Euclid RCM Software

What Is Euclid RCM? 


Euclid RCM is a cloud-based healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) software that streamlines and automates the financial processes of healthcare organizations. The software aids medical providers in optimizing their clinical operations. It facilitates the processing of scheduling appointments and managing billing activities. Additionally, Euclid software helps practitioners increase revenue while decreasing the time and effort spent on administrative tasks. 

What Is Euclid RCM Best For?  

Euclid RCM is best known for its ability to improve the efficiency of medical billing operations. The software quickly helps users manage claims submissions, billing, reporting, and other administrative tasks. The application’s automated and streamlined processes can help medical practices manage their revenue cycle effectively, improving financial stability. 

Euclid RCM Pricing 

The pricing for Euclid RCM varies depending on the specific requirements and size of the healthcare organization. The vendor does not disclose the pricing details. However, you can get a customized pricing quotation by clicking the Get Pricing button above. 

Euclid RCM Integrations  

Euclid RCM integrates with several healthcare software systems, such as EHR systems, practice management software, and hospital information systems. The software has an open API which can be integrated with other third-party software. Here’s a list of a few third-party applications it integrates with: 

  • NextGen Office 
  • Kareo Billing 
  • DrChrono 
  • athenaOne 
  • Clarity Wave 
  • Higher Logic Thrive 

How Does Euclid RCM Work? 

Here's how you can get started with Euclid RCM: 

  • Log in to the system using your credentials 
  • Create or import patient accounts from the “Patient” tab on the left side of the dashboard screen 
  • Schedule patient appointments and verify insurance eligibility 
  • Create and submit claims to insurance companies 
  • Post payments received from patients and insurance companies 
  • Follow up on unpaid claims and handle collections 
  • Generate reports and analyze financial data to identify areas of improvement 

Click the Watch Demo button to learn more about the software’s functionality. 

Who Is Euclid RCM For? 

The software is designed for healthcare providers, medical practices, clinics, and billing companies of all sizes. The software does not specifically target a medical niche or specialty. It is best suited for those who want to streamline their revenue cycle management processes and improve their financial stability.  

Euclid RCM Features  

Euclid RCM comes with a range of features that make it a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations. Key features include:  

  • Analytics Tool 
    These tools enable medical providers to quickly access data and make informed decisions regarding revenue cycle management. The data provided by these analytics tools identifies areas for improvement in the billing process and tracks performance over time. Additionally, practitioners can use the data to develop strategies for increasing efficiency and profitability.    
  • Integrated Clearinghouse 
    The integrated clearinghouse feature simplifies the claims filing process and accelerates the speed of payments. The software allows providers to submit claims to payers, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.
    Euclid RCM offers real-time eligibility checking, claim scrubbing, rapid updates, and more. It ensures that all claims are accurate and compliant with payer requirements before being processed. 
  • Proactive And Predictive RCM 
    This feature enables users to go from a basic revenue cycle management to a proactive and predictive one. You can identify potential issues in the revenue cycle before they become costly problems.  

Euclid RCM also provides robust analytics and real-world experience to help practitioners make informed decisions. It includes eligibility testing and claim scrubbing. Moreover, this functionality enables medical practices to manage claim submissions more efficiently and accurately. Meanwhile, it reduces the time required to get payments for services rendered.   

Is Euclid RCM Right For You? 

If you are looking for a software solution that can help you streamline your revenue cycle management processes and improve your financial stability, Euclid RCM may be the right choice. With its advanced features and automated processes, the software can help you reduce administrative workload while increasing revenue.   

Additionally, Euclid RCM is also HIPAA compliant and ONC certified. It is a secure system that ensures patient data privacy and security. Additionally, its certification allows healthcare providers to qualify for incentives under the HITECH Act. The application ensures to protect your data against any theft or breach.  

Still not sure if Euclid RCM is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision. 

Euclid RCM Pricing 

Get a customized pricing quotation by clicking the Get Pricing button.

