Modernizing Medicine® EHR Software provides an all-in-one suite of specialty-specific solutions, including its electronic health record system, EMA®, Practice Management, Analytics, Business Operations Services, Inventory Management, and patient engagement tools such as modmed® Kiosk and a patient portal. The cloud-based solutions are available in the medical specialties of dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, otolaryngology (ENT), and plastic surgery.

Due to its focus on particular specialty practices, the electronic health record solution offers in-built specialty-focused diagnoses, workflows, third-party vendor and device interfaces, integrated drawing board, interactive Anatomical Atlas, and suggested automated coding.

Modernizing Medicine's integrated Practice Management helps streamline communication between the front and back offices, providing detailed reporting for various practice roles.

Patient engagement is an integral part of the Modernizing Medicine experience. The company offers a variety of tools such as a patient portal, telemedicine, and patient kiosks to help facilitate the patient-provider relationship.

The brand provides advisory services for MIPS and other value-added payment programs.

Since its inception in 2010, Modernizing Medicine serves over 16,000 providers and 140,000 healthcare professionals. They have one of the highest client satisfaction rates, i.e., 93% in the industry.

Modernizing medicine pricing: Pricing is available via quote. Exact pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a price quote by clicking on ‘Get Pricing’ Button.

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Compatibility: Mac OS, Web browser, Compatible with most mobile devices

Modernizing Medicine Support: The software offers online support during business hours.

Modernizing Medicine USP: It provides specialty solutions, such as dermatologists with practice management tools, a central EHR system, and revenue cycle management services.

Modernizing Medicine Advantages: The software is easy to use and offers an intuitive user interface. It helps users with the use of modifiers and ICD-10 coding. Their tech support is professional and responsive.

Modernizing Medicine Limitations: The cost of the additional modules and the program itself is substantial.

Modernizing Medicine EHR Software

Modernizing Medicine EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

25 Reviews



Alan E Gorenberg MD Inc

2-10 employees

September 2020

Amazing team and software

Honestly, this software has made me three times more productive. I can cater to three patients in the time that it took me to cater to one in the past. Their support staff is amazing and listens well; requested features are always included in newer versions which are great.

Initially, it seemed daunting to learn the software since it was a little complicated but with use over time, you are able to navigate through it easily!


Mid Atlantic Plastic Surgery

11-50 employees

August 2020

Best in town

The templates are simple to use.

Their EHR/EMR product does not work well with billing product and causes a lot of problems.



51-200 employees

July 2019


Very easy to understand and simple to report injuries and their treatment. I can easily report my interactions with dermatology patients who for the most part have various Chief Complaints and different methodologies rapidly and effectively.

It is honestly costly and the ongoing support that one requires isn’t that cheap.


ENT & Allergy

2-10 employees

May 2019


Otolaryngology module explicit to our practice is very much structured and as changes were required, they were done in an ideal way. The system is pretty cool.

At first, the Practice Management side of the product was not comparable to our earlier system, however, after some time, the updates and changes have improved it extraordinarily.


Randall Dermatology

51-200 employees

May 2019


A fantasy item! Simple and easy to edit and modify. Makes different EMRs resemble a mechanical typewriter. It is easy to use. It makes charting a delight, certainty, and precise. It rarely has any downtimes. It feels like it is made for the provider, charging PM framework functions admirably. A provider’s blessing from heaven. It can be used on Laptop or IPAD.

They don't have it for Primary Care yet. Also, it doesn’t really read what I want it to do.


MSK Group

201-500 employees

January 2019

Futuristic, top of the line service

It is very refreshing to have found an EHR provider that is working with all their clients to enhance their working experience in the clinical tech space. We are using Modernizing Medicine in an orthopedic facility and the software has been of great help with our day to day clinical workflow challenges. The support and training staff are brilliant at their jobs. They are kind and patient in listening and understanding your problem and always willing to help. We have never had anything less than a delightful experience dealing with them. Modernizing Medicine promises and delivers a great and easy working experience.

The software is not user-friendly for non-clinical staff as it is designed in consideration with a physician's workability in mind. It can be hard to use for office members on busy days when a physician himself can’t operate it. The system lacks a number of functionalities offered by large scale hospital systems.


Bradley Dermatology

2-10 employees

January 2019

Perfect for Dermatology Practice

The software is by far the easiest to work with. The system is intuitive and offers so many specialty-specific features that integrate into the design perfectly. The interface is user-friendly simplified. I especially love how quick and efficient Charting is with Modernizing Medicine. It has a very detailed format even though it cuts back on a lot of time.

It is like an expensive car. But the functionalities are worth every penny. The cost is more than double compared to other competitors but overall, a great investment for your clinic.


Michigan Dermatology

11-50 employees

December 2018

A great EMR service, covers all our needs

I recently switched from the traditional paper records to a small practice EMR and it has revolutionized my work experience. The workspace is now more efficient, adaptable and I'm able to provide better care for patients. Modernizing Medicine covers all my specialty needs and provides ease of use. All the functionalities are streamlined and intuitive which does so much of my work for me. The EMR works alongside the PM which is so helpful.

It is slightly expensive in comparison to other small practice services but it is all worth it once you get to use it because you get full value for your money.


Wendy Sadoff Md Dermatology PC

2-10 employees

September 2018

Great value for money. Excellent service

Modernizing Medicine EMA is a dream to work with. It is user-friendly and designed in a way that is so simple to operate. The interface is specifically designed to highlight the important aspects and making working easier. The company has taken into account the frequency with which the system will be used and provided a product that increases efficiency and saves a ton of time.

It would be better if we could access relevant information regarding a report from within the report, for example when checking a patient report, rather than having the ability to review results from inside the report, you have to go through a few extra steps to access the information which is bit of a nuisance.



11-50 employees

September 2018

Does complete justice to the specialty. Best service on the market

The company is proactive and responsive, constantly working towards bettering their clients work experience. they listen to the complaints and suggestions and put them into consideration for upcoming upgrades. few wonderful features that come with the software include patient education, diagnostic codes, and counseling. the software personalizes your experience in a way that it integrates and tracks your procedures and appointments, keeps track of global periods. offers before/after images comparison which is very appreciated by patients. it makes charting super easy. works perfectly with both, windows and iOS.

The software can be perceived as costly but, in the end, it is worth the expense as it increases efficiency and generates more revenue. There are some things that could use improvements but I'm sure they will be taken care of in future updates. Some features should be customizable. Though, there aren't many negative points considering how much ease Modernizing Medicine has introduced in our clinical management experience.

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