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WritePad EHR could be an excellent choice for your medical practice, offering robust, customizable content and workflows that can be easily tailored to meet your specific requirements. The software also includes add-ons, enabling you to create a secure, paperless environment for your staff and clinic. Get started today!

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What Is WritePad EHR?


WritePad offers a software solution to help improve practice efficiency for better patient care and enhanced outcomes. The cloud-based solution provides a complete EMR, patient scheduling, and picture archiving features. It caters to diverse specialties such as anesthesiology, physical therapy, pain management, and chiropractic. WritePad EHR software's key functions include a patient portal, patient education, e-prescribing, electronic filing and online intake forms.

WritePad EHR Pricing

The pricing of the software varies based on the size and requirements of a medical practice. Get more information about customized pricing plans offered by WritePad.

WritePad EHR Integrations

The software's third-party integrations include:

Who Is WritePad EHR For?

WritePad EHR caters to practices of all sizes. The following specialties can use it:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic
Watch WritePad EHR demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Is WritePad EHR Right For You?

Are you looking for an EHR software that streamlines practice management and elevates patient care quality? If so, look no further, as WritePad EHR offers full functionality and multiple program modules to streamline financial and administrative tasks.

The software is ONC and Meaningful Use certified, ensuring data safety and privacy. Moreover, it is scalable and can adjust according to the evolving needs of your practice. With features like the electronic filing cabinet, clinical summaries, virtual physician's assistant, and fee slips, it enhances efficiency and boosts revenues in our clinics.

Still not sure if WritePad is the right fit for your practice? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 or go through WritePad EHR reviews. Our expert team will help you make an informed decision.

WritePad Software Features

The electronic health records software streamlines the prescription process through its e-prescribing feature. This allows healthcare providers to generate and send electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies. The system ensures accuracy, reduces the risk of errors associated with manual prescriptions, and enhances overall prescription management.

The client portal empowers patients with convenient access to their health information. Patients can securely log in to the portal to view their medical records, test results, and appointment history. This fosters transparency in patient-provider communication and encourages active patient engagement. Users can also utilize the secure messaging via online intake forms included in the portal.

The scheduling feature goes beyond basic appointment management by incorporating text message reminders and missed appointment notifications. This functionality minimizes no-shows and enhances appointment adherence. This proactive approach to scheduling contributes to improved patient satisfaction and streamlined operations.

Healthcare providers can share educational materials, resources, and guidelines directly through the platform. This fosters a proactive approach to patient care by enhancing health literacy and promoting informed decision-making. WritePad supports a collaborative and well-informed healthcare journey by providing patients with relevant educational content.

Pros and Cons of WritePad Software


  • Promotes a paperless environment with online forms
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The patient portal offers direct messaging
  • Customizable templates to aid report generation


  • A steep learning curve for new users
  • Customer support could be improved

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