Wrike Software

Wrike is project management software suited to teams of 20 or more members. It is a cloud-based platform that you can deploy for small, medium, or large businesses. The tool is best for remote teams because it is accessible to authorized personnel anywhere. It includes calendars, Gantt charts, custom dashboards, workload view, and resource management features. Users can structure their projects according to folders and tasks and auto-assign them to the relevant person.

It is a custom platform for marketing teams that comes with tailored templates, proofreading tools, and Adobe extensions. In addition, it can integrate with many third-party collaboration tools such as Dropbox. The standard version is suitable for small to large operations. In addition, it has an open API which makes integration easier.

Wrike allows users to monitor the project performance and track the accomplishments for the team. It provides insights on visual and dynamic reports that you can share with stakeholders. You can also manage the team bandwidth with the Wrike Resource solution. Some features help with workload management and note down the productivity levels of every member. As a result, no team member will be over or underworked with its help.

Businesses have the advantage of working from home because of the cloud computing capabilities. You can manage the data in the same way it would be on the premises. In addition, the teams receive additional security and can protect their data with encryption features.

The Kanban boards help streamline management, and it has Gnatt charts for the allocation of tasks. In addition, it is much easier to share reports and automate reports with the additional functionalities included in the Wrike software.

Top Wrike Software Features

Over 20,000 companies use Wrike and 2 million users to link geographically distributed teams and ensure that their entire enterprises are coordinated, agile, and flexible. Wrike defines the next generation of work management globally, with customized solutions for marketing and creative teams, project management teams, product teams, business services teams, etc.

Planning and Scheduling

Wrike offers a quick overview of all tasks, lifecycles, and analytic figures. The dashboard view shows the project summaries and portfolio data, including calendars and charts. Customizable Kanban boards make scheduling much quicker with quick assignment and tagging. Finally, the analytics tool shows managers where each department is in progress.


Managers and team members can approve assets, add feedback, and collaborate across departments and locations. Spreadsheets and time logs become redundant because of Wrike.

Document proofing, approval, and modification are simplified. Members can submit request forms and maintain control over their document version.

Resource Management

Wrike helps clients stay in the loop and stores all documents in one place. The solution keeps data secure and maximizes resource allocation efficiency. Team members can share their reports through the software with stakeholders and also protect data from prying eyes. In addition, the budget tracking feature helps companies stay within the budget and manage all their expenses for the project.


It is the most adaptable CWM platform, providing advanced work management software robust enough to satisfy the company's needs while remaining flexible enough for casual project managers in any department. Wrike is easily adaptable to any department, team, or work style, allowing anybody to plan, organize and finish excellent work at scale. In addition, Wrike is a digital workspace that connects all of an organization's disparate systems and apps.


Wrike has ISO-certified data centers in the United States and the European Union. In addition, the Wrike platform is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, demonstrating Wrike's unwavering commitment to protecting customer data upholding the most stringent security standards. This certification assures Wrikes’ approach to managing information security and demonstrates Wrike's dedication to a mature and robust security strategy.

Wrike Cost

Wrike offers a free basic plan that allows teams to add unlimited users to their dashboards. Professional, business, and enterprise packages are available, including exclusive features and powerful reporting tools. In addition, companies can avail their free trials to see if it would make a good fit.

Wrike online project management software provides a free plan for five people with restricted task management tools, minimal connectors, file sharing, mobile apps, and 2 GB of storage space for a small team. For groups of 5, 10, and 15 members, the Professional plan is $9.80 per user per month. It comes with comprehensive project planning and collaboration features, complex integrations, shareable dashboards, collaborators, 5 GB of storage space, and 15 GB of monthly video uploads.

The higher plans have all of the characteristics of the previous lower program and additional amenities. For example, the Business plan is for 5 to 200 users, while the Enterprise plan is for 5 to infinite users.

