Zenkit Software

What Is Zenkit?


Zenkit is a cloud-based software that provides various productivity and collaboration tools. It is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Zenkit is designed to help businesses of all sizes organize their data and streamline their processes.

With the software, users can manage their projects from start to finish with project management, task management, knowledge management, and digital transformation tools. Zenkit aims to help users and their teams be as productive as possible by providing simple tools for every aspect of their workday. Its strength lies in the deep integration of its apps, which all share a single platform.

What Is Zenkit Best For?

Zenkit software is best known for its flexibility and adaptability. It offers a range of tools that can be customized to fit the needs of any business, from startups to enterprises.

One of its unique features is its deep integration of all its apps, which all share a single platform. This allows users to benefit from various tools covering topics such as digitalization, knowledge management, task management, team chat and collaboration, and no-code form building.

Its true power comes from the seamless interaction between its apps, making it easy for users to manage their data and collaborate with their teams. Zenkit has also been recognized for its user-friendly interface and excellent user experience. The software aims to help users and their teams be as productive as possible by providing simple tools for every aspect of their workday.

Zenkit Pricing

The software offers various Zenkit pricing plans suitable for various organizations, including:

  • Personal - $0
  • Plus - $9/user/month
  • Business - $25/user/month
  • Enterprise - Customized

Zenkit pricing is based on several factors, including organization type, size, and needs. Click on Get Pricing to get a customized quote.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Zenkit Integrations

The software integrates with various third-party applications, including:

  • Asana
  • 10to8
  • Box
  • ClickTime
  • Slack
  • TimeCamp
  • Status Hero
  • PompDoneApp

How Does Zenkit Work?

Following are steps to get started with Zenkit project management:

  • Upon logging in, set up the workspace by choosing the tools and features needed for the business
  • Invite team members to join the workspace and collaborate on projects and assign tasks
  • Navigate the dashboard to access different tools and features to gain deeper insight
  • Customize the workspace by adding or removing tools and features as needed
  • Use the built-in templates to quickly set up new projects and tasks

For a detailed demonstration of features and functionality, click the Watch Demo to access comprehensive video tutorials of Zenkit demo.

Who Is Zenkit For?

Zenkit is a comprehensive software that can help businesses in a variety of areas, including:

  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • IT
  • Hospitals

Zenkit Features

Here are the main key features of the software:

  • Advanced Reports

Zenkit software offers advanced reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate meaningful insights on all their projects. With over 720 combinations to choose from, users can create custom reports that provide the information they need to make informed decisions. The automated reporting system can be tailored to fit the user's needs, providing detailed information on project progress, resource allocation, and more.

  • Global Kanban

This feature offers global Kanban boards, allowing users to gather all project tasks for a superior overview. This feature makes it easy for users to see the big picture and understand how their projects progress. The global Kanban boards visually represent project tasks, making it easy for users to track progress and identify bottlenecks.

  • Resource Planning

With this feature, users can also plan their resources more effectively. The resource planning feature lets users see and understand their team’s capabilities overall projects, helping them allocate resources more efficiently. This feature provides detailed information on team member availability, workload, and skill sets, allowing users to make informed decisions when assigning tasks.

  • Switch Views

It allows users to switch between different views of their data, including Table, Kanban, Gantt, List, Mindmap, and Calendar. This feature makes the structured system easy for users to see their data in the best way. Each view provides a different perspective on project data, allowing users to choose the view that best fits their needs.

  • Real-Time Collaboration

The software supports real-time collaboration, allowing users to invite colleagues, freelancers, and co-workers to collaborate with them on their projects. This feature makes it easy for teams to work together and stay on the same page. With real-time collaboration, team members can communicate, and file sharing improves productivity and reduces the risk of miscommunication.

  • Global Search

With this feature, users can quickly find anything within the platform using the integrated global search. This feature makes locating the necessary information easy without navigating through multiple menus or screens. The global search is fast and efficient, providing users with instant access to the necessary information.

Is Zenkit Right For You?

Are you looking for a flexible and adaptable project management tool that can help you streamline your processes and improve collaboration? If so, Zenkit might be the perfect solution for you.

It is trusted by popular clients such as American Red Cross, Intel, IBM, Walmart, and FedEx. The software is also committed to security and scalability. All data is secured and stored within EU servers (Germany), and Zenkit is EU GDPR compliant. The platform is designed to scale your business, allowing you to add or remove tools and features as needed.

In addition to its core features, Zenkit users are offered a range of add-ons to help them solve specific challenges. For example, Zenkit’s resource planning feature can help you allocate resources more efficiently, while its global Kanban boards provide a superior overview of all your projects.

Still not sure if Zenkit is right for you? Contact our customer support team at (661) 384-7070, who will help you make the best decision and also check the reviews and user ratings.

Zenkit Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Plus
  • Business
  • Enterprise
0 / month
9 / month
25 / month

(Free Plan Features)
(Free + Plus Plan Features)
(Plus + Business Plan Features)
(Business + Enterprise Plan Features)
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Gantt Chart
  • Access Control
  • Password Restrictions
  • User Roles
  • Email-to-Task
  • Theme Customization
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Fields
  • User Group Management
  • Provisioning (SCIM)
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Activity Auditing
  • Advanced Gantt Features
  • Advanced Identification Management
  • Custom API Limits
  • Dedicated Success Management

Zenkit Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Time Tracking




File Sharing


Data Visualization


Task Management


Customizable Workflows


Project Templates


Issue Tracking




Resource Allocation


Activity Tracking




Project Scheduling


Task Dependencies


Mobile App





  • Cloud-based accessibility 
  • Seldom Customer Service Shortfalls, according to some Zenkit reviews 
  • Free plan available 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Zenkit offer an API?

