Udemy Business

What Is Udemy Business Software?


Udemy Business is an on-demand learning platform designed to empower organizations in creating, managing, and delivering impactful learning courses. With its comprehensive features, administrators can effectively support their employees' career growth while enhancing overall business outcomes. 

This e-learning solution offers an intuitive platform that enables interactive digital courses, assessments, and customizable reporting capabilities, catering to the unique needs of individual learners. This user-friendly software empowers organizations to optimize their training investments by providing a centralized and organized system for managing employee learning and development. 

What Is Udemy Business Best For?

Udemy Business LMS software is best known for enabling companies to provide personalized learning experiences to their employees. Using Udemy's user-friendly dashboard and other integrated tools, administrators can develop and oversee customized courses that meet the unique needs of their organization. The platform also supports the import of existing learning resources from external sources. Furthermore, businesses can assign courses to employees based on their skill sets and departments, facilitating targeted training and development delivery. 

Udemy Business Pricing

Udemy Business software pricing starts from $360/user/year for the Team plan catering to five to 20 users. Businesses can also avail a free trial period for this plan. For 21 or more users, the vendor offers the Enterprise plan. Meanwhile, the Leadership Academy plan provides cohort learning for leadership teams.  

See the Udemy Business pricing plans breakdown table below or click "Get Pricing" to learn more. 

Udemy Business Integrations

The Udemy Business learning platform can integrate with applications across communication, LMS/LXP, marketplace, performance management, reporting, skills management, and talent experience.  

Common integrations include:  

  • LinkedIn Learning 
  • Microsoft Viva 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Power BI 
  • Slack 

How Does Udemy Business Work?

Follow these basic steps to access Udemy's powerful content marketplace to create a future-ready workforce: 

  • Sign in with your Udemy Business credentials 
  • Start configuring your account by adding users 
  • Customize the software to meet the specific learning needs of your business 
  • Configure the security settings 
  • Keep track of all your data in real time. You can monitor user activity, analyze key performance metrics, and view detailed reports for better decision-making 
  • Collaborate with colleagues, manage projects, and optimize your business operations 

Contact Software Finder support for more assistance. Click "Watch Demo" to schedule a Udemy Business demo and learn more about its functionality. 

Who Is Udemy Business For?

Udemy Business Learning management system caters to businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. This versatile learning solution is well-suited for small, medium, and large organizations operating in sectors such as technology, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, government, and higher education. Additionally, non-profit organizations can also derive significant benefits from this software. By leveraging Udemy Business, businesses can effectively enhance their business outcomes. 

Udemy Business Features

Course Creation

You can quickly and easily create professional-grade online courses that appeal to a wide range of learners. From uploading content to setting up enrollments and tracking progress, Udemy Business makes course creation simple. You can quickly develop and access relevant courses for specific employee user groups with built-in templates and support resources. 

Analytics and Metrics

Udemy Business provides comprehensive analytics and metrics about course performance, so you can easily track your success. See which courses perform best, what topics resonate with learners, and more. Additionally, you can measure areas such as learner engagement, time spent on courses, and content comprehension. 

Reporting Tools

Monitor the progress of individual learners or groups. Generate reports on learner performance to see which learners are doing well and which may require additional support. You can also track course completion rates for individual courses or entire departments. 

Learning Journey

Custom learning paths can create effective and engaging courses tailored to the needs of your learners. From setting up courses correctly to providing relevant resources, Udemy Business makes it easy to develop comprehensive learning experiences that engage your learners. 

Customization Options

With Udemy Business learning management, you can customize your courses with various colors and fonts and add images, videos, audio files, and other content. Upload course documents and create interactive experiences that appeal to different learning styles. 

Security and Compliance

Udemy Business LMS takes security and compliance seriously, so you can trust that your data is secure. With features like two-factor authentication and strict user access controls, you can rest assured that your data is safe. Plus, Udemy Business also complies with industry standards. 

