Top 10 Project Management Software & Tools for 2023​​


These days, most project managers complain that the variety of PM solutions on the market always end up leaving them in a constant state of perplexity. As a work-streamlining aficionado, do you also feel the same?  

If yes, what if we short-listed the top project management software available in 2023 for your subscription consideration?  

Also, when starting with the researching endeavor, you should choose a solution that adopts innovative technologies to boost your workflow efficiency.  

Here’s a list of the top 10 project management software guaranteed to up your game over the competition – pay in gold dividends (and we mean this quite literally)! 

Top 10 Project Management Solutions [Circa 2022-2023]

Scoro Software 

Scoro software is an end-to-end work management solution designed for streamlining the project workflow of agencies and organizations. The program:

  • Simplifies quoting, manages bids, and optimizes utilization techniques 
  • Keeps projects organized and works as a single database for professionals with a wealth of integrations 
  • Tracks the finances of companies like a pro, cutting down the administrative workload 

Cost: The price range of Scoro software starts from $33/user/month.  

SmartSheet Software 

SmartSheet is a modern-day task management software geared to facilitate flawless portfolio management to help its deploying firms work efficiently. The application is known for its: 

  • Flexible dashboard feature to capture data insights, record project progress, and manage project schedules timely.  
  • Ability to drive firms to growth by assigning dedicated marketing, IT, and operational executives for better portfolio management.  
  • Data assets, secure requests, resource and process management. 

Cost: The cost range of SmartSheet software starts from just $7/user/month. 

Workzone Software 

Workzone is a highly accredited project management software that handles project workflows reliably. It effortlessly: 

  • Deploys robust tools to assure uninterrupted customer support. 
  • Revolutionizes account management with Gantt Charts and prevents projects from falling behind.  
  • Allows for seamless collaboration, offers built-in reporting modules, sets user permissions, and nurtures fast communication.  

Cost: The Workzone software subscription cost starts from $200/month/user.

ProWorkflow Software 

ProWorkflow makes for an all-round ‘adored’ PM solution on account of its intuitive nature. It is one of the best project management software currently available geared toward boosting workflow efficiency. Its varied suite of features helps: 

  • Unite teams with robust solutions by assigning tasks, tracking timelines, and quoting invoices.  
  • Pursue filework automation and accounting integrations.  
  • Conduct banding, reporting, resource management, and projects workload overview.  

Cost: ProWorkflow software offers plans starting from $18/month/user.  

GanttPRO Software 

GanttPRO PM software offers a one-size-fits-all solution for tackling a wide gamut of workflow automation processes – boosting the rate of project deliverables. It facilitates with: 

  • Building project timelines, tracking workflow, and meeting deadlines.  
  • Controlling project expenses, arranging collaboration, and creating instant templates.  
  • Gantt chart and board views consolidation for imparting prompt insights into projects’ progress for nurturing a better workspace.  

Cost: Free; starts at $7.99/user/month.  

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Redbooth Software 

Redbooth is a flexible time-tracking PM software designed to help clients meet project deadlines; deemed the ‘most suitable’ workflow-streamlining utility for busy teams. The program works wonders in: 

  • Organizing project information and connecting teams for faster workflow processing.  
  • Assuring teamwork that scales by keeping all members on board with its static visual representation of project workflows.  
  • Tracking multiple tasks simultaneously and enabling clients to score more profitable projects by working smart.  

Cost: Redbooth software plans subscription starts from as low as $9/month.

Clarizen Software 

Clarizen is an intact plan view solution designed for enterprise-level project handling. This adaptable tool improves the bottom line of organizations; helping: 

  • Clients spend less time aggregating project information and more time on the ground work (through minute, interactive, data centralization).  
  • Users productively enhance collaborations with stakeholders by allowing them to look into project dashboards.  
  • Project managers boost productivity with data-driven resources and financial management workspaces.  

Cost: Clarizen software subscription costs aren’t publicly available – but you can gain a good estimate/ballpark figure for custom organizational implementation by reaching out to our friendly customer reps on the helpline number above (page top-right 👆👉)

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Mavenlink Software 

Mavenlink is a project automation software that helps organizations unleash their true potential by leveraging data insights on a repeat, on-going, basis. The utility:  

  • Serves clients best by optimizing staff effectiveness via a tacit understanding of firms’ operational needs.  
  • Offers the ‘best, industry-acclaimed’ screen time with impeccable resource management, endless predictability, and success-geared quoting techniques.  
  • Integrates data, automates workflows, optimizes allocations, projects visibility, and allows for accurate estimate forecasting.  

Cost: The cost range of Mavenlink software is not publicly available but you can contact us directly to get a quote (number above; page top-right 👆👉).


Freedcamp is an intelligent PM software that effortlessly handles the entire project management cycle – from ‘ideation firsts’ down to the ‘end finish’. It adds to the skillset of high-performing teams with its core suite of features that include: 

  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts so managers can get a bird’s eye view of project tasks, dragging them to completion efficiently.  
  • Task management services that enable professionals to keep crucial project data to themselves and create sub-task lists for smoother process handling.  
  • Services like ‘Issue Tracker’, ‘Milestones’, ‘Calendar View’, widget boards, and white labels to manage projects in a simplistic manner.  

Cost: The Pro plan costs just $1.49/month/per user. Freedcamp also offers a cost-free bundle! 

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Freshdesk Software 

Freshdesk is an ideal software for scoring more leads along with enabling ‘delightful’ (in the words of many reviewers) customer experiences. It breeds meaningful conversations through a developmental aesthetic designed to value clients’ time via: 

  • Managing sales channels with SLA management, a ‘Ticket Field Suggester’, scenario automation, and ticket-status tracker.  
  • Resolving issues with services like team huddles, linked tickets, and parent-child tickets to sort complexities before they get out of hand.  
  • Field force management by featuring effective dashboards, mobile field-tracking, time tracking, and customer signature functionalities.  

Cost: Free; starts at $25/user/month for paid, all-features-access, bundles.  

In Summation... 

Your choice of PM tool subscription largely boils down to the constrains of your organizational size and budgetary considerations. Further, a good way to size up how a certain utility would fare in your workflow setting would be to sign-up for its demo offering – easily attainable through this platform (simply follow the links inserted above under each software section to start streaming).

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