What Is JazzHR?


JazzHR is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) recruitment and applicant tracking system that enables HR professionals to search for and attract top talent. The software company aims to streamline HR processes and make them affordable. It provides users with a centralized platform to post job openings and replicate internal approval workflows and build a custom careers page directly within the platform.

JazzHR Pricing

JazzHR offers customizable pricing plans that depend on the number of users and size of an organization. The subscription models available are:

  • Hero- -$49/month
  • Plus- $239/month
  • Pro- $359/month

JazzHR cost is flexible and can be tailored according to your needs. Click Get Pricing for more information.

JazzHR integrations

JazzHR integrates with various third-party applications, including:  

  • LinkedIn
  • Bamboo HR
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • Gusto
  • GoCo
  • Namely
  • RetroTax
  • Wedge
  • Office 365

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Who is JazzHR for?

JazzHR caters to businesses of all sizes across major industries to manage their workforce needs, which include:

  • IT and services
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Business services
  • Manufacturing

JazzHR Features

JazzHR software offers the following features:

  • Compliance and Reporting

The compliance and reporting features help businesses comply with hiring laws and regulations. It includes Equal Employment Opportunity reporting, background check integrations, and customizable compliance workflows.

  • Applicant Tracking

The applicant tracking module includes features such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate messaging, accessible through the Jazz HR app. Users can manage their applicant-tracking tasks from the mobile app from anywhere at any time.

  • Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring enables businesses to streamline their hiring process by allowing multiple team members to view and evaluate candidate profiles and provide feedback. These features include customizable hiring workflows, job approvals, and candidate ratings.

  • Offers and E-signatures

The offers and e-signatures feature enables businesses to simplify and automate the hiring process. Customizable templates eliminate the need to create new offer letters for each candidate, while e-signature functionality allows candidates to sign and accept job offers electronically.

  • Candidate Experience

This feature helps businesses create a positive and engaging experience for their candidates, providing a seamless and efficient recruitment process that reflects well on the company.

Is JazzHR Right for You?

To determine whether JazzHR software is the right choice will depend on specific business processes, size and requirements. With JazzHR, businesses can improve candidate engagement, reduce hiring duration, and choose the best candidates for their open roles. Overall, companies employ JazzHR to streamline their recruitment and hiring processes.

Still not sure about the software? Read JazzHR reviews or contact our customer support team at (661) 384-7070 for further information and guidance.



    • Responsive help center  
    • No highlighting option, according to some JazzHR reviews  
    • Unlimited users  
    • Difficult to avoid duplicate profiles  
    • Ease of use  
    • Efficient communication tools  

    JazzHR Pricing

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    JazzHR reviews

    Overall Rating

    41 Reviews


    Affordable, Reliable and Robust HR solution

    November 2022

    Susan H.

    Management of Non-Profit Organizations

    Jazz makes the hiring process unbelievably simple. I can easily gather all the required information and then discuss the applicant with the hiring manager by tagging them in the chat. All this is contained under one roof, which makes it easier for everyone involved. We can get a very clear idea of where the candidate is in the pipeline just by looking at the neatly presented data. It is simple to adjust the templates and workflow as required, and the customer support team is always available to help.
    My only concern with the software is that when we have closed a certain position and are no longer hiring for it, a new applicant may still see the message "Hiring for this position has been put on hold at this time." Theres a definite distinction between putting the hiring process on hold and ending it altogether. We have used various workarounds that get the job done, but it is not ideal to do that every time. This is still a minor issue and doesnt really affect us all that much; it is just something for them to work on.

    One of the best softwares Ive worked with.

    October 2021


    Comprehensive Behavior Supports

    JazzHR facilitates its users by being exceptionally efficient as well as convenient. They have made many processes run more smoothly and quickly which saves its users a lot of their time. Not only the system but also the customer care team is incredibly fast.
    No complaints.

    JazzHR values excellence.

    September 2021



    I like that its simple to use, easy to customize, and affordable. I also like that it links to prominent employment sites easily.
    No cons when it comes to jazzHR.

    Transparent communication

    September 2021


    The heritage foundation

    Its simple to use with excellent communication. The customer support team is cooperative and friendly and gets the job done.
    Some features need to be updated.

    Their commitment was astounding.

    September 2021


    SecurCare Self Storage

    I use this software to keep track of my candidates and to send out offer letters.
    The system needs to be made more user-friendly and easy to get by.

    Their communication and timing are remarkable.

    September 2021


    Hire Performance

     I like that employee training is minimal since the system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Jazz HR is also really easy to use.
    The system does offer a few limitations when it comes to reporting.

    They met our standards

    September 2021


    Emler Swim School

    I like that the user interface of jazzHR is excellent. I also appreciate how easy everything is to use and how I can accomplish anything with just one system.
    Hard to think of any negatives.

    Solid tool.

    September 2021

    Jesse A.

    Morrison & Company

    I appreciate that with jazzHR my staff can generate compliance reports and evaluate applicants using the many features it offers.
    Nothing worth mentioning.

    A satisfied,long term user of JazzHR

    September 2021


    "Geek Powered Studios "

    JazzHR saves us a lot of time and guarantees that we get the information that our recruitment partners want. Customer support is also quite responsive and active.
    No complaints so far.

    The user-friendliness is admirable.

    September 2021


    New America

    The UI is simple to use, and it offers a lot of inbuilt functions that are efficient and easy to operate. Customer support is also available and helpful.
    I dont like that we dont get notifications for all the new updates.

    The perfect system for us.

    September 2021



    I appreciate that JazzHR has everything we need as a company. I also like that Job announcements are syndicated and it offers easy-to-use ATS for swiftly evaluating applications.
    Need a tech expert to operate the system and the learning curve is a bit high with this one.

    One of the best recruiting platforms in the market.

    September 2021



    I like that Jazz HR is really easy to use. It is extremely simple to go to each tab and when Im looking for certain employment, the search tool comes in handy as well.
    Nothing to complain about.

    A flexible system.

    August 2021



    Its simple to use and navigate. Reporting and customization are significant benefits of this software.
    I dont like the fact that the system doesnt integrate with other systems.

    Great usability

    August 2021


    Stitch (Formerly RJMetrics)

    This software has great program report capabilities and its possible to fine-tune it to our specific needs.
    Working fine so far.


    August 2021


    The Heritage Automotive Group

    I like that its a user-friendly software that has easy accessibility and allows you to keep track of several e-mail addresses. Customer support is also admirable.
    Integration with other systems is a bit complicated.

    Call us at

    (661) 384-7070

    Call us at

    (661) 384-7070