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Struggling with your employees’ performance? Whether you’re a manager, instructor, administrator or learner, Learnsoft’s platform is easy to use. It understands that ease-of-use goes beyond one-click launches and an easy-to-navigate dashboard for learners. But what’s more impressive is the Learnsoft platform’s configurable nature for all end users.

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What Is Learnsoft?


Learnsoft LMS software is a configurable learning management platform that simplifies employee training programs for organizations operating in highly regulated industries. By focusing on agility, learnability, and skill development, Learnsoft empowers organizations to drive desired outcomes and ensure the success of their employees. 

Founded in 2005, Learnsoft’s platform helps organizations manage, deliver, track and lead training initiatives while ensuring compliance and driving employee growth. It has built and evolved the learning solution by listening to its customers and learning what they need. Designed for quick deployments, it provides an intuitive experience for course administrators, instructors and learners alike.

What Is Learnsoft Best For?

One of the standout features of Learnsoft software is its commitment to making enterprise learning fun, flexible, and simple for all users. It promotes a micro-learning approach, allowing administrators or instructors to break up training into small, manageable increments without confusing learners or managers. The cloud-based LMS ensures real-time updates, simplifying tracking progress.

Learnsoft Pricing

Learnsoft cost is based on a customer’s needs and requirements. Get a custom pricing quote to access Learnsoft pricing plans.

Learnsoft Integrations  

Learnsoft seamlessly integrates with HR information systems and applicant tracking systems, as well as industry-standard compliance and content APIs. It helps deliver your learning content right where your employees expect it. Similarly, the technology accurately and automatically tracks accreditation and compliance requirements through integration. Learnsoft integrates with the following third-party applications: \

How Does Learnsoft Work?

Here’s how to get started with Learnsoft LMS after its successful installation:     

  • Create user accounts for employees and managers 
  • Import relevant training content and courses 
  • Customize learning paths based on job roles and skills 
  • Streamline onboarding with ATS integration 
  • Promote microlearning for engaging training 
  • Track learner progress through intelligent reporting 
  • Encourage employee growth with learning suggestions 
The Learnsoft demo takes you through all of these steps in more detail. You can also watch a free Learnsoft demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Learnsoft For?

The software is a fully adaptable solution for organizations of all sizes across industries. The platform has been protecting government and healthcare organizations' data for decades. Moreover, within the past few years, Learnsoft has broadened its horizons to the following:

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing  
  • Financial 

Is Learnsoft Right For You?  

Are you looking for LMS software that helps learners complete training easily and effectively? If so, then Learnsoft might be the right choice. It offers microlearning to help learners complete training quickly. Microlearning breaks concepts down into short, bite-sized learning sessions that learners can finish within five or so minutes. Easy-to-digest training helps keep learners engaged. The platform is SCORM and AICC compliant.  

Learnsoft was designed with highly regulated industries in mind. It helps keep organizations secure, no matter how stringent their protocols are. It ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards through robust compliance tracking features. Additionally, the software supports online and in-person learning, or a blend of both — helping you create the learning environment you need to best reach your workforce. 

Still unsure if it's the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 and let our experienced team assist you in making an informed decision. 

Learnsoft Features

The platform lets organizations gain valuable insights into training effectiveness and learner performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting. Its robust, fully customizable automatic reporting system helps you meet changing demands for compliance and internal stakeholders. The platform makes it easy to build out scheduled reports and distribution — so every team member has the data they need when they need it. Learnsoft allows managers and admins to easily segment reports, view enrolled courses and navigate employee transcripts and progress. Likewise, instructors can easily edit and create courses, view class lists and waitlists, and make changes when needed. Moreover, users can monitor key metrics, identify knowledge gaps and make data-driven decisions to optimize training programs.

This feature enables you to monitor and manage employee certifications, licenses and qualifications from a centralized platform. It automates renewals, reminders, and calendar requests to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

The platform enables organizations to evaluate and measure employee skills and competencies to identify strengths and areas for improvement. You can also design personalized development plans to enhance individual and team performance. It helps users to find gaps and provide learning suggestions to mediate the lack of skills.

This functionality helps organizations streamline talent development processes, including performance management, succession planning, and goal management. It enables you to identify skill gaps, conduct 360 evaluations, facilitate career development, and support employees’ growth within your organization. You can also tailor the performance review process across the organization and serve the unique needs of each department.

The platform allows organizations to utilize a single application for all internal and external training needs. It enables organizations to expand their training reach beyond their organization and empower external stakeholders, such as partners, affiliates, and vendors, with access to valuable training content. This feature helps drive collaboration, standardize practices, and foster a culture of continuous learning across the extended enterprise.

Learnsoft allows users to easily create and customize courses to meet their unique training needs. It supports various formats, including e-learning modules, virtual classrooms, and blended learning experiences. The benefit of this feature is that it provides a personalized learning experience, saves learner time, and allows learners to “test out” of course material.

The system lets you seamlessly integrate with their existing system to streamline user management, data synchronization, and training assignment processes. It enables organizations to design specialized learning paths for new or updated users and automatically enroll them based on changes in integrated systems.

Pros and Cons of Learnsoft


  • Receive timely assistance, training resources and regular updates to ensure your success
  • Benefit from extensive articles, videos and how-to documentation to support you and your team
  • Track certifications, manage renewal processes and generate compliance reports with ease
  • Provide a seamless learning experience through responsive design and mobile app support


  • Steep learning curve for administrators
  • Integration challenges, according to some Learnsoft reviews

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