Online Certificates

With Udemy Business’s online certificate feature, businesses can easily create and share certificates for completed courses. They can also personalize or brand certificates with images, logos, and other information recognizing learners’ achievements. 

Mobile App

Learners can access courses on the go and keep up with their learning goals via Udemy Business Mobile App. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, so students can quickly find lessons and track progress no matter where they are. Plus, instructors can easily monitor course analytics in real-time via the mobile app. 

Is Udemy Business Right For You?

If you're a business looking to manage your e-learning programs, consider using Udemy Business. It's suitable for businesses of any size and offers a variety of features, such as creating custom learning paths for employees, tracking progress, and evaluating outcomes. Moreover, Udemy Business grants access to thousands of courses designed by industry experts, keeping your business informed with the latest knowledge and skills to stay ahead in a competitive market. Notable customers include Box, Mattel, Volkswagen, Tata Consultancy Services, and Fender.

Udemy Business Pricing Breakdown

  • Team
  • Enterprise
  • Leadership Academy
360 / month
Get Pricing 
Get Pricing
What’s included
5 to 20 Users
What’s included
21 or More Users
What’s included
Leadership Teams
  • Access to 8,000+ courses
  • Analytics & Adoption Reports
  • Custom logo & URL
  • Mobile app access
  • Access to 20,000+ courses*
  • Custom logo & URL
  • Create learning paths
  • Create and host proprietary courses
  • Create user groups
  • Custom topics
  • Advanced insights and analytics
  • International collection
  • Mobile app access
  • Eligible for Udemy Business Pro add-on*
  • Leadership development programs for leading hybrid teams
  • Research-based content curation
  • Real-world experts guide paced learning
  • Live virtual events that provide an outside-in perspective
  • Asynchronous learning with collaborative discussions
  • Ability to incorporate proprietary content
  • AI-powered analytics and insights
  • Mobile-enabled platform

Udemy Business Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Scalable
  • Course library available
  • Digital certificates


  • Courses are not available offline
  • Multi-language support not available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Udemy Business offer an API?

Yes, API access is available.

Does Udemy Business support mobile devices?

Yes, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What other apps does Udemy Business integrate with?

It can integrate with various applications, such as LinkedIn Learning, Slack, Microsoft Viva, AWS, and Power BI.

What type of pricing plans does Udemy Business offer?

Udemy Business pricing starts from $360/user/year for the Team plan catering to five to 20 users. Businesses can also avail a free trial period for this plan. For 21 or more users, the vendor offers the Enterprise plan. Meanwhile, the Leadership Academy plan provides cohort learning for leadership teams.

Who are the typical users of Udemy Business?

Small to large organizations in technology, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, government, and higher education can use the software.

Udemy Business Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Udemy Business reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Software has been helpful

May 2023


Information Technology

This resource offers a range of courses by multiple instructors on a single topic, which can be very beneficial.
I have no issues with it. Its great for acquiring knowledge.

Udemy Business is the ultimate e-learning platform for everyone

April 2023



Unfortunately, some features like reporting/analytics and progress tracking could be better. Additionally, integrating with certain third-party applications is difficult.

Good software for learning

March 2023


Logistics and Supply Chain

If you want to learn something quickly, this software is perfect for you. It offers courses that you can complete at your own pace and from anywhere. Additionally, there are free courses available along with great tools to facilitate your learning.
I didnt find some class presentations attractive since they were dull.

Udemy is a platform where you can learn various programming languages

March 2023



There is a wide range of courses available, catering to personal interests and professional development. The content is largely based on experience, which motivates us to learn more.
It would be beneficial if Udemy Business implemented a badge program that includes a test at the end of each training session as it can enhance the professional development of employees.

Software offers micro-learning but great progress has been achieved

March 2023



The courses offered have a wide range and are of good quality. There is a variety to choose from and they are all free. You can find everything you need in these courses.
The abundance of options, such as the extensive catalog offered by Netflix, may lead to difficulty in determining the most suitable choice for the user.

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