Akero Software is a powerful marketing automation solution designed specifically for student-specialist marketers and recruiters. The application allows users to create and upload digital assets for social media, design programmatic campaigns, and improve marketing performance using a centralized interface. Its AI-powered platform lets marketers look at data points from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and other sites so they can make marketing plans that are likely to work. 

The digital platform offers end-to-end solutions to provide a seamless marketing layer between websites, advertising, and student CRMs. It helps global colleges and universities engage, reach, and enroll more students. Marketers can also use it for creating dedicated campaign landing pages, split tests, and online inquiry forms. 

Moreover, Akero supports GDPR compliance review, communication management, form analytics, benchmarking, and A/B testing features. Its data-driven interface also lets users improve the quality of their student inquiries, reach qualified audiences, and measure their overall performance through a single portal. 

Key Features 

Student Propensity 

The marketing automation platform gives users a holistic view of their most effective lead channels. To increase student enrollments, it combines artificial intelligence with a live student CRM. Marketers can also identify new market share opportunities, remove bottlenecks in the recruitment funnel, and track campaign performance in a single dashboard. 

Third-party Integrations 

 Akero Software supports integration with Zapier, which enables companies to connect the platform with third-party apps such as Pipedrive, Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Slate, and Ellucian PowerCampus. This allows marketers to expand the application's features and functionality. 

Improved Conversion 

Users can generate more enrollment inquiries from their website with the app’s personalized landing pages. It lets marketing teams keep track of how well these campaigns are doing in real time, customize the student experience with forms, and quickly answer each student's questions. 

Akero Pricing 

Akero campaign management system is available on monthly or annual subscriptions. However, the exact details of Akero's pricing have not been shared publicly by the vendor. Please click on the "Get Pricing" button above to get information about customized cost plans. 

Akero Demo  

Click the "Watch Demo" button on this page to book a live demonstration of the system’s key offerings. With the full Akero demo, you can get a good look at the app's core modules and see if it will work well for your college or university. 

Akero Reviews 

Akero marketing automation software has received positive user reviews across various accredited sites. Its AI-powered campaign management features, flexible user interface, and robust suite of performance monitoring solutions impressed reviewers. 

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Our Thoughts 

Akero Software is a dependable marketing automation platform that helps marketing departments across colleges and universities increase student enrollments, tailor advertising campaigns, and drive business growth. Overall, many subscribers like the solution, but before making a decision, we advise you to try out the app's demo version. 

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