Enhance patient care with Prime Suite, your complete electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution. Customize documentation using templates, seamlessly integrate third-party apps, and provide secure communication, appointment scheduling, and record access for patients. Uncover the capabilities of Prime Suite.

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What Is Prime Suite Software?


Prime Suite, by Greenway Health, is an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system designed to enhance patient engagement. This solution provides an intuitive interface, enabling medical practices to elevate patient care and achieve improved outcomes through a comprehensive set of clinical, financial, and administrative tools. Prime Suite's key features include customizable templates, analytics, interoperability, a patient portal, scheduling, billing, and secure messaging.

Prime Suite Software Pricing

Prime Suite cost varies based on an organization's size, type and requirements. Contact us today for more information about the software's pricing plans.

Prime Suite Software Integrations

The software integrates with the following apps:

Who Is Prime Suite Software For?

Prime Suite by the Greenway community is designed to accommodate practices of all sizes. The software suits various specialties and niches in the healthcare sector, including OB/GYN, surgery, tribal health and cardiology. It can also be used by:

  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • FQHC
  • Primary Care
Watch Prime Suite Software demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Is Prime Suite Software Right For You?

The Greenway Health ambulatory platform Prime Suite provides healthcare organizations with extensive clinical, financial, and administrative tools and services.

It allows the choice between on-premise or hosted deployment, enabling seamless integration of additional solutions for revenue cycle management, interoperability, population health management, mobile accessibility, and patient engagement. The software holds ONC-ATB and Meaningful Use certifications, offering tools to report clinical quality measures.

Still not sure whether Prime Suite software is suitable for your practice? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and our support team will help you make an informed decision.

Prime Suite Software Features

Healthcare providers can efficiently manage appointments, set availability, and send patient reminders. The user-friendly interface reduces no-shows, improves patient satisfaction, and enhances operational efficiency.

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The portal empowers individuals to conveniently access their medical records, view test results, and securely communicate with healthcare providers. This enhances transparency and encourages patients to actively manage their health. The portal supports appointment scheduling, prescription requests, and secure information sharing.

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Physicians can rapidly generate and send electronic prescriptions, improving patient safety and minimizing errors. This feature includes medication history access, formulary checks, and drug interaction alerts, ensuring informed decision-making in medication prescriptions.

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Prime Suite helps streamline billing and revenue cycle management for healthcare practices. Its comprehensive billing system streamlines claims processing and efficiently tracks payments. The integrated clearinghouse ensures clean claims submission, expediting reimbursements. This reduces the administrative burden on healthcare providers and promotes financial stability.

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Prime Suite Reporting (PSR) provides valuable insights to healthcare providers. With pre-built and customizable reports, practices can monitor performance, track key metrics, and make informed decisions to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

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Clinicians can create personalized, efficient workflows, improving data accuracy and saving time. This flexibility is a substantial advantage, allowing healthcare professionals to enhance their EHR experience and provide superior patient care.

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Pros and Cons of Prime Suite Software


  • Integrated solutions to enhance care quality
  • Accessible via mobile devices
  • Facilitates the capture and management of clinical quality measures
  • An efficient scheduling and billing system
  • Easy documentation for rapid access to patient data


  • A slight learning curve for new users
  • Reports need improvement as they are a bit complex, according to some Prime Suite EMR reviews
  • Customization complexity for some advanced features

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