Quickbase is a project management application that empowers businesses to identify risks and defects in their operation to target continuous improvement. It brings information, people, schedules, and workflows on a single platform which is supported by cloud-based servers. The software is unlike traditional solutions and you can build your own unique processes and customize preferences with no-code requirements. 

The solution allows users to build applications so they manage all their internal operations with ease. Start with the built-in templates or build them from scratch using the simple database options. The software is completely functional and only requires drag and drop or point and click actions to create processes. Quickbase facilitates the pulling of information from third-party ERP or CRM systems. Creating dashboards is easy and the dynamic interfaces are updated in real-time. 

Quickbase provides customers a chance to tailor their processes and it is a partner in application creation for problem solvers and IT professionals. 

Quickbase Pricing: Quickbase offers several software solutions starting at $600 per month. The packages differ in the number of custom apps they support. Buyers can opt for annual billing and also avail the 30-day free trial which does not require credit card details either.  

Quickbase Project Management Pros: Creating applications is very easy and there is a straightforward help wizard to guide with the process. Users do not need prior coding experience and can automate workflows by filling out forms. It can integrate with third-party apps and there are tutorials guides to make the experience much smoother. 

Quickbase Project Management Cons: The user interface is outdated and the lack of intuitiveness in the interface makes it less appealing than alternative options. Quickbase does not have a native mobile app either and their customer support is very slow. 

Highlighted Features 

No-Code Custom Apps: Build secure apps by simply uploading spreadsheets or copying data from other systems using the clipboard option. Users have the option to create interactive maps with features that can map out business processes. They can use the visual app builder without any coding expertise. There are options to select required fields, arrange them according to priority and add text or design elements according to the brand image. These apps can be connected with other cloud-based services and use personal data to connect two systems. There are sync options to import and export data as well. Quickbase creates HTML5 apps that can be accessed from any browser or operating system.  

Automated Workflows: The software allows team members to connect with each other instantly and also informs relevant people if any changes are made to the data. Users get email notifications reminding them of action items and pending tasks. There are also options to send regular update reports to managers, team leaders or stakeholders. 

Cross Collaboration: It is very easy to share data with internal personnel as well as external partners, customers and other interested parties. The task management option allows users to assign roles and permissions to all other members. They can restrict certain information from employees and store it securely. Users have the option to boost productivity and speed up their tasks with custom dashboards. Each person can view the information that is relevant to them at a glance and streamline their activities.  

Easy Integration: The Sync option helps users connect with other cloud-based apps like Zendesk, Salesforce and import CSC files. The external data is imported to the Quickbase app so users can work without delay. There are solution providers that help set up services and pre-built add-ons which facilitate integration with popular project management and productivity applications.

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