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Greenway Health Prime Suite ambulatory platform provides clinical, financial, and administrative tools and services to healthcare institutions. Greenway's electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solutions are known as Prime Suite. Aside from on-premise and hosted choices, practices can also incorporate integrated solutions for revenue cycle management, interoperability, population health management, mobile access, analytics, and patient engagement.  

Prime Suite is a suitable solution for small, medium, and large medical clinics. PrimeSuite customizable system also offers a single sign-on for access to both EHR and PM functions and a specialty-specific template library. 

Greenway Prime Suite Key Features

Custom Reports 

The clinical library provided by the Prime Suite EHR system has templates for over 35 specialties, allowing for speedier documentation and enhanced tracking. Using customized documentation, providers can design and share templates much more efficiently. 

Cloud-based and On-premise Accessibility 

You can use Prime Suite software as a cloud-based solution, storing data and software on Greenway's remote, secure servers. On the other hand, you can use it as an on-premise option, storing data and software on servers in the medical offices. Integrated add-on solutions aid on-the-go clinicians, facilitate data sharing, and promote patient engagement, resulting in increased profitability. 

Certified EHR Software 

Greenway Health Prime Suite, the 2015 ONC-Certified integrated EHR/PM solution, provides capabilities for capturing and reporting clinical quality metrics and other needs for value-based programs. Clinical notifications, reminders, and reporting dashboards at the practice and individual provider level track compliance progress. 

Greenway Prime Suite Cost

Prime Suite EMR pricing is not available to the general public. Therefore, you must contact the vendor to get a quote for your practice.  

Software Demo

Not sure if Greenway Health Prime Suite is an ideal pick for you? Don’t worry; the company offers a free demo. It helps you explore the software and its features in real-time to make a knowledgeable decision. Moreover, the demo enables you to analyze whether the software fulfills your requirements or not.   


The Prime Suite EHR reviews are available on various online sites. The majority of the reviews have a four or 5-star rating, proving that users love the software and its robust features. You can learn about the pros and cons by reading the Prime Suite software reviews below!  

Our Thoughts  

Prime Suite is a clinically-driven EHR and practice management system that links the entirety of your practice. Greenway Prime Suite empowers value-based healthcare companies to flourish from population health to revenue services to clinical connection. This revolutionary platform enables the management of chronic illnesses, the improvement of health outcomes, and the enhancement of profitability. It is a comprehensive answer. 

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