Wrike Reviews


  • Wrike helps members of an organization connect and share ideas.
  • It is a combined workspace and is an excellent alternative to working from the office.
  • Users can tailor their spaces and add customizations to suit the specific needs of their projects.


  • Itis an entirely customizable solution but choosing your preferences and setting it up takes time. Therefore, it is more suitable for someone with a project management background and experience with similar software.

Final Thoughts

Wrike project management software is suited for large enterprises with scattered, remote, or virtual teams. Marketing, creative, project management, product management, business operations, and business services teams benefit from specialized solutions.

It is an award-winning workforce management platform that enables businesses to digitally modernize their operations while delivering tools that workers of any computer skill level can use. The newly reimagined platform continually evolves and adds features to enable growth and scalability, protect privacy and security, and promote connectedness and openness across teams, projects, and processes.

It is best suited for larger groups and firms, particularly worldwide corporations or businesses with scattered teams where work visibility is critical. Additionally, the organization provides excellent resources, best practices knowledge, online training, professional services, and customer support.

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Recommended for:

Accounting Industry, Advertising Industry, Architecture Industry, Consulting Industry, Engineering Industry, IT Services Industry, and Manufacturing Industry.

Wrike Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Wrike offer an API?

Yes, Wrike has an API available for use.

Does Wrike support mobile devices?

Wrike supports the following devices: Android, iPad, iPhone.

What languages does Wrike support?

Wrike supports the following languages Russian, Danish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian (Bokmal), Korean, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Dutch.

What level of support does Wrike offer?

Wrike offers support through:

Knowledge Base, 24/7 (Live rep), Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, FAQs/Forum

What other apps does Wrike integrate with?

Wrike integrates with Wufoo, PingFederate, FogBugz, HubSpot Marketing Hub, amoCRM, Jive, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Constant Contact, GitHub, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Dropbox Business, Zoho CRM, Jira, Campaign Monitor, FullContact, UserVoice, Formstack Forms, Microsoft Azure, Calendly, Sumo, MediaValet, Zapier, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Gmail, DocuSign, Unbounce, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Workspace, OmniFocus, Google Drive, Box, Zoho Books, Pipedrive, Freshworks CRM, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, WordPress, Microsoft Project, JotForm, SolarWinds Service Desk, Zoho Forms, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Bitium, OneLogin, SugarCRM, Harvest, Okta, Slack, Microsoft 365, GoToMeeting, Nimble, Basecamp, Tableau, LiveChat, GoToWebinar, LinkedIn, Bitbucket, QuickBooks Online, Kissmetrics, Resource Guru, SurveyMonkey, Business Hangouts, GoToTraining, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, SugarSync, Marketo Engage, Xero, HubSpot CRM, Evernote, Toggl Track, BigCommerce, Zoho Invoice, Adobe Creative Cloud, Shopify, Zendesk, Microsoft Excel.

What type of pricing plans does Wrike offer?

Wrike pricing plans start from $9.80 per month. You can also avail a free trial.

Who are the typical users of Wrike?

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses typically use Wrike.

Wrike Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Wrike Software reviews

Overall Rating

64 Reviews


Everyday activities are a snap to do.

November 2022

Amir Tabatabai


Wrike is so efficient at handling tasks of every kind. I love being able to add tasks at will and create subtasks to divide the responsibilities and speed up the completion. Those responsibilities can be very easily managed by adding new users and granting them access to whatever features they require to do their jobs efficiently. And everything is so smoothly integrated that sharing resources between departments, which includes documents, is a breeze. All the tools are made even more useful with the ability to customize the dashboard so that I choose where every feature and button is located.
There are so many features that I see available but don’t know what to do with them. This is a problem I've been seeing for quite a while now, where they add features and keep updating the program, but the users don’t know about the updates. There are also no training videos to get the users up to speed, if needed. I use just two other software programs, and it is possible to integrate Wrike with them, but it isn’t free like almost every other PM software program offers. These issues are still not enough for me to stop using it or to avoid recommending it, though.

