Addressing the challenges posed by complex training tools and outdated systems, Newrow offers an agile learning management system (LMS). The software focuses on streamlining training sessions, enabling organizations to achieve seamless and impactful learning experiences without unnecessary complexity. Explore Newrow features to enhance your employees’ learning experiences.

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What Is Newrow?


Newrow, acquired by Kaltura, is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that caters to learning and development departments in organizations across various industries. It enables administrators to create and manage their organizations’ online campuses, including courses, students, instructors, and other administrative files. The Newrow suite offers several solutions to enhance learning, such as video portals, screen sharing, gamification, reporting, and more.

What Is Newrow Best For?

It is well known for its virtual classroom features. The LMS allows for live, interactive online classes. Moreover, its robust collaborative tools and customizable interface contribute to a dynamic virtual learning environment, ensuring an optimal educational experience.

Newrow Pricing

The vendor offers the following Newrow cost options:
  • Free trial – $0/month (up to 10 participants/session)
  • Standard – $23/month (up to 10 participants/session)
  • Pro – $55//month (up to 100 participants/session)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing (10+ classrooms)

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Newrow Integrations

Newrow software integrates with the following applications:

How Does Newrow Work?

Here's how you can use the software's features:

  • Log in using your credentials to access the Newrow dashboard
  • Explore different modules using the user-friendly navigation tools
  • Utilize the search function for quick access to specific features or content
  • Personalize your dashboard view to gain insights tailored to your preferences
  • Leverage interactive widgets for real-time updates and engagement
  • Access training materials seamlessly through the designated section
  • Engage with collaboration tools integrated into the dashboard for interactive sessions
  • Monitor progress and analytics using the dedicated tracking feature
Watch a free Newrow demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Newrow For?

The following industries and sectors can use Newrow Suite LMS:

  • Education
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Is Newrow Right For You?

If you are seeking a robust LMS tool to streamline training and development initiatives, then Newrow might be an ideal choice. It offers several solutions to track progress, personalize training experiences, and boost learner engagement. The software is trusted by many reputable companies such as Vodafone TV, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Google, Adobe, the University of Sheffield, etc.

Want to learn more about Newrow? Contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 to help make an informed decision.

Newrow Suite Features

This feature offers a centralized repository for storing and organizing learning materials like documents, videos, and presentations. Users can easily search and access relevant content, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing among learners and instructors within the platform.

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The platform offers customizable branding options, allowing users to personalize virtual classrooms and online sessions with their organization's logo and colors.

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Gamification features like quizzes and polls to engage and motivate learners during virtual classroom sessions.

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Newrow provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling users to track learner engagement, progress, and performance during virtual classroom sessions.

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This feature allows for live, interactive online classes, closely mimicking the experience of an in-person class. It is built with WebRTC and HTML5. The software provides a link for users to engage learners online in a web-based virtual classroom.

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Users can create and manage their organizations’ online campuses, including courses, students, instructors, and other administrative files. It provides a centralized location for managing all aspects of an online learning environment, including video messaging.

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Newrow LMS encourages interaction and collaboration between teachers and students. It fosters a more engaging and interactive learning environment, enhancing the learning experience.

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Pros and Cons of Newrow Suite


  • Offers a rich set of collaborative tools
  • Users can personalize their learning space with organization-specific branding
  • Centralized repository simplifies the storage of learning materials
  • Insightful analytics and reporting capabilities


  • Initial setup complexity, according to some Newrow reviews
  • Too many features may overwhelm some users

Newrow Suite Pricing

Free Trial


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What's Included

  • Up to 10 participants per session

  • All Standard plan features and

  • Unlimited sessions



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What's Included

  • Up to 10 participants per session

  • 10 hours of cloud recording

  • Moderator controls

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Digital whiteboard

  • Branding options

  • Persistent room

  • Content playlist

  • In session HD video playback

  • Chat and moderated Q&A



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What's Included

  • Up to 100 participants per session

  • All Standard plan features and

  • 25 hours of cloud recording

  • Breakout rooms

  • Quizzes

  • Quick polls



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What's Included

  • 10+ classrooms

  • All Pro plan features and

  • Large room options

  • Cloud recording

  • SSO

  • Integration with all major LMS

  • Full API access

  • Advanced analytics

  • Pro support

  • Enterprise support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Newrow cost varies as per four pricing plans: Free trial ($0/month), Standard ($23/month), Pro ($55/month), and Enterprise (Custom pricing).