Quest Diagnostics EHR underwent a name change, so Care360 is now known as Quanum EHR. Quest provides a range of services, of which this cloud-based EHR is one. It's fully mobile so physicians and their patients can access it from anywhere.

This brand has won awards in the past few years, impressing users, especially as a solution for single physician practices. However, it is practical for a range of health niches. The company is MACRA and CMS certified. Quanum (managed by Quest Diagnostics) focuses on helping medical professionals manage lab testing and reports more effectively. There's also ePrescribing and EPA (electronic prior authorization) features and analytics come standard, so you'll pick up on trends faster.

Developed by Quest Diagnostics, the Quest Diagnostics EHR automates tasks such as prescribing, scheduling, charting, billing, documenting, lab management, and more. Healthcare practices across the globe rely on this system to increase their efficiency and productivity. Quanum helps practitioners improve the accuracy of treatment and diagnoses while increasing a practice's traffic and revenue. The EHR platform provides easy to use yet powerful tools to help providers get testing done on time and stay organized with their treatment plans. 

Quanum EHR Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a price quote by clicking on ‘Get Pricing’ Button.

Quanum Support: Quest Diagnostics EHR offers support via phone and email.

Quanum EHR USP: The software’s patient portal ‘MyQuest' allows physicians to send and receive messages, digitally record communications with patients, and keep patient-visit notes.

Free Trial: Yes.

Quanum EHR Advantages: It offers multi-system interoperability - connects primary care practices with hospital organizations, allowing users to send and receive patient information. 

Quanum EHR Limitations: It does not offer a robust billing system. There are no customized templates. The software does not support integration with other labs, except Quest Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics EHR

Quest Diagnostics EHR reviews

Overall Rating

20 Reviews



Doctors united

51-200 employees

March 2019

Great value for money. Very adaptable.

The system layout is designed to facilitate maximum ease of use. It is flexible and simple. Does not need too many steps to fulfill a task. Built-in storage for lab results which patients can access through their portals at any given time. the software is compatible with PC and phones both which allows me to get so much work done outside of the clinic as well. Would definitely recommend more physicians to use this!

I haven’t come across anything I do not like about Care360. Best service for my practice.


Catherine Kirchner M.D. P.A.

2-10 employees

March 2019

Care360 for Physicians

Quest Quanum is simple and good for people who are just getting started with your first EMR system. The software interface is quite basic and easy to learn to operate considering they provide you with no further help or client support.

There have been times when the system goes out of order and leaves you completely stranded. Causes so much trouble during clinic hours, wastes time and loss of patient data. They don’t even leave you with any offline archives' backup. Only a small window that states there’s a problem that might take them some time to resolve. Along with it, a superfluous apology. And that’s all you get from them for wasting your whole day with nothing to go on, no alternative solution but the old-fashioned paper-pen. There is no customer support whatsoever and if you want them to come on-site to help set up the system, they ask you to pay for them for their tickets and related expenses.


Partners in Family Practice

11-50 employees

February 2019

Easy to navigate

A simple interface with no cluttering. Data is easily accessible. No excessive clicks required. We use a plug-in bridge that helps pull out the relevant patient data from the EHR system.

Customer service at quest diagnostics is poor. When you are connected, they keep redirecting your call to several other operators to get to the one who might help you resolve your issue. Entering information for new patients into the system is a time-consuming process because it does not bridge unless directly entered into the system.


Moffitt Cancer Center

5001-10000 employees

December 2018

Promising service with a simple layout

The layout is so well laid out that anyone can operate the system with minimal to no prior training. Integration of the EHR with the Lab reports is very useful, requesting and receiving labs at any time is super easy for both patients and physician.

The company offers only a limited number of functionalities. There is very little room for customization compared to other competitor products on the market. All in all, Quest diagnostics does justice to the services it does provide.


Blackford dental

51-200 employees

July 2018

Quick and fast software

Simple to access patients data and reports.

I had no issues with the software. Pretty smooth sailing till now.



2-10 employees

July 2018

Average service, when it works

Easy to issue e-prescriptions. Working simple and hassle-free. But if there is an error, it messes up the whole balance and is very difficult to fix. They do not offer a lot of customization options but those that are there are helpful to a certain degree.

Every time they overhaul or relocate a server, even at times when they don't, we have issues. We have had constrained to no access now for 2 work days. not even a read-only archive. At the point when this framework goes down, you can't get to records, prescriptions, warnings, lab reports or anything. furthermore, in the event that you have gone paperless, you are in a bad way. This previous year has been the most noticeably bad of numerous years. What's more, in the event that you don't pay more to update, you can't even continue doing MIPS or anything. The cost increases and service worsens.


Saleem Mir,MD

2-10 employees

June 2018

Awful software

The software is relatively cheap but there are no positive features in it. Quality comes at a price.

The software has no back up mechanism and has inactive customer support service which ultimately affects the users productivity.



2-10 employees

August 2017

Waste of money

The Quanum quest system works quite decent when everything is fine. But that’s not lasting. It does let you document your charting notes. Good for storing patient data including charts and lab results.

A total scam for a system. Customer service is a joke. They offer no help and are very unprofessional. They misguide you saying that you can add your own templates when you can’t. The system shuts down way too often due to maintenance issues. They use a third-party provider Kareo, for scheduling which is even worse than Care360. It never integrates with the system information regarding reports and labs. To do it manually is too much hassle.


Woodhaven Family Medicine

2-10 employees

August 2017

Great software, fit forall specialities

Easy reporting, fast, user friendly and it makes my operations efficient andsmooth.

I needed assistance from my internal IT department for risk stratification. No issues with the software and its features.



2-10 employees

July 2017

Worst software

Reasonable IPad app with customizable features.

The customer support service is very poor and non-cooperative. Extra charges for support.

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