RevolutioEHR is a cloud-based software solution designed to cater to the needs of opticians and optometry enterprises. The practice management software streamlines the business-related operations for practitioners with its extensive suite of functionalities such as medical billing, EHR, medical accounting, etc. RevolutionEHR provides a personal health record for patients, enabling them to access important information including billing, appointments and prescriptions. With the access to a personal health record, the patients can communicate with their doctors, receive payment reminders, track appointments, and build their medication history.

RevolutionEHR eliminates most of the paper work for physicians to ensure a smooth functioning of their business. The platform helps optometrists to tackle IT-related issues and focus more on their work. Designed primarily for small and midsize practices, specialty groups and corporate affiliates, RevolutionEHR enables users to digitally organize their patients.

Pricing: The platform offers various paid enterprise pricing options for the users. The subscription package fee depends upon the number of doctors.

USP: The software is 2014 ONC-ATCB certified and includes a built-in FDA medication database.

Support: RevolutionEHR offers support through email and phone.

Product Advantages: RevolutionEHR allows users to maage their important documents and generate letters for their patients. Users can keep their patients and clients in a loop as well as promote their practice via digital and paper media.

Product Limitations: The software has too much to offer that users require some time to get in completely.

RevolutionEHR Software

RevolutionEHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



St Croix Vision Center

2-10 employees

April 2019

Revolution EHR

In comparison to other software we’ve used in the past, we would choose RevolutionEHR as it is much better. They just need to fix a few bugs that the system has. It allows multiple users and is easy to use once you learn it. It is also able to retain a lot of data.

The customer support isn’t great, usually they don’t even respond. The system does crash a lot. Also, whenever there are updates the system runs slower.


Lafayette Eye

11-50 employees

October 2017

Simple to use

The updates are precise and entering information is a breeze. Video information meetings are amazingly useful and increase comprehension of product to its latent capacity.

We face a few technical issues sometimes, like the site might unavailable, and there are a few diagnoses that are not listed or available to add.



2-10 employees

September 2017


The system is user-friendly and very easy to learn and use. The requests are anything but difficult to do on this system. Taking appointments is extremely simple to do and you can place a ton of information in the demographics that you require for the patient data.

Sometimes the system gets really slow and just goes offline while we’re using it. It is actually something very annoying about it and slows our work.

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