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Rosemark is a cloud-based solution for managing patient information, scheduling, billing, client retention, and marketing for home care businesses. It optimizes growth and efficiency by streamlining operations with integrated telehealth and scheduling. In addition, companies have access to professional caregivers and client online portals, which increase exposure while maintaining security. 

The scheduling module assigns caregiver skills to patients while also providing mapping and caregiver exclusions. Its integrated billing and payroll suites work in tandem with QuickBooks. You can generate invoices immediately from schedules, and shift orders can be sent to field employees.

Rosemark Software Key Features  


Using a single dashboard, you can track data from numerous office locations while isolating data for in-depth study. The Rosemark EHR allows you to implement internal changes while keeping an eye on unpayable and unbillable shifts. You can produce detailed data and statistics, such as caregivers, service, and unscheduled shift hours. In addition, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), lost cases, referrals, associated income, turnover, personnel utilization, profitability, quality, and compliance. 

Data Organization 

Rosemark women's care software enables you to organize and record clients, office staff, referral sources, and other calls. You can observe real-time office activities such as scheduling edits, interviews, personal interviews, and personnel problems.  

Customizing payroll reports allows you to keep track of multiple pay rates, travel time pay, overtime pay, mileage, and reimbursable expenditures. As a result, you can improve operational efficiency while making time for marketing, selling, and hiring. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) 

The system allows you to increase out-of-office communication by automating no-shows, shift verification, and real-time shift data. In addition, you can improve communication capabilities with voice mails, personal and public messaging, and activity recording via the mobile app.  

The software allows caregivers to log in and out using any device with GPS capability, enabling office personnel to track their whereabouts.  

Rosemark Software Pricing 

The System has tiered pricing based on shift hours. The Rosemark EHR pricing starts at $100 per month. You can reach out to the vendor for more information.  

Software Demo 

If you are still unsure whether Rosemark family medicine software is worth the investment, we recommend scheduling a demo to analyze the software thoroughly. The demo will allow you to explore the software's capabilities and determine whether it meets your practice needs. 


EHR is popular because of its user-friendly layout and comprehensive functionality.  The software has received 4-5 star ratings from users. Software detailed benefits and downsides are available below. 

Our Thoughts  

Rosemark is a comprehensive EMR program for home care agencies that automates patient and caregiver scheduling, electronic invoicing, and charting. The low-cost solution streamlines report customization and patient documentation while easily connecting with third-party billing and payroll modules. 

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