Runn is a cloud-based time and resource management platform that makes it easy to plan, schedule, and manage your projects and teams. With powerful forecasting capabilities and real-time visibility into your business health, it helps you streamline operations and stay on top of your goals. You can also use Runn's time-tracking tools to better understand your actual versus planned time spent and to track how well your projects are progressing. 

Runn integrates with various popular time tracking, billing, and project management tools, including Harvest, WorkflowMax, and Clockify. Plus, with Runn's API, you can easily build your integration to connect with other tools that are critical to your business. Whether you need to plan for the short or long term, Runn software makes it easy to manage your projects and teams with efficiency and clarity. 

Key Features 

Resource Scheduling 

Runnable project management software makes scheduling and managing your human resources easy. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and real-time reporting, you can quickly determine how many hours your team has left to work on each project and stay on top of your deadlines. 

Capacity Management 

The Runn capacity planning tools provide detailed visibility into your projects' time and resources. You can use these tips to schedule and manage your teams well and make sure you are always making the best use of your resources. 

Collaboration Tools 

The system allows you to easily share files and discuss tasks with your team. Plus, each project has a dedicated chatroom where you can collaborate in real-time. It also integrates with popular third-party tools for further seamless collaboration. 


Businesses utilize forecasting tools to anticipate fluctuations in demand and stay ahead of the curve. With Runn, you can automatically predict how much work you will have in the future and adjust how your resources are used to match. 

Runn Pricing 

Runn offers multiple plans based on your team size. Click on the "Get Pricing" button, and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you within 24 hours with a custom quote. 

Runn Demo 

Want to see the Runn project management tool in action? Click on the "Watch Demo" button, and one of our customer care experts will contact you shortly with a live demo of the system. The system also offers a free trial and a free version for all its premium features. 

Runn Reviews 

The solution has received many positive reviews, with users praising its ease of use, powerful reporting capabilities, and integration with third-party tools. Users also commented that Runn is an affordable solution for small and growing businesses. You can read more Runn software reviews in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

If you're looking for a powerful and easy-to-use project management tool that integrates seamlessly with other time tracking, billing, and productivity tools, Runn is worth a look. Its intuitive interface and powerful forecasting capabilities make it easy to plan and manage your projects and teams efficiently and clearly. Whether you're a growing business or an established company, give Runn a try today and see the difference it can make for your organization! 

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