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Struggling with resource allocation? Teambook software offers a streamlined solution. It provides an intuitive platform for visual planning, team scheduling, and robust analysis. Explore the innovative ways to manage your team’s time and skills. Explore Teambook features to overcome your company’s resource allocation challenges.

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What Is Teambook?


Teambook is a cloud-based project resource planning software that optimizes the utilization of your team’s time and skills. It caters to the needs of fast-paced organizations, particularly those in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.

Additionally, the platform enables users to manage and schedule operational resources. It also provides a dedicated time-off management feature that allows you to deal with time-off such as maternity leave, sick leave, and holidays.

What Is Teambook Best For?

The software is known for its visual planning and scheduling capabilities. It provides an overview of your team’s workload, allowing you to see who is available and when. Teambook enables efficient resource allocation and ensures that no member of your team is over or under-utilized.

Teambook Pricing

The following are the pricing plans:

  • Free - $0/month
  • Small - $49/month
  • Medium - $79/month
  • Large - $99/month
Request a custom Teambook cost according to your organization's size and needs to get the most affordable pricing plans.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Teambook Integrations

The software integrates with the following third-party applications:

How Does Teambook Work?

Here is how you can start with the software:

  • Log in to your account using your credentials
  • Create new projects, allocate resources, and assign projects to your team
  • Visualize your plan to an overview of your consultants' workload
  • Monitor time spent on each project and optimize the utilization of your employees
  • Analyze capacity planning and eliminate guesswork
  • Automatically synchronize the calendars
Watch a free Teambook demo and learn about its functionalities.

Who Is Teambook For?

Teambook is designed for businesses of varying sizes, including small startups and large organizations. It is utilized by the following:

  • Project managers
  • Consultants
  • Executives

Is Teambook Right For You?

Are you seeking a project resource planning solution that offers visual planning, fast booking, capacity planning, time tracking, and robust analysis? If so, Teambook might be the right choice. It uses secure cloud-based technology to protect your data and is highly scalable to meet the needs of your growing team.

Still unsure if Teambook is right for you? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, who will help you make the best decision.

Teambook Features

This functionality provides an overview of your organization’s activities. It helps you optimize the utilization of your team’s time and skills. The software also allows for better project management. It lets you identify potential constraints and reallocate resources as needed.

With Teambook, you can book single or multiple units simultaneously while tracking your project budget. If uncertain about the timing of the work, consider initially marking the bookings as tentative and subsequently confirming them at your convenience. You can also update your bookings for accurate project planning.

The software offers a unique 24-month horizon that allows you to run smart staffing analysis and simulations. It helps organizations forecast future staffing needs, ensuring you are always prepared for upcoming projects.

The Teambook ensures that the actual hours spent on projects are logged and approved. It facilitates billing processes and safeguards against the loss of any billable hours. Providing a clear record of work hours helps maintain transparency with clients and within the team.

Pros and Cons of Teambook


  • Efficient capacity planning
  • Accurate time tracking
  • Visual planning tool
  • Cloud-based accessibility
  • Enables users to manage billable projects and time-offs efficiently


  • Occasional minor bugs
  • Customer care can be improved
  • Learning curve for new users is the main weak point, according to some Teambook reviews

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The vendor offers the following Team pricing plans: Free ($0/month), Small ($49/month), Medium ($79/month), and Large ($99/month). All plans offer similar features, including unlimited users and clients, security, and unlimited client support. The Teambook price differs based on the number of projects.

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