A flexible and reliable task manager

November 2022

Nathan W.

Marketing and advertising

I have rarely used a project management software as flexible as Wrike. It promotes collaboration in the company with excellent features like the ability to assign multiple people to a single task, detailed discussion capabilities between team members, and file attachments. Talking about the files, I am really surprised at how many ways there are to review the same file in the company, with excellent features like the ability to assign multiple people to a single task, detailed discussion capabilities between team members, and file attachments. Talking about the files, I am really surprised at how many ways there are to review the same file. I can open a Kanban board, table, list view, etc. and have discussions with my team. One of the best ways to improve the software is through user feedback. Users can suggest new features, and we can vote on them to decide what should be added in a future update.
There is a lot of hectic training involved in order to use the software effectively. While it is good that the rep they assign you stays with you no matter how long it takes and keeps visiting, it is not convenient for our employees. Nobody has the time to devote entire days to training, and even then, it takes some time to master the software. Once that period is over, though, you’ll start seeing results. It also faces the occasional hiccups, but that has never happened for days on end, so that’s acceptable as well.

One of my favorite go-to tool

November 2022

Sarah H.

Information Technology and Services

It enables us to create a centralized area where everything is visible to everyone, be it projects, their tasks, or their subtasks. This has increased efficiency and productivity due to a sense of competition the employees feel. I mean, no one would like everyone to know that they are slacking somewhere. We used to have loads of Excel sheets printed out and spread everywhere, which have been converted to beautiful digital and automatic Wrike lists. It has been our go-to tool for a lot of years, and I would recommend it to anyone in the IT sector.
It is very simple and reliable, but the overall speed of the software is just not fast enough. I haven't been able to use it for all the projects since some of them are time-sensitive and cannot bear even minutes of lost time. It is difficult to change the dates and times of the projects and their associated tasks. It is worth noting that it provides 3-4 different types of views for each file, report, and so on, but those views are not easily interchangeable.

Saves us time!

October 2022



I appreciate that with Wrike if something in your project changes, the plan will modify automatically, saving you time from manually relocating activities.
None, so far!

Fantastic Project Management Tool

September 2022



Wrike includes all of the features you'd expect from a project management application, including the ability to organize your projects into folders.
Permissions must sometimes be handled with extreme caution.

Wrike Review

September 2022


Marketing and Advertising

I appreciate that Wrike offers excellent help as you get started with their software, so you don't have to figure it out on your own.
I don't like that if you don't manually designate a job as complete, it will accumulate and obscure your picture of what has to be done.

Highly Recommended

September 2022


Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

The ability to add dependencies to projects, tasks, and the analytics dashboard are the two features that I liked the best about Wrike
The project's most recent update isn't my fave.

We admire their work ethics

August 2022


Audit manager

Their team of developers was polite. They accommodated our requests. They done their job well.

Wrike has transformed our project management process dramatically.

June 2022

David S.

IT Services

Wrike has turned out to be pretty neat software for us, which keeps our workflow simple by letting us arrange our approval process. Our designers use the InDesign plugin to make it simple for you to view and edit your work on the platform. I have complete authority over all team activities, big or small. Now, it is possible to map out in great detail the events that occur frequently. This makes it simpler for me to begin a new project. You can monitor what's happening and keep track of open requests using desktop software. Their customer support is a breeze as well; they always reach back fast.
A project can be archived in a variety of ways. After they have been finished, some projects remain in the inbox for a while before disappearing. To find earlier projects you've finished, keep in mind the project's original title or conduct a backward email search. More information about projects that have already been finished and those that are still in development should be accessible soon. You can do the same thing here as you can in Trello, where you can view what's in the queue and move items around as they are finished, archived, etc. There isn't much else to say.

Great Team

May 2022


Financial Services

With Wrike, it is simple to look through and locate certain data. Customer support is also available for any kind of assistance.
The system does have a bit of a learning curve.

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