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BugHerd software is a visual online feedback solution that helps users' teams and clients handle bugs, issues, and feedback. BugHerd allows people to see where the problem is and provides all of the technical details required to resolve it. It simplifies the collection and resolution of issues for both the client and the developer. Bugs can be reported immediately from the web page. 

BugHerd software is useful for marketing and internet companies because it allows them to handle big amounts of feedback without having to sift through spreadsheets or send many explanatory letters. Furthermore, internal agencies or departments find this technology to be a simple way to communicate with other departments, to receive feedback quickly and efficiently, and to reduce the number of feedback rounds required for approval. 

BugHerd Software Features

Feedback on the Page

BugHerd is a straightforward bug tracking and website feedback tool. By placing a translucent overlay on top of the user's website, users can instantly receive feedback. With a single point and click, BugHerd pins website feedback directly to page components. It is really simple to use for clients and the user team. With BugHerd, you may provide website feedback on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. Feedback is collected, together with technical details, to aid in the replication and resolution of any errors or difficulties. 

Task Force

BugHerd's Task Force Maintaining team awareness of what has to be done All feedback is collected and compiled so that no defects or concerns are overlooked, and team members are aware of what has been fixed and what remains to be done. The user can assign tasks to team members, comment on tasks for clarification, and view the information needed to resolve any potential faults, such as the client's operating system or browser. 

Task Specifications

Users create a feedback task in BugHerd, which records the browser, operating system, web page URL, and a screenshot of the page and adds it to the task. 

Public Feedback

BugHerd includes public input; however, its true strength is that it is meant to make it simple for customers and stakeholders to report bugs and issues or provide feedback throughout the design and development process. As a result, it improves collaboration among development teams on web projects. 


BugHerd is easy to install and configure, with the option of using a browser extension or adding a Java script snippet to a user's website. Integrate BugHerd with current tools and processes by linking it directly to GitHub, Slack, Basecamp, or Zapier to connect to over 1500 apps like as Trello, Asana, or Jira. 

BugHerd Pricing

Standard, premium, deluxe, and custom plans are available from BugHerd. To learn more about BugHerd pricing click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom price quote for your requirements.  

BugHerd Demo

Users can schedule a demo. Click on ‘Watch Demo’ to experience how BugHerd services and features can help you. 

BugHerd Reviews

Thousands of firms, including Yale, Hilton, Deloitte, HAVAS, and many more, have joined BugHerd. It was named G2 bug track high performance 2022, product management high performer 2022, Best Ease of Use 2021, Capterra, and many more accolades. It received 4.5 out of 5 stars from the Chrome Web Store, Capterra, G2, and TrustRadius, as well as a complete 5 stars from Google. 

Our Thoughts

BugHerd was created by web developers for web developers. It pins feedback and issues straight to website pages, exactly like a sticky note, including technical details like screenshots and browser and OS info. The improved communication among users, team members, designers, and clients has proven tremendously beneficial. Users can keep track of many projects at a glance thanks to the digest report emails that are automatically sent out without having to trawl through hundreds of emails. 

BugHerd Software Features


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does BugHerd support an API?

Yes, BugHerd has an API available for use.

Does BugHerd support mobile devices?

BugHerd is primarily designed for desktop websites, but you can still use it for mobile sites as well.

How does BugHerd function?

With the help of the visual website feedback tool BugHerd, you can more easily handle bugs, issues, and customer and team feedback. Like a sticky note, BugHerd enables customers and team members to submit feedback notes that include technical details like screenshots, browser, and operating system information.

What is BugHerd used for?

During the design, development, testing, and ongoing post-launch phases of websites and online apps, BugHerd, a bug tracking and feedback tool, assists you, your team, and your clients in finding bugs and offering comments.

What level of support does BugHerd offer?

The following support options are provided by BugHerd: Email, chat, the help desk, a knowledge base, and a forum.

What other apps does BugHerd integrate with?

BugHerd integrates with the following applications: Tiger CRM, BombBomb, Zenkit, Freshservice, Planview Portfolios, GitHub, Adobe Commerce, Todoist, Redmine, Dropbox Business, Webex, Insightly, HappyFox Help Desk, UserVoice, Paymo, Targetprocess, ActiveCampaign, Avaza, Mailchimp Transactional Email, Webflow, and so many more.

What types of pricing plans does BugHerd offer?

Unlock the full potential of this software and your organization by clicking the "get pricing" button above! Discover exclusive deals and bundles that are not only crafted specifically for your organizational needs, but also easy on your budget. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your organization to the next level.

Who are the typical users of BugHerd?

These are the typical clients of BugHerd: Large companies, mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and small businesses.

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