manage various types of training. It accommodates various training needs, from funded training to occupational safety training and from generic courses to internships and apprenticeships.

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This feature keeps track of all active subscriptions and ensures smooth operations. It provides a centralized location for subscription management, reducing the complexity of managing multiple subscriptions.

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EduPLANWeb provides quick and immediate access to consulting logs. Its intuitive interface and control dashboards help users easily consult logs for effective decision-making and planning. This feature aids in maintaining transparency and accountability within the organization.

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The software provides the ability to customize the layouts for printing certificates. It allows organizations to align the appearance of their certificates with their branding and specific requirements. EduPLANWeb provides flexibility in the design of certificates, ensuring they accurately represent the organization’s identity.

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Pros and Cons of EduPLANWeb


  • Secure and scalable to support various industries
  • Efficiently handles and tracks multiple subscriptions
  • Allows organizations to align certificates with their branding
  • Provides quick access for effective decision-making and planning
  • Extremely intuitive interface for ease of use and navigation


  • Some users may find it slightly complex initially
  • Reporting capabilities could be more advanced, according to some EduPLANWeb reviews
  • Users may need time to explore the full range of features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EduPLANWeb offers an API.