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Last updated: December 04, 2023

React Native Development

If you wish to start building your mobile application most efficiently, you are visiting the right place with React Native development. React Native is basically a development framework that many mobile app developers use to save time in building mobile applications faster.

What Does React Native Development Offer?

React Native app development enables cross-platform construction of mobile applications by using JavaScript and React. The platform comes as an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook, Instagram, and other developers to create user interfaces. React Native focuses more on using JSX to build native apps for both Android and iOS.

Today, the number of developers that are choosing React Native development keeps on increasing. The platform works well to develop cross-platform mobile applications. The system of React Native application is quite similar to native iOS and Android applications.

React Native app development services offer a powerful tool for building apps. By using the platform, you will get the same advanced UI as native apps. This way, the platform makes it easy and efficient to create mobile applications, both in the terms of cost and time.

What Application Can You Build with React Native Development?

One of the biggest advantages of using React Native app development company is that you can use the platform to build almost any type of mobile application. React Native works very well for most applications in most cases. The best part is, React Native has the potential to minimize mobile app development costs.

In 2015, Facebook developed React Native development company. The platform originated for iOS. However, later on, React Native was developed for Android. React Native development works in creating a framework that allows mobile applications to be built simultaneously on two platforms. Meanwhile, the platform keeps on maintaining the native look and productivity of applications built on each iOS or Android platform. At first, React Native was only used an iOS code origin to sync with Android. Then, Facebook has switched to an integrated code repository that further streamlined React Native.

React Native development services are very popular amongst mobile app developers. The platform is also used by some of the top online brands including Walmart, Skype, Tesla, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

How Does React Native Work?

React Native is an open-source that allows you to use JavaScript to create the UI for your app. Unlike other competitors, the platform does not rely on web views. Instead, React Native relies more on real-world material provided by the native platform. But the question now is how exactly the platform works?

In React Native, the platform uses the concept of "bridges" that enable asynchronous communication between JavaScript and Native elements. The concept of bridges is at the core of its flexibility. Both Native and JavaScript elements are totally different technologies. However, they can eventually communicate. Thus, you can take advantage of leveraging many OS native features from this type of architecture.

The Key Features

React Native development offers key advanced features that make the platform chosen by many users. Let’s explore further!

  • Works in multiple platforms – The most famous key feature of the software is based on code written in React Native. Additionally, this will work on almost any mobile platform including IOS, Android, Windows, and more. This way, you will not need to write code in Swift for iOS, Java for Android, or C # for Windows. All the applications built with React Native will be native as the platform works on multiple platforms.
  • Programming language feature – The programming language feature comes as another important part that has a huge impact on web apps development. At the time a framework uses a widely-used programming language, it will always influence the choices of developers. Choosing React Native means you will get one such language, JavaScript. As we all know, JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages. In fact, we can confidently say that anyone with any web development experience knows how to use JavaScript. The great thing is, learning this programming language will be very easy.
  • Gives more focus on the UI React Native app development gives more focus only on UI design. The platform is extremely responsive. In addition, its rendering capabilities are famous to be the best at the moment.
  • Tested and verifiedReact Native application turns out to be one of the most trusted frameworks for cross-platform application development. Developed by IT giants like Facebook, the platform has been credibly well-tested and verified. Facebook has been using React Native app development services in all mobile applications.
  • Time quality assurance – When using React Native application, the development time will be considerably short.
  • The best support for third-party libraries – The usage of third-party libraries has always been a plus point of the platform. This gives the freedom of choice to those developers in their development process.
  • Easy NPM for installation – We know how the installation process can turn out to be a headache. This applies especially if you are a newbie. The good news is, React Native uses Node Package Manager or NPM for installation which is a very easy-to-use framework. In fact, even if you are a beginner, you can learn NPM commands without much difficulty.
  • Mobile environment performance – We have seen how most native applications are CPU-oriented. Well, the applications built with React Native are GPU-oriented. This eventually provides better performance than those CPU-oriented applications.
  • Live reload feature – Well, this feature is what they call “magic” in mobile application development. The live reload feature offers two screens. One screen works to modify the code while another one you can use to see the modification. Anyone who has experience in android app building knows very well how this feature can make a big difference.

Who Uses React Native?

Actually, there is no real industry restriction on when or not you can use React Native app development. The main plus point offered by the platform is that it is an excellent framework for all customer applications that do not rely heavily on OS-specific features or any integration. Even better, React Native accelerates the development process. The platform provides enough support and modules to build stable applications. So far, many big players in the digital industry are actively using React Native in their product development. Below are some of them.


