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ChartHop offers a unified platform for visualizing, planning, and analyzing all your people data in one place. Transform your HR processes and empower your teams with ChartHop. Explore it today.

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What Is ChartHop?


ChartHop is a cloud-based People Operations Platform designed to empower organizations through insights, alignment, and action. It caters to various industries, offering a comprehensive solution that provides a unified view of people data across the organization. ChartHop includes solutions for people analytics, org charting, headcount planning, compensation reviews, engagement, performance reviews, and recruiter experience.

What Is ChartHop Best For?

ChartHop software offers data-driven insights into an organization's people, teams, and culture. With ChartHop, companies gain a deeper understanding of their workforce, enabling informed decisions regarding talent development, succession planning, and organizational design.

ChartHop Pricing

The software offers various pricing options that cater to many organizations and their evolving needs. Request for a custom ChartHop cost.

ChartHop Integrations

The software integrates with third-party applications, including:

How Does ChartHop Work?

Here is how to start with the software:

  • Log in with your credentials and access the dashboard
  • Import and verify your organization’s people data
  • Set up the organization’s structure, including departments and teams
  • Analyze data using the visual tools
  • Optimize workforce planning with scenario analysis
  • Evaluate compensation scenarios and their impacts
  • Regularly update and maintain data
Watch a free ChartHop demo and learn about its capabilities.

Who Is ChartHop For?

ChartHop software is designed for many businesses, from small to large organizations. It caters to sectors, such as:

  • Tech Industry
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Is ChartHop Right For You?

Are you seeking a cloud-based platform to enhance transparency in your organization through visualizing people data? ChartHop could be the solution you're looking for. This software, prioritizing security and scalability, is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It seamlessly integrates with various HR tech platforms, offering a secure and scalable solution for managing and visualizing people data.

Are you still unsure whether the software is right for you based on the pros and cons of ChartHop? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070; they will help you make the best decision.

ChartHop Features

The platform provides organizations with insights into headcount, diversity, employee engagement, collaboration patterns, and team performance. It empowers companies to make informed decisions regarding talent development and organizational design.

This feature enables the creation and implementation of growth initiatives for employee headcount. You can also review members and structure to ensure alignment with your goals.

The software facilitates the collection and analysis of employee sentiment, inclusion, belonging, feedback, and other data. Visualize survey answers to better understand your employees.

ChartHop project management software allows you to create review cycles according to your requirements. It enables you to compare employee performance against peers, set budgets for each team, and more.

Pros and Cons of ChartHop


  • Comprehensive people data platform
  • Dynamic org chart visualization
  • Robust headcount planning
  • Clear compensation review guidelines


  • Interface may seem dated
  • Search function needs improvement
  • Learning curve for new users

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Feb 10, 2023

Easy to learn and quick to operate.


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I was amazed at how intuitive ChartHop is. I had never used a data management app before but I needed almost no training to operate ChartHop. It allows me to keep a track of pay adjustments over time and see the actual variation in real-time. It also keeps a record of all the performance reviews I have done and I can look at them whenever I want to. ChartHop provides a 360-degree dashboard that any employee can see. I also enjoy the org chart that is displayed.


The dashboard is cluttered with useless information like who joined the company recently or whose birthday is coming up. It is good for creating a caring community but that should be separate from work. I would like to have a separate employee-specific dashboard and then have something like a company’s home dash for all the other stuff. It is definitely not something to disregard the things ChartHop is good at. This is just my opinion and kind of a feature request, nothing more.

Frequently Asked Questions

ChartHop acts as a central hub for people ops by integrating various HR tech platforms, providing a unified view of people data across the organization.

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