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Waystar is a cloud-based RCM solution designed for managing and optimizing the revenue cycle of healthcare businesses such as hospitals & healthcare systems, physician groups, DMEs, billing services, clinics, labs, etc. Formerly, it was known as Navicure or ZirMed, until the two companies decided to combine. With Waystar software, you are guaranteed to receive the most cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based software solutions, as well as quick, adaptable architecture along with stellar customer service. 

By lowering the cost and difficulty of managing payments, the Waystar software solution benefits healthcare facilities of all kinds and specialties and raises the amount of money that can be collected. Way star is chosen by more than 25,000 hospitals and medical facilities to monitor patient revenues from the time of their initial visit until their outstanding balance has been paid allowing them to devote more time to interacting with patients and less time to managing finances 


Key Features 

Coverage Eligibility 

One of the key features of the Waystar health software is its coverage eligibility tool, using which physicians can rapidly and effortlessly enter and modify patient records in real-time, confirm coverage and co-payments, and expedite check-ins for patients. Moreover, patients with high deductibles are required to pay in advance, as a part of Waystar’s debt-reduction strategy. 

Revenue Integrity 

By adapting to the ever-changing codes and billing regulations, Waystar medical billing helps ensure revenue integrity by assisting your staff in spotting inaccurate or under-coded claims, all the while helping you to save up on your valuable time and resources.  

Claim Management 

Based on the payer's payment history, Way Star assists in determining when claims should be processed. With a 98.5 percent first-pass clean claims rate, this feature can instantly find any missing deposits and ERAs. 

Patient Financial Experience 

Employing advanced analytics to predict future outcomes, the way star software technology has been diligently designed to guide you on how you can reach out to your patients and where to direct your health organization's attention. Your facility can enhance collections without irksome credit checks if you know a patient's ability to pay. While Waystar patient payment arrangements are being established, you can ensure that your patients are aware of their financial obligations. 


Waystar Pricing 


Waystar pricing details have not been released yet. 


Waystar Demo  


To learn how to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into your own healthcare system and improve your agency's performance, you can request and book your own personalized Waystar demo by contacting the vendor.  


Waystar Reviews 


Waystar reviews indicate that customers are satisfied with the software’s efficiency in managing their practices. The software is particularly acclaimed for its ease of use and effortless interaction design. You can visit our reviews section for more customer insights and product reviews. 


Our Thoughts 

The Waystar eSolutions are a great option for medical businesses looking to improve and modernize their revenue cycles. The software helps with patient eligibility verification, provides information on deductions, and can be used to analyze and improve the performance of the organization as a whole. As a result, it offers a multipurpose solution for all the issues encountered during the collection of patient revenues. 

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