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Itslearning is a cloud-based, GDPR-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) for K-12 schools. The tool is designed explicitly for the complete education management for pre-schools, high schools, and both small & large educational networks. Itslearning tool is an all-in-one software with various dashboards for curriculum management, educational resources, web conferencing, easy integrations, and remote learning (fostered around the globe). You can monitor progress, generate assessment reports, prioritize activities, and boost learner engagement with a single mouse click against the easy-to-use interface.  

Itslearning management system is a multinational school employee management software that allows you to schedule classes, set timetables, track attendance, send reminders, and communicate with fellow employees. You can access the platform’s complete classroom management features with collaboration tools, course authoring, course tracking, curriculum management, library management, lesson planning, and data storage management. The SaaS software is compatible with all iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and web-based devices. 

Key Features 

PER Protocol 

Itslearning LMS follows a “Plan, Execute, Review” protocol to achieve successful implementation. You can customize teaching plans and courses, test their credibility, and get reviews; all from the tool’s dashboard. It works case-by-case and provides summarized reports while the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) feature helps you to update the content library whenever needed.  

Improved Blended Learning 

The software, further, allows you to oversee asynchronous learning, mobile learning, synchronous learning, special education, social learning, and complete assessment management through dedicated learner portals. The students’ portal allows you to receive test results, upload unlimited files, check progress reports, and track progress. Itslearning’s multi-language platform features, additionally, promote inclusiveness for institutes around the globe. 

End-to-end LMS 

Using the interface, you can fully customize reports, curricula, schedules, branding, and surveys. Integrations like calendars, reminders, and SMS provide quick prompts to teachers and students. And the Itslearning homepage allows you to overhaul the dashboard and drag-and-drop features you want for the complete personalization of the learning management system. 

Itslearning LMS Pricing 

As of now, the Itslearning (learning management system) plan pricing has not been publicized by the vendor – but you can get in touch with them for a customized costing arrangement.  

Itslearning LMS Demo  

Itslearning software’s free version is available for all users. It provides an open access trial of all the useful tools maintained under the utility umbrella. Watch the demo by clicking the button below. Itslearning hub provides training to its users through documentation, webinars, phone support, 24/7 chat, and a help desk facility.  

Itslearning Reviews 

There are many authentic users of itslearning LMS that have rated the software with flying colors. Subscribers, in their testimonials, have pointed out salient platform features like how the software facilitates teachers and students to connect, communicate, and collaborate. What’s more, you can do real-time reporting, communication, and analysis with itslearning online. The interface comes with an integrated API that allows third-party collaboration solutions.  

For a full listing of reviews on Itslearning Hub, please visit our Reviews section.  

Our Thoughts 

Itslearning hub is an ISO-27001-certified SaaS learning and teaching management software that provides customized teaching plans for remote learning and reporting. This learning platform is integrated with Google, Microsoft, Turnitin, Ouriginal, Respondus, Certica, Zoom, Ziggeo, Ubicast, IST, Wonde, Cengage, PBS, Dropbox, and a hundred other high-end software environments. Itslearning app also helps you in planning, executing, and reviewing your teaching methods and models. 

Itslearning Software

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