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Wrike is project management software that is suited to teams of 20 or more members. It is a cloud-based platform that can be deployed for small, medium, or large businesses. The tool is best for remote teams because it is accessible to authorized personnel from anywhere. It includes features such as calendars, Gantt charts, custom dashboards, workload view, and resource management. Users can structure their projects according to folders and tasks and auto-assign them to the relevant person. 

There is a custom Wrike platform for marketing teams that comes with tailored templates, proofreading tools, and Adobe extensions. Wrike can integrate with many third-party collaboration tools such as Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud. The standard version is suitable for small or large operations, creative and sales teams. It has an open API which makes integration easier. 

Wrike allows users to monitor the project performance and track accomplishments for the team. It provides insights on visual and dynamic reports that can be shared with stakeholders. Users can also manage the team bandwidth with the Wrike Resource solution. There are features that help with workload management and note down the productivity levels of every member. No team member will be over or underworked with its help.  

Businesses have the advantage of working from home because of the cloud computing capabilities. The data can be managed in the same way it would be if it was on the premises. The teams receive additional security and can protect their data with encryption features. 

The Kanban boards help streamline management and it has Gnatt charts for the allocation of tasks. It is much easier to share reports and automate reports with the additional functionalities included in the Wrike software. 

Wrike Pricing: Wrike offers a free basic plan that allows teams to add unlimited users to their dashboards. Other than that, there are professional, business, and enterprise packages available which include exclusive features and powerful reporting tools. Companies can avail their free trials to see if it would make a good fit. 

Wrike Project Management Pros: Wrike helps members of an organization connect with each and share ideas. It is a combined workspace and is a great alternative to working from office. Users can tailor their spaces and add customizations to suit the specific needs of their projects. 

Wrike Project Management Cons: Wrike is a completely customizable solution but choosing your own preferences and setting it up takes a lot of time. It is more suitable for someone with a project management background and experience with similar software. 

Highlighted Features 

Planning and Scheduling: Wrike offers a quick overview of all tasks, lifecycles, and analytic figures. The dashboard view shows the project summaries and portfolio data including calendars and charts. There are customizable Kanban boards that make scheduling much quicker with quick assignment and tagging. The analytics tool shows managers where each department is in the progress.  

Collaboration: Managers and team members can approve assets, add feedback and collaborate across departments and locations. Spreadsheets and time logs become redundant because of Wrike because there are autogenerated reports. Document proofing, approval and modification is simplified. Members can submit request forms and also maintain control over their version of the document. 

Resource Management: Wrike helps clients stay in the loop and stores all documents in one place. The solution keeps data secure and maximizes resource allocation efficiency. Team members can share their reports through the software with stakeholders and also protect data from prying eyes. The budget tracking feature helps companies stay within the budget and manage all their expenses for the project.

Wrike Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Perfect for smaller companies!

September 2021



Wrike is a good, user-friendly software. We like the ability of Wrike, to keep track of time spent on each work. which is quite beneficial and simple for everyone.
It's a bit costly as compared to other systems.

Our Favourite PM tool to work with

September 2021


Travers Tool México

I like that Wrike is adaptable, and users may see projects/tasks in a variety of ways, based on their preferences. Also, the tutorials are simple and practical.
With Wrike it was difficult to determine the approach to establish the automation between blueprints and workflows.

Wrike is Perfect for startups!

September 2021


Kicking Pixels

I adore that Wrike is simple to use, with easy navigation and flexibility for team collaboration. It also allows users to manage their workforce and employ resources at work.
The system is a bit confusing at times because of its flexibility.

All in one solution.

August 2021


F1soft International Private Limited

I like that Wrike is simple and quick to set up. It offers a simple User Interface with a variety of functions that aid in managing different projects.
No negatives to point out.

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