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Developed by NCG Medical, Perfect Care EHR Software is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution for small and midsize service providers including healthcare organizations, and private and nonprofit practices across a wide range of specialties such as dermatology, urology, psychiatry, and occupational health. The software is easy to customize and caters to the design preferences and data needs of practices regardless of their size or workload. 

Key features of the solution include medical record-keeping, appointment scheduling, document management, and medical billing. Using Perfect Care EHR Software, users can easily customize menus and settings to create forms that suit their needs. The ONC-ATCB platform also provides billing capabilities for gastroenterology, dermatology, and radiation oncology.

The platform maintains a 100% successful adoption track record and supports a full range of EHR functionalities including lab management, order management, reporting, e-prescription, chart access, and data capture. Users can request a Perfect Care EHR Demo to get a complete overview of the solution. It additionally comes with a practice management application that can be purchased separately by the users.

Not only this, but the software includes consulting services, document, and practice management capabilities as well as an electronic medical records (EMR) module. It offers an intuitive interface along with cloud-based deployment that allows providers to access patients’ medical records at any time, from anywhere. Moreover, the Perfect Care EHR Tutorial allows users to follow along and easily comprehend the product's features.

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The software offers ease of use. Physicians can manage and track patient records via a centralized platform.


The software is a bit pricey. It also lags a bit.

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