GoCo HR software is your comprehensive HR solution. With features for employee onboarding, benefits management, and compliance, it simplifies HR operations and ensures regulatory adherence. Empower your business with GoCo - streamline HR processes and achieve peace of mind. Get started today to elevate your HR functions!

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What Is GoCo? 


GoCo software is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline and automate human resources processes for organizations. It caters to various industries and user types, offering comprehensive solutions for employee onboarding, benefits administration, time tracking, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and robust features, and it addresses the issues of manual paperwork, compliance management, and administrative inefficiencies.

GoCo Pricing 

The price of GoCo HR software starts at $5/employee/month. However, the cost will differ depending on your organization type and needs. Please click Get Pricing for a customized pricing guide.

GoCo Integrations 

The software seamlessly integrates with several popular business applications, including: 

  • Slack 
  • Patriot Payroll 
  • Gusto 
  • QuickBooks Payroll 
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced 
  • Paychex Flex

Who Is GoCo For? 

GoCo HRIS is designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. It is a good fit for organizations that need to simplify their HR, benefits and payroll processes. It caters to the following industries:

  • Healthcare 
  • Software and SaaS 
  • Consumer goods and services 
  • Professional services 
  • Non-profit
  • Education

Is GoCo Right For You? 

Recognized for its innovation and user satisfaction, GoCo software is a top choice for organizations seeking efficient and effective HR management solutions. It is scalable and simple to deploy. Read GoCo software company reviews to learn what its users think.

Still not sure if GoCo is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team at (661) 384-7070, and it will help you make the best decision. 

GoCo Features

GoCo simplifies and automates the new hire onboarding process, allowing businesses to seamlessly collect employee information, handle paperwork, and facilitate a smooth transition for new employees. This feature reduces administrative burdens, eliminates manual data entry, and ensures compliance, saving time and improving the overall employee experience.

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The software enables companies to accurately record and manage employee work hours, breaks, and time off requests. It provides a centralized system for tracking attendance, streamlining payroll calculations, and maintaining compliance with labor regulations. This enables businesses to improve payroll accuracy, optimize scheduling, and easily generate reports for better workforce management.

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GoCo payroll processes are automated, making it easier for businesses to calculate, manage, and distribute employee salaries, deductions, and tax withholdings. This ensures accurate and timely payroll processing, reduces errors, and minimizes compliance risks. With built-in integrations, businesses can seamlessly sync payroll data, ensuring payroll accuracy and compliance.

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GoCo allows businesses to efficiently manage employee benefits, including healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks. It simplifies benefits enrollment, tracks eligibility, and provides employees with a self-service portal for managing their benefit selections. This streamlines benefits administration, reduces paperwork, and improves communication.

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The software offers performance management tools that simplify setting goals, conducting performance evaluations, and providing employee feedback. It enables businesses to identify areas for improvement and foster a culture of continuous growth. Businesses can enhance employee development and align individual goals with organizational objectives.

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Pros and Cons of GoCo


  • Excellent customer support
  • Simple to deploy


  • Steep learning curve

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It seamlessly integrated with our existing software and fulfilled all our requirements. It delivered precisely what was promised.


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