Planisware Enterprise

What Is Planisware?


Planisware is a cloud-based project management software that provides comprehensive project and portfolio management solutions. Its user-friendly interface enables you to easily manage your projects, including tracking progress, monitoring resource utilization, and generating reports.  

Its two offerings, namely Planisware Orchestra and Planisware Enterprise, have been designed to help organizations maintain control of their project portfolios and maximize the potential of their resources. 

What Is Planisware Best For?

Planisware software is best known for its vast customization options. Furthermore, the software allows for the planning of projects and resource allocation in varying increments such as hours, percentage of full-time, or days. This information is then automatically communicated to the individuals responsible for task management and time reporting allocations. 

Planisware Pricing

Planisware pricing plans are flexible and depend on the needs of different organizations. However, the vendor does not disclose its pricing.  

Get a customized quote for your organization by clicking the "Get Pricing" button. 

Planisware Integrations

Planisware integrates with a range of third-party software. Their integrations are separated into the following categories: 

  • Productivity  
  • Financial Management 
  • Agile Delivery 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • HR Information Systems 
  • CRM 
  • IT & Enterprise Architecture 
  • User Administration 
  • Document Management 
  • Scheduling 
  • Engineering and Construction 
  • Product Lifecycle Management 
  • ETL 
  • Life Sciences 

Some of its many integrations are as follows: 

  • Salesforce 
  • MS Projects 
  • Deltek 
  • Windchill 
  • Talend 
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) 
  • Sharepoint 
  • Otka 
  • Oracle 
  • Jira 

How Does Planisware Work?

This section will act as a guide for you to get started with Planisware.  

  • Create a new project by clicking on the "New Project" button 
  • Define project parameters, such as its start and end dates, the project team, and any required resources 
  • Assign tasks to team members and track their progress 
  • Monitor resource utilization and adjust project plans as needed 
  • Generate reports to keep stakeholders informed about project progress and performance.  

For an in-depth look at how the software works, click the "Watch Demo" button. 

Who Is Planisware For?

Planisware is best suited for medium to large-sized organizations in the following industries:  

  • Aerospace & Defense 
  • Automotive 
  • Banking & Insurance 
  • Chemicals 
  • Energy 
  • Fast Moving Goods 
  • High-Tech 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Med Tech 

It is designed for project and portfolio managers who need to manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders and resources. 

Planisware Features

Planisware project management software features can help you streamline your project management processes and optimize resource allocation. Here are some of the many features that this software offers: 

Roadmapping And Budget Prioritization

Define clear strategic objectives and develop roadmaps that prioritize your budget. Simplify your progress by consolidating milestones and deliverables. Define budget dimensions to ensure your expectations align with your resources. 

Scenario Comparison And Optimization

Assess project ideas based on qualitative characteristics such as scorecards. It also includes quantitative measures like cash flow, NPV, and ECV. Choose a combination of projects for a well-balanced, high-value portfolio that aligns with the corporate strategy while adhering to budgetary and resource limitations.  
Use advanced techniques such as efficient frontier to develop investment scenarios and compare them against strategic priorities. Continuously fine-tune and optimize the strategy as the company's context changes. 

Resource Planning

The platform allows users to identify both over-allocated and under-utilized resources. In addition, it provides easy access to project priorities, what-if analysis tools, supply, demand, and actuals framework. This framework provides visibility into resource commitments, consumption, and project progress.  

Resource Estimates To Allocation

To improve the reliability of early phase estimates, use templates to create an initial resource demand. You can utilize Planisware's Parametric Estimation, Estimation by Analogy, or AI-based estimation tools to help fine-tune your team's forecasts. Use role-based workflows and resource-level forecasting reports to manage your workforce efficiently. 

Business Intelligence And Analytics

Analyze data in real-time using ad-hoc reporting and dynamic data analysis. Identify and solve issues by managing exceptions and drilling down to the appropriate level of detail. 

Is Planisware Right For You?

If you're looking for a project management solution that is scalable, secure, and flexible enough to meet the needs of your organization, then Planisware might be the right choice for you. It is a Scaled Agile Platform Partner, ISO 27001, and SAP Certified.  

Its popular clients include Philips, ABB, Schneider, Airbus, and many more.  

With Planisware, you can be assured that your data is secure, as the software has robust security measures to protect your information. Additionally, you can customize it to address your specific business requirements with add-ons and integrations. 

Planisware can fulfill your need for a centralized platform for project management. With a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards, Planisware simplifies teams’ collaboration and project tracking in real time. 

If unsure, why not schedule a Planisware demo and see the software in action? You can also contact our customer support team, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have, helping you make the best decision for your business. 

Planisware Pricing Plans

The vendor has not disclosed Planisware cost details.  

Planisware Enterprise Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Project tasks are easy enough to set up
  • Navigation and usability are simple and straightforward
  • A good tool for budget planning and setting appointment rules


  • Recording time increases for long sets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Planisware offer an API?

Yes, Planisware offers open REST API enabling seamless integrations.

How do you use Planisware?

It can be used for enterprise portfolio planning, portfolio planning, and financial planning, allowing you to estimate your costs. All of these tasks are attainable using Planisware.

How does Planisware work?

A client-side browser, an application server, and a database make up the three tiers of the three-tier architecture used by Planisware Enterprise to deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Is Planisware a CRM?

No. Planisware is not a CRM.

What is Planisware used for?

A fully functional cloud solution that helps stimulate collaboration, speed up project decision-making, and guarantee best practices throughout your entire firm.

What languages does Planisware support?

Planisware supports French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

What other apps does Planisware integrate with?

Planisware offers many integrations, including SAP, Oracle, Workday, Jira, Tableau, Salesforce, and many more.

What types of pricing plans does Planisware offer?

Planisware offers different pricing plans for different clientele. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote specially tailored for your enterprise requirements.

Who are the typical users of Planisware?

Planisware is best suited for medium to large-sized organizations in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Banking & Insurance, Chemicals, and more.

Planisware Enterprise Pricing

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