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vcita provides a single web platform for marketing, CRM, scheduling, booking, payments, and communication with clients. The client portal enables you to continue conducting business after hours, as clients may make payments, schedule services, and obtain documents around the clock. It is favored by consultants, accountants, health care providers, and service-based organizations because of its unique appointment scheduling system and payment alternatives. 

Additionally, vcita software offers limited integrations unless you subscribe to their Platinum Plan. The client interface provided by software makes it simple for your customers to make payments, schedule appointments, and obtain documents. You can configure a mobile code generator to eliminate the need for clients to remember yet another password. The client portal is straightforward and secure. 

Vcita Software Key Features 

Ease of Use 

The software has a user-friendly design that makes it simple to store customer notes, appointments, invoices, and payment history in a single location. vcita has ensured that you receive a fully-functional CRM in your hand.  

Online Payments 

Customers can pay through your website or Facebook with any major credit card or PayPal. Returning customers can save their payment information in a secure system, enabling transactions with a single click. You can also quickly provide receipts and refunds. 

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders 

The system can allocate work automatically depending on availability or skill set. You can view both bookings and booking inquiries. Additionally, the online scheduling tool is beneficial. The calendar is accessible to an individual or the entire team. Automated reminders guarantee that no assignment or reservation falls between the cracks. 

vcita Cost

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t share the pricing model with the general public. Therefore, you may have to call the vendor to find out the vcita pricing details.  


vcita demo is a great way to learn about the software before purchasing it. You can contact the vendor to schedule a demo. The demo will help you explore the software and its features. Then, you can navigate through each feature in real-time to decide whether they fit your requirements or not.  


vcita reviews are full of appreciation by users. The users highly praise the customer service, which is available whenever you run into any technical issue. In addition, the feature-rich platform is highly user-friendly. You can read the detailed pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts 

The software streamlines and automates the most time-consuming procedures for practitioners and healthcare professionals, including appointment scheduling, patient follow-ups, documentation, and payment collection. 

vcita Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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