What Is Ruddr Software?


Ruddr is a comprehensive professional services automation platform. It helps teams of all sizes manage their projects and budgets, track time and expense, allocate resources, evaluate key performance indicators, and invoice clients. An intuitive user interface makes Ruddr easy for everyone, from small businesses to large enterprises. With its powerful features and customizable options, the software can help you streamline your operations and increase efficiency. 

What Is Ruddr Best For?

The software is best known for its project management features that help businesses and teams manage their projects from start to finish. The comprehensive tools include task tracking, resource allocation, budgeting, and reporting. Ruddr can also capture key operational data about clients for invoicing purposes, making it a comprehensive professional services platform. 

Ruddr Pricing

Ruddr software offers two pricing plans: Team and Pro. The Team plan offers all the basic features required to run a small firm at $12 per user, per month. The Pro plan includes advanced features and key performance indicators for scaling organizations. It costs $20 per user, per month.  

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Ruddr Integrations

Users can integrate Ruddr with a few third-party software solutions to extend its capabilities. These integrations include: 

  • BambooHR 
  • Slack 
  • QuickBooks Online 
  • Expensify 

How Does Ruddr Work?

Here’s how you can get started with Ruddr after installation: 

  • Log in with your credentials  
  • Create a workspace to track all your projects and manage your team 
  • Once you've created your workspace, you can add your team members to the platform 
  • Assign tasks, manage projects, and share files with your team 
  • Click the "Create New Project" button and fill in the details of your project, including the project name, start and end dates, and project description 
  • To track how much time you and your team spend on each task, use the built-in time tracker in Ruddr 
  • As your team works on tasks and completes them, you can monitor the progress of your project using Ruddr's real-time analytics 
  • Once your project is complete, you can bill your client or customer using Ruddr's built-in invoicing feature 

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Who Is Ruddr For?

As a versatile and flexible professional services automation platform, companies of all sizes can use Ruddr. Small to midsize teams and large enterprises can benefit from Ruddr for managing projects, resources, and invoices. 

Small businesses will find Ruddr user-friendly and affordable. It provides core project management tools that small businesses need to manage their projects effectively, and its real-time analytics can help project managers make informed decisions that drive growth. 

Ruddr project management software can be a great solution for managing multiple projects and teams for mid-sized companies. It offers advanced features like a project dashboard, automated reminders, resource allocation, and budget tracking, which can help project managers and their teams optimize their workflows. 

For large enterprises, Ruddr's scalability and customizability make it a valuable addition to their tech stack. Its integration with third-party tools like Slack and BambooHR allows seamless data exchange and enhances department communication and collaboration. 

In terms of industry, Ruddr is used by companies in various sectors such as engineering, management consultancies, legal, marketing, and advertisement. Moreover, Ruddr is best suited for companies that provide services to clients, making it ideal for professional services companies like law firms, accountants, and creative/marketing agencies.  

Ruddr Features

Project Management

The software offers comprehensive project management tools that allow users to create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and expenses, and communicate with team members. A project dashboard enables managers to evaluate performance via effective rate, services margin, and realization rate.  

Time Tracking

With Ruddr's built-in time tracking feature, users can easily track their time spent on tasks and projects. The intuitive timer and time entry forms are a couple of standout tools. Meanwhile, managers can send automated reminders if timers are left running. 


Ruddr helps users track and manage project budgets to stay on top of costs and avoid overspending. The budgeting feature includes customizable budget templates, expense tracking, and real-time budget data. 


Ruddr simplifies the invoicing process by providing customizable invoice templates, automatic time tracking and recognition of expenses, and quick access to billing in multiple currencies. Moreover, it allows users to use multiple payment gateways to collect client payments. 

Analytics And Reporting

Users can make data-driven decisions with powerful analytics and reporting features. They can get insights into project performance, resource usage, budget, profitability, revenue, etc. 

Resource Allocation

With Ruddr's resource management feature, managers can easily allocate resources to projects. This feature includes resource utilization charts, time-off tracking, and capabilities for managing subcontractors. 


Ruddr's collaboration features facilitate communication and collaboration among team members, enabling users to leave comments, attach files, and share updates. Its integrations with popular communication tools like Slack make working with teams in one place easy. 

Is Ruddr Right For You?

Ruddr is best suited for professional services companies and teams that must manage their projects, resources, and invoices in one place. The software's features and intuitive user interface make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and improve productivity. It offers a scalable solution and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. 

Ruddr Pricing Breakdown

  • Team
  • Pro
12 / month
20 / month
What’s included
(Team Plan Features)
What’s included
(Pro Plan Features)
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Time Tracking
  • Time Attachments
  • Timesheets
  • Expense Tracking
  • Billing
  • Utilization Tracking
  • Disciplines
  • Standard Reports
  • Holiday Schedules
  • Integrations
  • API
  • All Team Plan Features
  • Multistep Approval Workflow
  • Resource Allocations
  • Practices
  • Client Approvals
  • Workspace and Client Rate Cards
  • Manual Revenue Recognition
  • Forecast and Variance Reporting
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Dedicated Customer Support Representative 

Ruddr Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Scalable
  • API access
  • In-built billing


  • Multi-language support not available
  • Limited integrations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ruddr offer an API?

API access is available.

Does Ruddr support mobile devices?

There is no indication that Ruddr is compatible with mobile devices.

What other apps does Ruddr integrate with?

It can integrate with Slack, BambooHR, Expensify, and QuickBooks Online.

What type of pricing plans does Ruddr offer?

Ruddr offers two pricing plans: Team and Pro. The Team plan offers all the basic features required to run a small firm at $12 per user, per month. The Pro plan includes advanced features and key performance indicators for scaling organizations. It costs $20 per user, per month.

Who are the typical users of Ruddr?

Small to midsize teams and large enterprises can benefit from Ruddr. Companies in various sectors such as engineering, management consultancies, legal, marketing, and advertisement can use it.

Ruddr Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

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