Workzone is a project management software that includes features for project collaboration, document management, customized reporting, resource management, task assignment, and time tracking. It is a cloud-based tool and provides users with automated email reports including project updates and recent status reports. Users can access Workzone from any web browser on their Mac or PC computers. The project management software is hosted on secure cloud servers and continuous backing maximizes data security and redundancy.  

This is one of the most professional web-based project management systems on the market and it offers the perfect balance between sophistication and functionality. The intuitive interface creates a smooth user experience and makes the tool a great resource for teams with diverse backgrounds and different levels of project management expertise. Workzone has achieved the right balance between casual project management and enterprise solutions making it the right option for technical and non-technical users. 

Workzone can link tasks and assign dependency labels to make collaboration easier. It aligns the due dates and uses productivity levels to calculate when the next dependent task will be completed. The project follows a sequence and becomes streamlined. The software notifies all relevant persons about the schedule and makes sure the task is completed on time and in the right order. The software has a secure file-sharing system where users can send and receive documents. It is web-based and manages multiple versions of files with their own permissions, access, and user roles. 

Workzone Pricing: Workzone offers subscription packages starting at a rate of $200/month. The total costs depend on the number of users and the price goes down when you increase the users. The vendors generate quotes according to the client’s organizational structure. They do not have a free version but a free trial is available for interested businesses.  

Workzone Project Management Pros: The developers are aware that it is more than just a project management software and promotes the adoption of new processes. They encourage employees to adopt new practices and change the company culture with their functionality. The software also provides constant technical support and has many helpful online resources. 

Workzone Project Management Cons: Workzone has been around for 18 years and they have tried to adapt to the new trends but lack the exciting features newer competitors offers. Although they have perfected their features over the years, they lack the intuitiveness and functionality of their alternatives. Editing task dates or batch selecting items are some examples of options that set users back. 

Highlighted Features 

Single Dashboard: There is a single project dashboard on Workzone’s console through which users can see the progress and status of all ongoing projects. It allows users to review their schedules, requests meetings, and make sure all team members are on the same page. Users are able to view the bigger picture with just one click. 

Task Lists: Create dynamic to-do lists with the Workzone cross-project view. Everyone working on the project can view the targets they have to achieve for any given day. They can update their lists and the changes will reflect in everyone else’s task view as well. Project managers find it easier to track progress and assign new tasks. 

Built-in Templates: Workzone comes with a variety of project templates that can be used to create a new project. Users can save their customizations for later use and copy them for similar assignments. The software provides an overview of the project schedule beginning from the start date. It also has the option to work backward from a deadline. With templates, teams can achieve consistency in their processes and maintain the same tone throughout the organization.

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