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Bridge Patient Portal is a top-rated enterprise patient engagement solution for hospitals, providers, and their patients. The digital platform is designed to enhance the patient experience with tools such as appointment scheduling, digital forms, secure messaging, reporting, online registrations, care management, telemedicine, and online billing. It allows organizations to replace their existing EHR software’s patient portal and consolidate various patient engagement tools within a centralized dashboard.

The award-winning system engages patients with multi-platform access to the appointment, financial, and health information. Its end-to-end patient engagement solutions facilitate patient-provider collaboration, enhance business profitability, and optimize overall efficiency. Providers can also connect the app with third-party EHR systems to ensure a seamless patient care process.

Moreover, Bridge Patient Portal Software offers a mobile-friendly patient engagement platform to let physicians provide a more personalized care experience. Its secure messaging functionality sends out emails to a large group of patients and enables one-on-one messaging between multiple healthcare providers and staff members.
Key Feature

Patient Portal

Bridge’s patient portal feature provides medical record access, secure patient-provider messaging, lab results, portal self-registration, prescription refill requests, two-factor authentication, automated reminders, broadcast messaging, and appointment requests. It empowers patients to participate more actively in their care process.

Appointment Scheduling 

The patient engagement software accommodates custom workflows and supports real-time self-scheduling for most PM/EHR systems. It helps organizations reduce patient no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders via SMS, email, or push notifications. Patients can also schedule appointments directly on the company’s website or using the Bridge’s patient portal feature.

Financial Management 

Bridge Patient Portal Software features advanced financial management tools that support integration with many practice management and medical billing systems. This allows medical practices to get an overhead view of their financial performance and collect online payments from patients in a PCI-compliant manner.

Bridge Patient Portal Pricing 

Bridge EHR is available with monthly or annual subscriptions. Further, the pricing for the vendor’s basic subscription plan starts at $500.00.

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Bridge Patient Portal Demo 

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Bridge Patient Portal Reviews 

Bridge Patient Portal Software has received positive ratings across most accredited sites. Its intuitive user interface, patient portal tool, and ease of use have impressed many subscribers.

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Our Thoughts

Bridge Patient Portal is a powerful patient portal and engagement solution that helps healthcare professionals improve the quality of patient care, facilitate patient-provider collaboration, and optimize revenue cycles. Overall, many users appreciate the program, but we recommend you try out the app’s demo version before making a final decision.

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