Totara Learn is an open-source learning management system designed to function across different industrial sectors/verticals and organization sizes. Businesses can employ this dynamic interface to promote workplace training and development. The digital platform provides a customizable e-learning program for companies and enables them to fulfill their personalized goals. It offers tons of useful features, such as course management, a learner portal, course tracking, blended learning, assessment management, video conferencing, and other e-learning capabilities.

Totara LMS enables companies to make the training process more accessible and simpler through individual learning courses for staff members at various levels. It is a highly flexible platform that blends seamlessly with an organization’s current software ecosystems, and quickly adapts to unique functional requirements. 

Users can choose between various deployment options, such as a cloud-based SaaS LMS and an on-premise solution. Furthermore, the application offers a comprehensive suite of automation, reporting, performance tracking, blended learning, and other customization features to help businesses scale their training programs.

Key Features

Blended Learning

Totara software provides blended learning to give users an engaging experience. Employees can indulge in various interactive activities, including group activities, online learning, classrooms, presentations, and more. Instructors can also use the system to sanction online requests for offline activities, which centralizes the entire approvals process and saves users a lot of time.

Performance Management

This LMS solution comes with a powerful performance management module that enables businesses to manage staff better through various appraisal tools, such as 360 feedback and competency tracking. Instructors can stay on top of employees’ progress and delegate activities to staff members based on their personal and organizational goals.

Customizable Reporting

Totara LMS gives users the option to either create reports from scratch or customize the pre-designed reports using the builder tool. Organizations can create insightful reports to improve the overall learning experience by choosing from a variety of display options, such as columns, horizontal displays, and pie charts. This helps ensure that the data is displayed in a visually pleasing manner to enhance the user-experience (and, in turn, boost productivity).

Totara Pricing

The Totara pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Totara’s subscription cost for their basic plan starts at $3,500 per year. A range of pricing tiers are available for users with more complex needs. Please contact the company for more information.

Totara Demo

You can access the product demo by clicking the ‘Watch Demo’ button above. This detailed orientation will give you a visual walkthrough into the app’s features and let you see how it improves the e-learning process for your employees.

Totara Reviews

Totara LMS continues to receive positive user feedback across various accredited sites. Users, to a large extent, commend the application for its ‘pleasing user interface’, ‘affordability’, and ‘robust suite of features’. 

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Our Thoughts

Totara is a noteworthy, feature-rich e-learning platform that offers a powerful suite of learning management and performance tracking options.

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