Yes, the software has an API available for use.

Does Zenkit support mobile devices?

Yes, the software supports mobile devices.

What language does Zenkit support?

Zenkit is available in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

What other apps does Zenkit integrate with?

The software integrates with various third-party applications, including Asana, 10to8, Box, ClickTime, Slack, TimeCamp, Status Hero, and PompDoneApp.

What types of pricing plans does Zenkit offer?

The software has various pricing plans suitable for different organizations. Zenkit cost for the Personal plan is free, the Plus plan costs $9 per user per month, the Business plan costs $25 per user per month, and the Enterprise plan is customized to fit the needs of larger organizations. Click Get Pricing.

Who are the typical users of Zenkit?

Zenkit suite is a versatile software that can help businesses in various areas, including marketing, human resources, IT, and hospitals.

Zenkit Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Zenkit Software reviews

Overall Rating

14 Reviews


Zenkits Impressive Capabilities

April 2023


Non-Profit Organization Management

My experience with Zenkit has been truly remarkable. This tool manages to strike a balance between being feature-rich and user-friendly. Its array of fields and options surpass those of its competitors, providing enhanced versatility and practicality.
While Zenkit excels in task management, its not as well-suited for handling larger projects.

Perfect for research project management

January 2023

Arthur C.

Project management

Zenkit has an incredibly flexible interface that makes it the perfect tool for working with team members with various technical backgrounds. What I like the most is that any data can be structured the way I like, and all the information is then arranged just as I want it to be. It feels natural to use Zenkit for my projects.
The mind map representation differs slightly from that found in mind mapping software; however, this difference appears to be primarily the result of web-based limitations.

Good tracking software with a simple UI.

December 2022

Elizebeth J.


I love using it to track client projects and my business expenses. I save receipts and other documents and control my work calendar. All the data is safely available on both my desktop and phone. Zenkit is quite reasonably priced and modern. New users will find blogs and video tutorials to be especially helpful.
I am paying for the “Plus” plan which only gets me 6GB of storage while when I used the free trial, I had 1GB. The storage size jump is not as much as it should’ve been. Even Google provides more storage than this for free.

A Robust Project Management Solution

November 2022


Large Enterprise

Zenkit stands out as a commendable project management application, fostering efficient collaboration and progress tracking among professionals. Im particularly fond of its minimalistic yet effective interface.
Users new to the platform might require some time to grasp its full potential.

Enhancing Project Timeliness

November 2022


Computer Software

In my experience, Zenkit has proven to be highly functional in project tracking. It facilitated the development and presentation of my projects, contributing to on-time delivery.
The complexity of the user interface can be overwhelming, leading to a challenging and exhausting experience.

Great Collaboration Tool for Remote Teams

September 2022


Computer Software Team

Zenkit is the best collaborative tool Ive come across for managing tasks with remote teams. Its clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to use and promotes efficient teamwork.
I would appreciate the ability to personalize the color scheme.

Efficient Work Management with Agile Methodologies

May 2021


Apparel & Fashion

While the mobile application is functional, it does have recurring performance issues.

Efficient Team Project Organization

September 2020


Small Business

Our department relies on Zenkit to effectively organize our weekly meetings and manage multiple projects. It aids in task tracking and facilitates a systematic approach, enhancing overall productivity.
It would be beneficial to have background customization options available within the free plan.

Seamless Remote Team Collaboration

September 2020


Computer Software

Our distributed remote team greatly benefits from Zenkits capabilities. Its undoubtedly the best collaborative tool Ive encountered for task management with remote teams. The interfaces cleanliness and intuitiveness are noteworthy.
One minor drawback is the inability to personalize the color scheme, which could enhance the user experience further.

Unparalleled Configurability and Data Relations

September 2020



Zenkits highly configurable interface makes it an ideal platform for collaborating with team members possessing diverse technical backgrounds. Im particularly impressed by its ability to establish relational data, akin to a relational database, and the freedom to structure data as needed.
The representation of mindmaps might differ slightly from conventional mind-mapping software due to certain limitations in web components.

Seamless Transition and Integration

August 2020


Individual User

Transitioning from Wunderlist to Zenkit was a satisfying experience. The ability to import existing files, lists, schedules, and archives seamlessly allowed me to maintain continuity in my routines.
Adapting to Zenkits system for repeat tasks has proven slightly challenging, impacting my ability to handle daily, weekly, or monthly tasks effortlessly.

Diverse Views with Ongoing Improvements

August 2020


Small Business

Zenkit offers a variety of views that cater to different needs. The platforms ongoing performance improvements are particularly commendable and demonstrate the teams dedication.
Occasional suboptimal performance, especially within the app, has been observed. However, Im optimistic about the teams future updates addressing this concern.

Simplified Customization and User-Friendly Templates

August 2020


Information Technology and Services

Zenkit stands out as a remarkably user-friendly platform with customizable templates. This adaptability enhances its overall usability and aids in optimizing workflow.
While Zenkits data export options are satisfactory, having more advanced choices and reporting capabilities would enhance its value further.

An Honest Appraisal

August 2020


Media Production

Zenkit delivers a satisfying desktop experience, offering an all-encompassing solution that proves pleasing to use.
The usability of the app falls short, particularly in terms of disruptive reminders. This drawback hampers the overall usability and effectiveness.

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