Euclid RCM Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Comprehensive platform with advanced capabilities
  • Automated and streamlined processes
  • Open API for third-party integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics


  • Steep learning curve, as per certain Euclid reviews
  • No dedicated mobile application
  • Limited customization options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Euclid RCM cost?

The vendor does not provide any pricing details. You can click on the Get Pricing button above for a personalized pricing quote as per your requirements.

Is Euclid RCM Software cloud-based?

Yes, Euclid RCM is a cloud-based platform.

What are the main features of Euclid RCM?

The main features of Euclid RCM include an integrated clearinghouse, proactive and predictive RCM, analytics, and claims management.

What level of support does Euclid RCM have?

Euclid RCM provides its customers with dedicated customer support, training, and implementation services. They also offer an online knowledge base, user forums, and other resources to help users navigate the software.

Who are the main users of Euclid RCM?

Euclid RCM is designed for healthcare providers, medical practices, clinics, and billing companies of all sizes.

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Euclid RCM Software reviews

Overall Rating

14 Reviews


Really cool software

April 2021


Hudson Regional

It has a great dashboard and you can easily navigate through it. The customer support is patient and walks you through the tutorial.
I wish we could see all the uses available on the dashboard.

Futuristic medical billing solution

April 2021


Annapath Inc

It is a complete powerhouse with full customization. You can improve your revenue through the marketing analytics feature. It is easy to learn as well.
There is nothing that I want them to improve.

The software is great

April 2021


Core Billing Solutions

The layout is great and it is easy on the eyes too. We have not had any trouble and their customer service is top-notch
Clicking on a link opens a new window instead of redirecting which is frustrating.

Great price and additional features

April 2021


Old Dominion Pathology Associates

The developers have designed the software so well that you can easily navigate through it. The management changes anything as soon as we complain. All reports are already programmed and you do not need to change anything.

Great software

March 2021


Medical Practice

The client benefit is hands down. the finest within the industry. Simple to utilize and simple to get reports
Setting protection credits could be easier

Amazing Product

March 2021


Hospital and Health Care

A great product with solid support. Very easy to use.
This software is perfect for our needs. Doesnt need any change.

Awesome Software

March 2021


Medical Practice

It is an amazing software which is easy to understand and understand reports. The customer support is unbelievable. They are always available and ready to help.
It would be good if some insurance issues would be fixed.

It is so good.

September 2020


Revenue Resource Services

I love how easy it is to use and how everything is right there on the dashboard displayed for you.
I have no complaints.

Very user friendly.

September 2020


United in Motion

They have made such a good software which keeps the users ease in mind.
I have no complaints at all from this product.

Amazing product

July 2020



My experience has been great from the very first day up till now. The organization is happy to help, and you can truly perceive that they are so engaged to guarantee you have all that is needed to be successful. The product has been composed of extraordinary ideas towards the procedure. Also, it is easy to use.


May 2020


220 Cornerstone Business Consulting, LLC

My experience with Euclid is pretty positive due to its billing functionality, robust reporting, flexibility, and ease of use. The adaptability of Euclid is one of a kind and very important. The tool is a cutting-edge innovation and the blend of these two qualities settle on Euclid a superb decision for the healthcare industry. For billers, the product is incredibly simple to use and helpful.
Euclid’s zone of change is data analytics and MSS are moving rapidly to make the most of that chance.

Good customer service

April 2020


Annapath, Inc

The client care was unrivaled. From the beginning up preparing to execution and customization, the Euclid staff was responsive and proficient.
Change is consistently troublesome yet there were no serious issues that couldnt be handily dealt with by our staff with assistance from the Euclid support team.

Great Customer Support

December 2019


Chesapeake Medical Billing Specialists LLC

Euclid RCM is easy to use. The customer service the best I have ever come across.
Its quite challenging to fix insurance credits.

Love the product!

November 2019


Chesapeake Medical Billing Specialists

Great customer support. Always willing to listen and quickly responds to our queries.
I don’t like how the Euclid deals with filing claims. They need more options to support multiple entries at once.

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