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itslearning is an online learning platform designed for teaching. They are Nordic in spirit and by design. Their focus is to deliver an intuitive LMS, empowering educators and students.

Their platform helps you plan for successful learning. It's easy to create lessons and resources that engage students, and to streamline common teaching tasks - allowing more time to teach. Teachers get actionable insights about student progress to help better personalise instruction.

The result: delighted teachers, happy students, and improved learning.

Key Features 

Course cards homepage: All courses are displayed as cards on the homepage. Cards display the course name, teacher and if there is any outstanding work to be completed. Students click the card to access their courses.

Course Overview shows everything that is happening in the course in one view. Announcements, Plans, Tasks and the Calendar, plus easy access to messaging and adding resources.

Planner: Give students structure, sequence, and scope by making the planner the centralised hub for teaching and learning. Add the lesson description, activities, resources, and additional notes so students have everything they need.

MS Teams integration: The new itslearning and Microsoft Teams integration allows teachers and students to quickly see any current plans, tasks, latest changes or events in their courses without leaving the MS Teams app. 

Advanced Reporting: Advanced Reporting provides a variety of statistics, reports and analytics for teachers, administrators, and school management. They can use these reports to keep track of student engagement, dropout rates, and more.

360-degree reports: Find out at a glance how students are progressing with 360° reports. See which course materials students are accessing using and reuse content in a course. Immediately, message with a click to act on the information within the reports.

Calendar: The calendar shows plans, tasks and homework and has a seamless integration with the planner and activities.

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Amazing progress tracker!

November 2022

Stacy H.

Education Management

We are so glad that all the communications with the children's parents are so smooth and consistent. It is the main benefit of "learning" for us. There are numerous ways to contact parents and inform them of their children's progress and what is happening in the classroom. All the documents can be downloaded, uploaded, and kept in one place.
What I would like them to improve is the learning part, which is not time-saving for the teachers. There are far too many issues, and many of the features they offer are not really needed for efficient classroom management.

One of the best applications when it comes to education and communication!

August 2022

Stacy H.


The capability of maintaining communication with parents is the main benefit of this software. There are numerous ways to contact parents and inform them of their children's progress and what is happening in the classroom. The most effective way to monitor the kids' development is to utilize standards-based grading.
It does require some setup time and some familiarity with the platform. Even after all that time has been invested in it, using the product requires some commitment.

Makes for fun, remote learning; a few feature shortcomings.

July 2022



I have to use itsLearning when I'm ill to make up for the work I would have missed on normal school days. Being able to ask the teacher to create tests for me when I'm unwell is helpful because I might have important assessments coming up. The program, further, allows me to seamlessly connect with my professors and peers.

When you visit the platform’s website, you'll notice various page cards that will help you find a course quickly. You may simply locate a particular class using ClassLink, another helpful feature. Because it allows me to see upcoming deadlines, I particularly like the tool’s planner page. Through the settings, quizzes can also be taken, and they include multiple choice or lengthy response option alternatives.
There are a few drawbacks of the software, however. You can only fit so much information in it. Also, I’ve always had issues with itslearning on my schoo’sl WiFi.

Constant and time-consuming updates are required for the program, for sure. Further, every time the server is down, the application crashes.

In the messages area, outdated messages shouldn't be included in a distinct column, it would make more sense if we could either archive them or move them to trash.

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Call us at

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