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Affinity medical software is a web-based platform that provides billing solutions to users engaged in laboratories, mental health services, chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy as well. It engages certified coders, billers, and managers to support its system. Users are able to control their internal costs by reporting. You can report by clinicians, by payer, and about 25 other metrics as well. Affinity further ensures regular auditing by taking care of any preemptive steps that are required to keep things streamlined. In fact, Affinity provides its training support even when you have made the final purchase to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of the software. 

Affinity Billing Software Key Features 

Electronic Health Records 

The Affinity medical system has completely digitized health record documentation. To maximize patient time, it is ensured that a dedicated research team is engaged in taking care of each detail. Medical health providers can easily access their workflows and make any necessary changes to the templates. Moreover, Affinity billing makes updates to ensure that quality is maintained across the board. Laboratories can create real-time patient statements and increase revenue as well.  

Coding and Billing 

Affinity is, after all, medical billing software and it provides end-to-end services for the billing process. In order to ensure that the patients are able to get the support they require, the system scrubs the claims over 3 million times with built-in rulesets. It is imperative for Affinity to remove any errors due to which payers deny support. In fact, it promises reimbursement within three days. Moreover, it submits claims as soon as they are ready after a critical and thorough examination.  

Expert Support 

Affinity facilitates its users by making sure that all of the users are able to get the support they require. In fact, once you have finalized your plan to work with the system, each department at your office will receive the necessary training to optimize the system. In fact, owner training is also part of the program so that management is up-to-date on how to run the system, find stats, and track bugs that require immediate attention.  

Even after you have set up the system, our staff will provide their assistance with staff turnover training and problem-solving every step of the way.  

Affinity Billing Software Pricing 

The Affinity medical billing price is not provided on their website. However, interested users can easily generate a custom quote for Affinity software pricing by getting in touch with the sales team.

Software Demo

If you are interested in further information regarding the software, you can access the Affinity demo by placing a request on the website.  


Most of the Affinity reviews demonstrate that it has been a helpful solution for those engaged in medical health services.  

Our Thoughts 

The billing software Affinity is an efficient system to generate accurate bill prices for medical health workers. It can automate processes to generate the best value and help patients make a successful claims.  

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