ZenCharts software is a cloud-based EHR solution that assists users with e-prescribing, billing, patient tracking, scheduling, and more. It is designed to assist behavioral healthcare providers, mental health centers, and eating disorder facilities using auto-populating forms, analytics, measurement-based tools, and more. The system also includes an integrated messaging system that allows providers to communicate with each other. ZenChart’s HIPAA Compliant so that all user data is safeguarded and privacy is protected. 

The System is a leading electronic medical records (EMR) software for addiction treatment centers and behavioral healthcare providers. The software streamlines current processes and saves clinicians time. With ZenCharts you can now expect faster reimbursements and fewer denials. 

ZenCharts Software Key Features 

Powerful CRM and EMR Software 

ZenCharts is a powerful CRM, EMR, and billing software solution for addiction treatment centers and behavioral healthcare providers. It offers a complete suite of features to help you manage your practice, including the patient portal, smart scheduling, appointment reminders, medical records management, and billing. ZenCharts EMR Software software is fast, reliable, and integrates with the RxNorm database to offer clinical decision support. 

Smart Scheduling 

ZenCharts smart calendar feature lets you store all of your appointments in one place, so you can easily see when everyone is available. And if there are any conflicts, you'll be notified right away. As a result, you can spend less time scheduling and more time getting things done. 

Convenient Recap & On-Track Reviews 

The software is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Some of the features include the ability to view notes from previous patient sessions, set reminders and alerts, and carry forward notes to the current appointment. The software is also designed to help team members stay on track with reviews and treatment plans. This allows for better communication and coordination among team members, which can lead to better patient care. 

ZenCharts Pricing 

ZenCharts pricing starts at $25.00 at a flat rate per user per month. The company does not offer any free trial or free version. 

Software Demo 

You can request a free demo of the system to see how the software can benefit you. The demo will show you how to use the software to manage patient records, schedule appointments, and much more. 


The ZenCharts software has many positive reviews online. Users say that the software is user-friendly and helps them to save time. This EMR system has also been praised for its integrations, clinical decision support, and ability to streamline current processes. Overall, reviewers say that is great software and manages its practices well. You can see more ZenCharts reviews in our review section. 

Our Thoughts 

ZenCharts EMR is a web-based solution that is easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective. It offers a complete suite of features that addiction treatment, mental health centers, and behavioral healthcare providers need to manage their practices. This EHR system also has a smart scheduling feature that helps clinicians save time. Overall, we think ZenCharts is excellent software and can efficiently manage your practice. 

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ZenCharts reviews

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ZenCharts is a lifesaver and gamechanger!

October 2022

Daren C.


ZenCharts has been amazing for our company. They provide us with some good automation capabilities that minimize duplication of effort. And for us, its been even better that they have included Wiley Treatment Planners in their software for treatment planning.
One thing we would like to say is that the high-volume job processes could be tailored in a number of different ways. They had effective automation features that reduced duplication of effort.

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