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Sunwave Software is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based medical management software that streamlines clinical workflows and practice management. It is an intuitive platform designed for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. You can use the self-service portal for an easy gateway toward clinical and medical solutions. The single-service provider features allow single practitioners to revamp their medical performance. You can mitigate complete employee management through scheduling, attendance, and appointing tools. Sunwave offers treatment planning to solve complex cases. 

This SaaS software is available on Android, iOS, and web-based devices. Integrated compliance tracking allows you to fully track your medical work operations and ensure security. Initial assessment management helps you identify problems and ease diagnosis. It offers claim validation and tracks profit sources for maximizing revenue. 

Key Features

Advanced Business Development 

It has integrated CRM tools that improve client feedback. It offers patient-centric EMR tools that improve behavioral health regulations. Revenue cycle management helps hospitals manage their cash flow. Sunwave Health’s Alumni Management solution allows you to track patient progress and treatment success from day 1. It offers a series of coordinated touchpoints through collaboration dashboards. 

Clinical Directors Module

You can use EMR Sunwave admission checklists to regulate patient arrival and management. Referral source tracking allows you to expand your clientele circle while also making marketing campaign management easier. Measuring true return on investment (ROI) facilitates marketing tracking and advertisement management. It provides medication management through a medication directory. You can perform virtual appointments through video calling. It provides complete financial management through contrast AMAs and KPI reporting tools. 

Behavioral Health Admissions

It provides a 360-degree view of operations through RCM and alumni. Treatment authorization provides patient satisfaction before an appointment. You can improve your behavioral health intake process through complete admission-to-treatment management. It simplifies your day-to-day patient care processes through comprehensive medical admission dashboards. 

Sunwave Software Pricing

The cost of the Sunwave is currently unavailable. If you wish to view the complete Sunwave pricing details and module information, click on the "Get Pricing" button. 

Sunwave Software Demo

The free trial of the software is unavailable. It does not offer a free version of the paid software. You can request a live Sunwave demo by clicking on the "Watch Demo" button. It provides training through webinars, documentation, live sessions, a help desk, and 24/7 chat  

Sunwave Software Reviews

Many hospitals, clinics, and practitioners have suggested Sunwave EMR on different websites. It is regarded as one of the best medical software programs available on the Internet. Through the platform, you can obtain residential and inpatient management. For more Sunwave EMR reviews and insights, you can go through the Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts

Sunwave Health is a web-based EMR and EHR software that provides multi-provider practice management. It offers e-prescribing, appointment confirmation, and claims management with insurance companies. Reminders and notification tools make Sunwave EMR reliable and productive software for complete medical use.

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