Of course, the list of companies using React Native will never be completed without mentioning Facebook as it is its ultimate creator. The main goal of Facebook was to bring all the joys of web development to mobile.

Eventually, the Facebook team has clearly explained how they first converted only one element to React Native which is the Events tab in their Facebook for iOS app. Then, the company has managed to make the startup time twice as fast.

Thanks to the improvements done at the framework level, the app will automatically benefit when migrating to the latest version of React Native development. Besides Facebook`s iOS and Android apps, Facebook has also come up with their Ads Manager from scratch by developing React Native.


Instagram has started exploring React Native in 2016. In fact, the platform has also expressed how React Native enables their product teams to ship features faster. Most importantly, this works on both platforms which are iOS and Android.


Everyone knows Walmart as an American multinational retailer that is famous in a supermarket chain. The company offers its app that provides online shopping, product search, along in-store price checking.

To date, about 95 percent of the code used in the app is written in React Native.  Walmart has even mentioned that one of the biggest benefits of using React Native development services is that you can use the same automated test suite on iOS and Android. This way, you will be able to control the release date of updates on both platforms at the same time.


The Bloomberg company shifted to React Native at the beginning of 2016 when the company shipped the first version of the new app. The Bloomberg app has been giving users access to content tailored to their location. In addition, it allows users to select news that reflects a specific time of day. Later on, this became a corporate transition, along with the plans to implement React Native in other Bloomberg apps as well.


React Native application acts as an assistant and companion for all Tesla cars. This app helps the company to sync both Android and iOS devices to your car. This way, you can control and monitor almost any Tesla feature including panoramic roof, charger, lock, light, or horn.

Shopify e-commerce building platform

Shopify has just recently announced that React Native is the future of mobile at the company. In addition, the company has also stated that it will help enhance the app experience across iOS and Android platforms. Shopify has also partnered up with Facebook. Moreover, the company also has been sponsoring notable people from the React Native community all to boost the efforts. Most importantly, it helps to build a comprehensive cross-platform mobile experience.

Promising Benefits of Using React Native In Mobile App Development

Using React Native for mobile app development offers various promising benefits.

  • Helps you save time and money – More than 95 percent of the code is cross-platform. The platform is compatible with both Android and iOS. Thus, the developers only need to create one app to get two apps. As a result, using React Native development services can really save time in developing apps. At the same time, the platform also helps to save a lot of money that would have been spent creating individual apps.

    With React Native, you will be able to use both apps at the same time. In addition, both apps will be well-maintained and updated at the same time. Thus, it will let you save future costs after building and launching your app.

  • Provides excellent performanceReact Native application performs almost exactly like a native app that was built on a specific iOS or Android platform. You will find the app to be very fast because the programming language is optimized for mobile devices. As mentioned above, instead of mainly using the central processing unit (CPU), React Native takes advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU). This makes the platform much faster than those cross-platform hybrid technologies.
  • Offers increased flexibility – The interface used in React Native will make it easy for multiple developers on a team to jump in where someone else left off and then continue their product development. This can eventually increase the team's flexibility. Even better, it makes it easier to update and upgrade the mobile app. Another great thing is, it also creates flexibility for testers as they can create testing scenarios much easier. All the advantages will also contribute to saving time and money.
  • Provides immediate view changesReact Native development offers something called “live reloading.” This enables developers to immediately view the changes they have made to the code in another live preview window at once. In the end, this provides a great advantage to developers with real-time feedback.
  • Helps to publish updates for your apps faster – Perhaps you have experienced how publishing updates for your app can take a lot longer. This requires developers to go through a build process again with each app individually. Well, the good thing about using React Native is that the process has been streamlined.

    Not only will you be able to update both apps at the same time. More than that, the whole process will be much easier and faster. The developers can implement improvements and updates for their users through wireless updates. These updates will be deployed even when the users are using the app. Then, the next time the app is opened, you will be able to take advantage of the update. This process will help you save time and significantly streamline your process. How? By eliminating the need to manually update your app from the app store and have approval from Apple or Android.

  • Provides extension of existing apps – Do you have an existing app but want to expand it at a low cost? Well, you can easily insert the React Native UI components into your existing app. The best part is, you can do this without having to rewrite your app. React Native development will be very useful if you only want to extend an existing app without completely rewriting it.