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MyWinMed EMR sets itself apart with a comprehensive approach to healthcare management. Featuring a user-friendly interface and advanced features, it optimizes patient care and practice workflows. It stands as a distinctive choice for healthcare professionals seeking efficiency and precision in their operations. Explore its features. 

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What is MyWinMed EMR Software?


MyWinMed EHR, now known as WinMed, is a cloud-based software that empowers physicians and medical providers at work. It provides them with all the tools and functionalities that are required for accurate and efficient documentation, patient health management, and lab interfacing.  

With MyWinMed software, medical providers can easily access their patient's medical records, review their medical history, and document their current health status. This helps providers make informed decisions about the patient's care and treatment plan. 

What is MyWinMed EMR best for?

MyWinMed is known for its electronic fax (eFax) feature, which lets users handle fax functionalities in a more manageable way. Incoming records can be effortlessly classified and stored in the patient's record. Through eFax, order forms, patient documents, and referrals can be sent without leaving the specific system section. Access to fax lines is restricted based on permissions, so only approved personnel can view patient records.  

The framework automatically generates fax cover pages based on the entered fields when creating an outbound fax. Detailed statuses are provided for all outbound faxes, allowing easy tracking and correction of any transmission failures.    

MyWinMed EMR Pricing

MyWinMed pricing details have not been disclosed. However, if you wish to get a custom quote, click on the Get Pricing option and one of our sales representatives will help you select a suitable plan.

MyWinMed EMR Integrations

MyWinMed EMR integrates with labs, allowing patients and physicians to get reports easily and accurately. MyWinMed EMR also integrates with the industry's best service providers like DrChrono, RXNT, Elation Health & more.

How does MyWinMed EHR work?

Here’s how you can get started with MyWinMed:  

  • Select the appropriate MyWinMed EHR software package for your practice. 
  • Install and configure according to your needs. 
  • Input patient information and other relevant details. 
  • Schedule patient appointments and create clinical notes. 
  • Implement and train staff members. 
  • Manage patient care, including documenting diagnoses, ordering tests and procedures, and tracking patient progress over time. 
  • Continuously evaluate the system's performance as needed to optimize efficiency and patient outcomes. 
You can also schedule a free demo of the tool by clicking on Watch Demo for more information.

Who MyWinMed EMR is for?

Physicians and doctors use the software for viewing clinical summaries and downloading health records. MyWinMed EMR is used in: 

  • Community health centers 
  • Ambulatory services 
  • Rehabilitation centers 
  • Primary care clinics 

MyWinMed also caters to the following specialties: 

  • Family medicine 
  • Dental  
  • OB/GYN 
  • Behavioral health 
  • Pediatrics 

Is MyWinMed Software Right for You?

It is crucial for every practice to utilize electronic medical records to streamline their tasks and increase revenue. Patient documentation, compliance, and lab integrations can be a hassle if you do not know which software is best for you. If you want to optimize workflows and automate processes at your practice, MyWinMed EMR software could be a good choice. 

Users have praised the interface and analytics dashboard in MyWinMed reviews, as it is easy to navigate and has appealing graphics.

MyWinMed EMR Software Features

With MyWinMed EHR customizable templates, physicians and doctors can improve and automate clinical documentation and efficiency. Templates tend to be one of the most important features in medical software because they aid in speeding up processes and optimizing workflow. Pre-made templates promote clinical efficiency.

With the help of patient check-in offered by MyWinMed EMR software, users can manage exam rooms. Also, a customizable patient coversheet is available that displays the current information as well as the history. You can view electronic health records, patient vitals, screening scores, etc. The software also offers a patient portal that connects physicians and patients. This helps with expanded patient education, allergies, records, and demographics.

MyWinMed EMR e-prescribing interface raises the bar for simplicity and use. The software offers electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS), medication authorization and refill module, and complete patient Rx history. It automatically enters any pharmaceutical interactions or patient allergies into the medical chart to assist in making decisions. Also, based on a patient’s insurance coverage, doctors can access the full pharmacy histories of their patients.

Pros and Cons of MyWinMed EMR Software


  • User-Friendly Interface: MyWinMed has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through the software, regardless of a user's technical skills
  • Customizable Templates: Users can create templates specific to their practice's needs, saving time and ensuring accurate data entry
  • Integrations: MyWinMed can integrate with other systems, such as labs and pharmacies, allowing for better patient information management and care


  • Support: Some users have reported that MyWinMed customer support can be slow to respond to issues and concerns
  • Cost: The cost of MyWinMed may be prohibitive for smaller practices or those with limited budgets

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MyWinMed caters to the following specialties: Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Behavioral Health, Dental.

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